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Brendan Empire (58M)  
Uploaded by cyborgratchet on Sun, Sep 16, 2012
Map generation in progress...
Political Map of the Empire

If you notice missing chunks or anything else out of the ordinary, please let me know. Thanks.

Seed: 5532990886694203580

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.:. Fortress City .:. (27M)  
Uploaded by cal352 on Tue, Jun 26, 2012
Map generation in progress...

This is a growing town/city and will have many updates to come. All the houses are unique and are extremely realistic (for Minecraft at least). The main city is surronded by multiple saller islands. The city has it's own:

-Car repair
-Police Station
-Fire department
-Many office buildings
-Many restaurants
-Lots of different shops
-Post office
-Gas station
-Village hall
-Large prison
-Fallout shelter
-Mansion with a built in theater, bowling alley, safe room etc.
and much more. . Have fun exploring!

I plan to continue to update, improve, and expand on this great city so check back often for updates!

\/ MUST download texture pack \/

Additional Details

This map was inspired by elcdragon's town map. Elcdragon's town map is one of the largest and most developed cities ever built on minecraft. Go check it out! I even used the frames of a couple houses and changed the insides.

Seed: -1157905502530489740

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Axoloth's world (137M)  
Uploaded by axoloth on Mon, Jul 28, 2014
Map generation in progress...
My first world, updated as often as possible. Started with version 1.7.
- hillside Eagle's nest with stairs inside of the hill
- improved / modified hillside stairs to improve safety - extended, added fences

Update #2:

-added a new hillside buildings close to eagle's nest connected with Eagle's Nest with internal stairs system inside the hill
-added a half-circle tower to main headquarter
-slightly improved headquarter's manor roof
-added simple fountain near spawn/ HQ manor
-HQ located X-73, Z 648 has been re-designed (interior and exterior) with acacia wood.

couple of interior improvement inside of buildings
find a location for 2-3 large manors

Seed: -6403471074467532306

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a paradise city and new cities 5 !!!! ! (2.3M)  
Uploaded by ??? on Thu, Oct 02, 2014
Map generation in progress...

in "a paradise city 5 wii be second city(near this city)!!!
Hello! I am Nikita.I live in big city Kharkiv(by the way in that picture drawn Kharkiv) in Ukraine.Thenk you for your downloads very much!!!i have built this city with my best friend Yan (hi lives in Kharkiv too).but this work is not finished.although you can already download it.we want to build new city this city will be "a paradise city 6".but now you can see we built two forests and Museum!and we have built a holiday camp "JOY" !!There are three little houses , one big beautiful house.there is a forest near the holiday camp ,and a lake is in this forest,2 big modern houses,several scyscrapers, district "europen town" , little hotel,and you can see new city!!! is paradise for you)

you can download my other citys: "modern city 2" and "new modern city"
and " modern city from nikita"

if there are mistakes,i am sorry,because my native language is Russian or Ukrainian

Seed: -3734027323760801476

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Redstone Extreme Build (178M)  
Uploaded by raigoo on Thu, Nov 08, 2012
please re-visit me

every week there is a new update

youtube video and many screenshots (click here)
the sunken temple (Tomb Raider Adventures)

Was used: Motion sensor, optimized arrow detector, eye sensor,
day-night sensor, command block, wireless remote lighting.
Double sided (front and back) piston hidden door, self running 2 way elevator up and down, piston swimming pool, redstone eprom, redstone memory, piston memory, redstone relaise, redstone timer, piston timer, redstone counter, piston counter, piston machine, digital displays, pistonless T-Flip Flops, hidden basement stairs, Lava trap door, hidden lava bridge, noteblock music, RaiGoo, Redstone Extreme Built, Catchy Tune, small redstone tutorial...

Redstone Extreme Build

If anybody has any ideas about what I might want to add later, feel free to let me know through comments...

Redstone Extreme - troubleshooting

Redstone Extreme is 100% error free. You have a problem, please re-start minecraft and load the map again..

(Then everything works again as it should be)

Seed: -5576510522725339518

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IkBenJeGame Minecraft Survival (S3E7) (41M)  
Uploaded by IkBenJeGame on Sun, Sep 07, 2014
Map generation in progress...
De World Download van S3E7 van Minecraft Survival op IkBenJeGame! Elke episode wordt de world download geupdatet!

Belangrijke coordinaten:
Mineshaft (ingang oppervlakte)
x -70
y 70
z 380

Tijdelijke base (savanne)
x 370
y 70
z 1400

Village (savanne)
x 800
y 70
z 1220

Cave spider spawner
x -29
y 29
z 372

Skeleton spawner
x 0
y 25
z 325

Nether portal in nether
x 43
y 56
z 177

Seed: -3234139432982783652

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Andrew-CITY (12M)  
Uploaded by AndrewAndrei on Fri, Oct 10, 2014
Map generation in progress...
it is a fast growing city. more updates will come soon. please give me feedback,sugestions and report building errors if they exist. Download and have fun! Note: those buildings are made by me with the help of Minecraft World Edit.

First update (v1.1). Added a new building. Repaired a small building error. Have fun!
New Update!!!! (v1.2). Added !! BURJ KHALIFA !!. Added more city streets.
Have fun!
New Update!!!! (v1.3) Added TAIPEI 101!!!! Have fun!

Seed: -8452786985455024093

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IkBenJeGame Creative Mode Let's Build (Wereld 2: E76) (8.6M)  
Uploaded by IkBenJeGame on Fri, Aug 01, 2014
Map generation in progress...
De world download van de tweede wereld van de Minecraft Creative Mode Let's Build op IkBenJeGame!

Seed: -9121988953315066240

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Skeight's Build Contest (World Archive) (2.8M)  
Uploaded by Nathangorr on Fri, Sep 20, 2013

Contest started and hosted by Skeight.
Server hosting and plugins maintained by Nathangorr.

1st Place Winner - Jeromsky

2nd Place Winner - massivetuna

This contested fully ended on: 9/21/2013
All votes came from the community.

Players entered:


Spawn Made By:


Plot Plugin:

Name: PlotMe
Made by: zachbora

Seed: -1492591090

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Pokemon Black and White (3.5M)  
Uploaded by RandomCharacters on Sun, Oct 13, 2013
This is kind of old. Oh well. Its not finished yet.

Wait, why is this at the bottom of the front page? Am I crazy?

Anyways, I'm actually making a new version of this map as we speak.

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I am happy to announce yet another update. It will be released on Wednesday the 22nd! I will post a
Jerom Survival: The Walking Dead Updated 27 sep14
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I cant get the map to work either and the READ ME file... to me is just gibberish. Help? Anyone?
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on Oct 20 by RandomCharacters
This is amazing. You made this perfectly! I cant imagine how long this took.
elcdragons town map | 6.10.2014 | help us build!
on Oct 20 by mamxan
we had use a backup from friday evening, as lots of item frames and some other things were broken af
elcdragons town map | 6.10.2014 | help us build!
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Hi I am Zephyr302 other wize known as yomanwazzap. Everything I made is gone. Star and I worked
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on Oct 20 by Jeromsky
Thanks. I Ame from Holland :)
Jerom Survival: The Walking Dead Updated 27 sep14
on Oct 20 by Maylx
GOOOOOD job!! just one question, are you french (i have heard you are french) i think is false
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to everyone Today me and elcdragon where cleaning up the server because people with world edit pe
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Been working hard to add more content to the map; i'm very, very excited for the coming updates. If
Sky City
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Also, A small clue if you are very troubled: It is underneath something, a large place that is hollo