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Map generation in progress...
3,873 downloads 321 comments
8 hrs, 14 mins since last update
this is the arignial project iv started iv only renamed it for its feucher useige the projecr name was kamelot city but was renamed to project hudoria do to kamelot city will nolonger be the only city on the map and i plan to expand for the feucher

uploads will contunes as normial just under a new name project hudoria
resorce pack will be renamed aswell to fit the new project name

if u wish me to show off a build for u just provide the map link and the cords of the build yuoll be creadited for the build

curent game build of map 1.10.2 wull updeate to 1.11.x as soon as it comes out

curent citys

kamelot weast
kamelot east - formlerly known as codestervill b4 the civle war
kamelot north/northpoint
kamelot south/dubi
blocksantos - comming soon
ToW city
more to come...

head build team members

lord_molagbal - active recruting


2pock for helping with sever upgrades to 1.10.1

if u wish to join the team

1 u must be willing to show up mor thin 1 time per week to keep progress moveing
2 must be muture as in no pranks no trolling and no greffing
3 must have some form of contacting u such as teamspeack or fb
4 must be willing to fallow instructions and have fun
5 must be willing to use teamspeak 3
6 must be 18+ years old
Frissia 528M
4,575 downloads 5 comments
12 hrs, 9 mins since last update
A big trade empire, made up of many small towns and a few bigger ones.
Over 200 islands and over 300 villages, towns, settlements, castles, mines, temples, churches, walled cities, monasteries, forts, ports, fields, dams, amphitheaters, theaters, baths, hilltop towns, cathedrals, aqueducts, cemeteries, canals, gardens and parks.
9,725 downloads 19 comments
1 day, 10 hrs since last update
Sherlock inc presents - creative mode
UPDATE! 24/09/16

Stonetown quarry extension has finished. New fort in Pinkly county next to the "Shop Inc". New tower in Histone County. New Mob farm and manor house by Pinkley Airbase.

10000th download memorial will be built soon, thanks for all your downloads!

Sherlock inc demo, click here!

August 27th 2016 - 9552 downloads!

January 16th 2016 - 8283 downloads! Thanks!

July 19th 2015 - 5500 downloads!!! Thanks!!!

July 25 2014 - 2150 downloads!!!! Thanks!

July 2013, 100 downloads!
1,030 downloads 1 comments
11 hrs, 27 mins since last update
Colorful city, fireworks, stadium, port, castle, river, .......


Minecraft v.1.7.10

Recently Uploaded

2 downloads 0 comments
6 hrs, 10 seconds since last update
Delfino Square
(from Mario Kart DS)
This is my remake of the track "Delfino Square". I also included some fictional areas with some nice eastereggs.

You can use this map for:
- Racing (recommended)
- PvP
...or whatever you want to do with this map.

Please credit me with the name "CShepard" or "CShepardSPECTRE", if you are using this map in a server. (With a visible shield or display it on the HUD for a short time)
0 downloads 0 comments
5 hrs, 34 mins since last update
I am redoing My Mesopotamia.
Ye boi 42M
0 downloads 0 comments
7 hrs, 36 mins since last update
Plz help
1 downloads 0 comments
8 hrs, 29 mins since last update
Fallen Kingdom
This is the first part of Captain's musical Trilogy. The fallen Kingdom.

It is about a king and his kingdom. The kingdom was peaceful and was led by a great king. Until Herobrine let the mob prisoners escape to wreck havoc in the kingdom. Just to get his hands on the portal to dominate the world. The Kingdom Fell and the People who lived peacefully fled or got killed. The king is the one left as all of his guards died in battle. And you are the king. You're the one who's gonna play as the king

-Play as the king.
-Complete quest/request of the town's people.
-Trade and get stuff with emeralds to Wizards and Blacksmiths.
-Play as the one in the music video.
-Find scattered emeralds in the kingdom to buy weapons and armor at the blacksmith

This is an adventure map - Version 1.8.0 - 1.8.6

Try not to do the following:
Don't trade with civilians. Only at the wizard and blacksmith at the throne room.
Don't go out of the kingdom(climb the hill)
Don't go creative. Try to beat the map Fair and Square.
Recent Comments
just updeated my map injoy oh and minecons live https://minecraft.net/en/minecon/?ref=bm added buildings to blocksantos...
lord_molagbal 7 hours, 13 minutes ago
Can you send me the map at austin3723@gmail.com please....
GamerGuy4667 1 day, 9 hours ago
Thanks! How is it working out for you? Let me know!!!!!...
cosmicblort 1 day, 12 hours ago
You're right, I let you download by giving credits to si_vle but check the rule in the desc please :)...
roro plays 1 day, 19 hours ago
Hey, man, I am looking to create a minecraft animated series, and I need a map. This one looks perfect. If I could have permission to use it, that would be nice. I wouldn't monetize the series, and al...
Judothesurviver 3 days, 35 minutes ago
First downloads are taking place: thank-you so much!!! To keep you notified with the progress I have added four potions rooms, the Hufflepuff common room, a few offices/areas for students to study ...
RTfrere 3 days, 15 hours ago
very nice!...
CeeN_124 4 days, 9 hours ago
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Dowload Link: http://www.minecraftworldmap.com/worlds/Navae...
RTfrere 3 days, 16 hours ago
i cant look he say 0% download cant load...
dikshie 3 days, 22 hours ago
There doesn't appear to be anything wrong with your world that would prevent it from uploading. From my side, I have successfully uploaded and rendered your map, which can be found at Removed -...
Nathangorr 4 days, 6 hours ago
The download link is down below: URL Removed by a Moderator Hope it helps, RTfrere...
RTfrere 4 days, 18 hours ago
For me to help you, I will need to download a copy of the compressed directory which contains your world. Screenshots, unfortunately, are not sufficient, as I am unable to check other directories ...
Nathangorr 5 days, 5 hours ago
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