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Axoloth's world (141M)  
Uploaded by axoloth on Mon, Jul 28, 2014
My first world, updated as often as possible. Started with version 1.7.

Update 10-22-2014
x:-583 z: 1166
- created large lake with waterfall
- built small wooden lakeside house with road and the flowers along the road
- fences around the pit and created downstairs
- created new branch mine

x:-509 z: 1053
- large wooden farm house with wheat farm, small flower garden and small pool

Update 10-20-2014 11:15
terrain modifications
finished decoration improvements on top of the hill

Update 10-19-2014 11:10
-built a new wooden house (x:-29,z:681). OK, I know this is not the best design ever but I am still learning...
- a lot of terrain modification and improvements including partially decorated top of the hill

Update 10-17-2014 00:48
New stone building x:-108, z:718 with downstairs
Requires a lot of internal improvements like build a wooden floor and make some ground decorations...

Update 10-15-2014 22:15
X:136 z: -152 - stone-glass bridge between small hill and between eagle's nest and connected with stairs system inside hill

Update 10-15-2014
Nothing important just made couple of terrain modification and few road made as preparation work for future projects like new hillside houses
and get better overview where is the best place to put new houses or other objects.

Update 10-11-2014
- new large house x: -347 z:220 connected with brigde

Update 09-11-2014
- underground tree farm under main HQ (spawn) (2nd underground floor)
- build additional road to reconnect HQ and sandstone mine
- small terrain modifications
- church and its environment improvements

Update 06-11-2014

- small building over the mine (near spawn)
- finished road with stairs towards one of the new building (X:-178 z:111)
- modified sheep farm in HQ (near spawn)
- small tower with gate instead of tunnel near spawn (X:-111 z:107)

My near plans:
-in HQ I will create new underground floor for the stock or build a new building as main stock.

My original plans still remaining:

- building of underground tree farm inside of one my headquarters's to save space for the expansions
- building a lot of ground improvements like wooden watchtowers a so on.
- couple of swamp's huts and more...

Seed: -3734027323760801476

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Redstone Extreme Build (179M)  
Uploaded by raigoo on Thu, Nov 08, 2012
please re-visit me

every week there is a new update

youtube video and many screenshots (click here)
the sunken temple (Tomb Raider Adventures)

Was used: Motion sensor, optimized arrow detector, eye sensor,
day-night sensor, command block, wireless remote lighting.
Double sided (front and back) piston hidden door, self running 2 way elevator up and down, piston swimming pool, redstone eprom, redstone memory, piston memory, redstone relaise, redstone timer, piston timer, redstone counter, piston counter, piston machine, digital displays, pistonless T-Flip Flops, hidden basement stairs, Lava trap door, hidden lava bridge, noteblock music, RaiGoo, Redstone Extreme Built, Catchy Tune, small redstone tutorial...

Redstone Extreme Build

If anybody has any ideas about what I might want to add later, feel free to let me know through comments...

Redstone Extreme - troubleshooting

Redstone Extreme is 100% error free. You have a problem, please re-start minecraft and load the map again..

(Then everything works again as it should be)

Seed: 3451405263616001919

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Death Machine (beta 1.2) (1.8M)  
Uploaded by Moserao on Fri, Jan 24, 2014
Welcome to the ninth rendition of the vanilla Minecraft map Death Machine. The purpose of this map is to demonstrate death of the player in unique and interesting ways. This update added only one new Death Machine and an archway to the island buttons and cheating switch. Oh yeah, and a massive red skull holding traps that can't be undone.

If someone thinks of a new way to die, could they please comment on this? I would love some inspiration and also to know that there are actually people downloading and playing this world.

Seed: 2439820776082054443

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The New Iskandria (190M)  
Uploaded by thescarletrook on Sun, Nov 09, 2014
I am experimenting with a custom flatworld and tera forming. I have a few themed environments inspired by projects I never completed so I put them all together here. Most if not all areas are connected by a path or road.

1. The mushroom area was causing issues so I have replaced it. I moved the stonehenge and made a wicker-man type village to go with the Shub Niggurath theme. Now, if only the map renders this time...

2. Removed vampire castle and changed that village. Began work on the Capitol city of Odemis. Added a mine and new Aztec Pyramids in the North. Added railways and more mountains to The End on the overworld. Conected all Gone, the stronghold builders, areas via subteranian passages. You can find your way from one stronghold to all the other now.

3. Changed churches in the cities around. Added Temple of Thelema in Odemis (the bigger city) Added to the Mayan area, changed a little in the Nether occupied overworld.

4. Added caverns and troglodyte city. More mountains and finished the jungle

5. Added Maranoor, a city on stepped plateaus. Tweeking the mountains and adding a Wasteland in the North. Added more to the Nether territories. Added to the wastelands. Added another floating island. replaced savanna mountains with large hill and a mansion.

6. Added a open "roofed forest". Added Cthulhu stuff to the Jungle. Added command blocks to use to teleport to the ground from floating areas. Still have to program them.

Seed: 5828320752012753937

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Ultra City (6.4M)  
Uploaded by pepijn.hogt on Thu, Apr 18, 2013
This map is some kind of a town with a cinema, a hotel, a glass pool, 2 airports, houses and a couple of other awesome things. In this update you can find my new special mountain (worth to take a look at) and the court of law is also included.

Seed: 4172995574536498197

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The TARDIS! by D3epsilonx2 (slightly alpha) (54M)  
Uploaded by D3epsilonx2 on Thu, Oct 16, 2014
This map is a built-to-scale version of the Tardis made in vanilla and is always in need of updating. I will continue to update the map as I go but for the eager mc. beavers that want it now this is it!


This map can be used for role-play,customization, video-making, and so on so long as you give me credit.

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The Prakour (4.0M)  
Uploaded by sam0624 on Fri, Nov 07, 2014
Welcome to the Prakour! Yes, I know the name is weird; it's the combination of practice and parkour. (Clever, huh?)This map features...


10 amazing stages, XP reward at each end!

Checkpoint system!

A XP-using-handy shop with many helpful items!

Best of all: Creative mode per 7 seconds for decent levels!

...And etc.
The rules are in the spawn, but let us get this one thing clear:

I know you can use creative mode when LAN server opened if you allow cheats, but if you for more fun for the map, please don't use the creative mode.

Although it's a medium-sized map, but keep in mind that this map is still WIP!

That's pretty much it, and enjoy!

-sam0624-Head Builder, main idea, decorator
-jeyhan0208-Head Builder, decorator, extremely helpful helper

Update 1.1!
Hey there! We have an update for you guys! The changelog is here:
-Fixed spawn error occuring for some players
-Added scoreboard deaths count
-Lots of errors were fixed
That's it for the current update. We are working on three brand new extra stages, so stay tuned!

Update 1.11"Bug update"
Glitches and bugs unlimited... As soon as we updated the map and tested the map, turns out to be a scoreboard and another spawn glitch... Well, we got it fixed now...

Seed: -37812445

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Scott's World (87M)  
Uploaded by sstruzik on Sun, Oct 26, 2014
This is my personal world!

Seed: -6664954723291399272

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dcflash7's Server World #2 (159M)  
Uploaded by dcflash7 on Sun, Sep 29, 2013
My second server world for 1.7/1.8!

Featuring the cities of:

Auburn/Ivory: The spawn city located in a mesa plateau biome. Largely built by Haggstorm, includes a rail station, enchanting room, and marketplace. Houses built by littleboy4111 and dcflash7 can also be found here.

Holland: The second city established but still under construction. This city is located in a forest biome. Originally only held a small outpost but will soon feature Dutch architecture. (Twin-city to Azteca)

Azteca: The third city established by dcflash7. This city, featuring simple desert-style architecture, is located in a mesa biome, which is partially elevated by a plateau. (Twin-city to Holland)

Montevideo: The fourth city established by littleboy4111. This Spanish-style city is located in a birch wood forest and features a large plaza with amazing views of the surrounding countryside and nearby extreme hills biome. (Pictured)

Citadel of Atlas: The fifth city which is largely under construction by Haggstorm, and features large city walls along with a number of apartments.

Fairfax: A sixth city currently under construction by dcflash7 and littleboy4111. It is located in between a forest biome and a roofed forest biome.

Metusalem: A seventh city is also under construction on a plateau in a savanna biome. The city is a collaborative effort between dcflash7, Haggstorm, and littleboy4111.

Treetopolis: An eighth city established on the far-reaches of the map, on the tops of jungle trees. A railway is in the process of being established there.

Odesza: The ninth village, mainly used as a pitstop on the rail between Montevideo and Turat.

Turat: The tenth village established on the edge of a taiga and plains biome. This city will connect the main cities of Auburn-Ivory, Azteca/Holland, and Montevideo to Treetopolis.

Innsbruck: The eleventh town, built as the final way station in the rail from Montevideo to Treetopolis. Innsbruck is situated between two canyons and located on a plateau.

Railways have been completed from:
Auburn/Ivory to Azteca/Holland
Azteca/Holland to Montevideo
Montevideo to Odesza
Odesza to Turat
Turat to Innsbruck
Innsbruck to Treetopolis

Railways under construction:

Railways to be completed:
Auburn/Ivory to Metusalem or Fairfax
Azteca/Holland to Atlas
Montevideo to Atlas

Seed: 3049387010597824499

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Agent city (test) (180M)  
Uploaded by Minecity on Mon, Oct 14, 2013
The Map "test" or Agent city is an crossover of an adventure and a creativemap. There's a city which is frome the north end to the south end about 2.000 blocks large. But there are 20 small villages and a few Island too where you can also go. When you would play it like an adventure map, you're an NCIS Agent called Bambino. You've to do quest and fight against monsters. On the map is a big minecart, bus and ferry network with more than 30 lines and more the 230 stations. And it will grow up! All sings are written in german. In the zip.folder is
an map of the subway, train and bus as an png. picture with an excerpt of the lines and stations. An complete one will come if I've got time to make one:) All sings are written in german.

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