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18 hrs, 17 mins since last update
Redstone Extreme Build contains Tomb Raider Adventure with 6 levels
for mc 1.6.2 - 1.7x - 1.8x

Was used: Motion sensor, optimized arrow detector, eye sensor, day-night sensor, command block,
wireless remote lighting, double sided (front and back) piston hidden door, self running 2 way elevator up and down, piston swimming pool, redstone eprom, redstone memory, piston memory, redstone relaise, redstone timer, piston timer, redstone counter, piston counter, piston machine, digital displays, pistonless T-Flip Flops, hidden basement stairs, Lava trap door, hidden lava bridge, noteblock music, RaiGoo, Redstone Extreme Build, Catchy Tune, small redstone tutorial...

9,484 downloads 33 comments
9 hrs, 52 mins since last update
Political Map of the Empire

Capitol Building download

If you notice missing chunks or anything else out of the ordinary, please let me know. Thanks.

Unfortunately I've been very busy so updates may only be added every few months. Sorry.
9,049 downloads 3 comments
20 hrs, 59 mins since last update

This is My World - The World of Color. I have self built everything on the map with no help from anyone and has taken me over 4 years. I have kept many original designs to represent the evolution of my buildings from when I first started to my current ones. Please explore, I hope you enjoy everything My World has to offer. Leave comments on ideas or questions =) thanks for the support!
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Jurassic World
Jurassic World is complete.
This map is Mod free V 1.8x

Pride rock, Lion King sceen

Expanded Avatar Area

Monster Battles

Halloween expansion now with double the creatures
Oil Refinery
Hands of life
Ontario place
Future city.
Avatar land is minecrat like you never seen it before. See the tree of life , Avatar animals , The living tree , the cool choppers and much more.
This map also has a circus , museum , haunted house ride , city , airport , zoo and a ton more !

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7 hrs, 32 mins since last update
Another skyview
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7 hrs, 38 mins since last update
Basically a compressed verision of Hearthrold, without the long run for the man made island. This map is focused around the spawn area of Hearthrold.
Map generation in progress...
World3 101M
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5 hrs, 6 mins since last update
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10 hrs, 56 mins since last update

Once you and your brother(s) were mighty heroes. You protected the land of Narilyn valiantly against every foe that dared to show its face. You were richly rewarded and highly revered. Then one day a dark force overtook the land. A mage of great and evil power laid hold of the land, putting you, your brother(s), and the beloved king into a deep sleep. When you, our heroes, finally wake, you find that your once beautiful stone mansion that was located in a lush jungle forest is now nothing but sand and glass in a vast desert. An old man that has made himself keeper of the great heroes is surprised that you are now awake and quickly tells you everything that he can. The king is sleeping and most of the citizens have fled. Those that could not or would not flee have been turned into terrible monsters. He has escaped by hiding in the Library until the mage turned his attention away.
As the heroes, you must defeat the mage and bring back the citizens of the land, only then will your beloved king awaken. To do this you must first make your way to the Great Tower that once housed scholars, but now is home to the evil mage, and destroy the Portal of Monsters that he draws his energy from. Then you must rebuild the beacon, thus telling every nation in the world that the mage is overthrown and call home all the citizens to Narilyn. The citizens are depending on you, brave adventurers. May you be successful in your endeavors.

Stay on the brick path.
Play in regular mode; no destroying blocks except obsidian, or placing blocks (including torches) except diamond and the beacon.
Not to be played on peaceful.

1. The Portal of Monsters
-One of the plot points is a tower that a great mage is using to draw dark power from. The portal must be disabled to defeat the mage.
-The portal is a nether portal and there is a diamond pickaxe that you can use to destroy a block. This is the only block in the game that you are allowed to destroy. Do NOT enter the portal.
-You must destroy the portal before you can build the beacon.
2. The Lighthouse
-To assemble the beacon, you must first gather the nine diamond blocks and the beacon that are scattered throughout the various dungeons. There are ender chests placed in and around dungeons that you can use to store the blocks and another at the top of the lighthouse for easy access at the end of the game. Only one person is allowed to access the ender chests.
- Not all blocks are in one piece, and you must use a crafting table to correct that. This is the only thing that may be crafted in the game.
- Diamond blocks and the beacon are the only blocks that are allowed to be placed, and only in the allocated spot on top of the lighthouse. You will see where a pyramid of diamond has already been started.
- The ender chests may be used to store other belongings as well

Where are the blocks?
1 in the chest in your house
1 in the Library Maze
1 in the Keep
2 in the Lighthouse Vaults
1 in the Temple
1 in Fisherman's Square
1 in the Tower
And 1 in the universal ender chest.
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I just got a Minecraft premium card code for free! :D
arsalan 13 hours, 1 minute ago
i have painted them in whith biomepaint...
Siderealfool0 13 hours, 24 minutes ago
This map is built by Keralis, you can see it in his tutorials, the map's name is Keralis Pretty Flat World. It's a shame, that you are only 14, and you steal things. When you become an adult, you wil...
csillam_faszlama 21 hours, 11 minutes ago
some one for got to upload the world creatly u need to upload the zip/rar fial not just 1 of the parts of the wotld the hole thing...
lord_molagbal 1 day, 11 hours ago
Please release the hogcraft I really want to see it. It sounds so cool. ...
alexcoward2000 1 day, 13 hours ago
upload#3 is up for this world...
lord_molagbal 1 day, 23 hours ago
upload 23 is up and the beta overlay texturs for the hd roads rescorce pack is included plz leave feed back and if u finde any bugs...
lord_molagbal 1 day, 23 hours ago
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I'll help with the adveture map...
Minecraft builder 101 4 hours, 19 minutes ago
I need with making a adventure map i dont know what it will be but i know its gonna be special...
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Analogy I can't see list of my worlds. Page show something about internal error or misconfiguration....
Saguenay 1 day, 18 hours ago
that is useful ,thanks so much...
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