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1 day, 1 hr since last update
Abbas Redstone Speele contains one Tomb Raider Adv. with 6 completed levels for mc 1.6.2 - 1.9.x
more screenshots (click here)

3,611 downloads 297 comments
23 hrs, 31 mins since last update
this is the famous kamelot city world
uploaded by me lord_molagbal for ease of use map back upping and outers to try it out best used of a 1.10.x normal or bucket sever if they ever make

i wood like to say some of the builds i have that i or my frends dident build were goten form build arcive worlds so i dont have all the info for thim if u see 1 thats yours plz let me know and provide a little pruth of it so i can giove creadit were its needed ty :)

my vidoe of the city

resorce pack now included in the download if it stell works

this is only curently being built buy 1 player atm and isent slowing down

and im looking for any one to plz do a youtube vido of the city and if any one wants to have some ofther builds shown on the city or 1 of its sister citys plz let us know buy posting the map download link and the cords of the building / buildings

we have inported some builds form thies pople if u dont see your name and can pruve we got it form you well gladdly add your name to the list
and note the builds shown here are modafyed and changed some what to bwetter fit the world and textur packs used
creaits go thies for the builds we imported ty for your hard work

none listed atm

we only claim any work we did such as the citys layout and any mods we made to the builds we inporte and the stuff we built all outer work goes to the people we found the builds form

note form team - woot we hit 1 gb in sizeand may have a new member joining the team stell dont have a name for u yet tho

resorce pack in download - kamelotcraft 12.0 pack - now qorking on 1.10.x

head build team members

lord_molagbal - still kicking strong >;) working tripple time
codestarxp9o3 - inactive - quit
nomnom2323 - ainactive - quit
odo1981 - inactive - quit


2pock for helping with sever upgrades to 1.10.1

new dawn updeate -

this updeate is the start of my atimp to bring more advanced buildings and larger builds into the sever of my own dezine and the grupes dezines updeats will probly be the same as b4 about evry sunday or so depending on if the build was finished that week
603 downloads 1 comments
6 hrs, 51 mins since last update
Hey guys :D
Here is a little preview of the scale of the next oncoming big update. Most of the old city has been erased, to let the space for larger and cooler building, most of them will be residential high rises as well as a few new skyscraper (NOTICE:skyscrper 85+ block tall)
388 downloads 1 comments
9 hrs, 49 mins since last update
A work-in-progress map containing a city-castle and other smaller locations.

*(1.10.2 version) Jadaqasar is going to have its own map building similar to the one in Burstede-on-Westaand. That being said, in both cases, I'll add/modify the maps contained in them when I think both cities don't need any more expanding. Plus I changed the lighthouse height and appearance so it can stand out from the rest of the buildings (the city's "skyline" was becoming too flat like a plateau and I felt it was a detriment to the desert hub's overall look).

In the mean time, enjoy!

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World 30.07.2016
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8 hrs, 53 mins since last update
Az anorexiás kecskék világa
0 downloads 0 comments
10 hrs, 27 mins since last update
A replica of a middle school in an Atlanta suburb

The map also includes some random other builds
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15 hrs, 30 mins since last update
Recent Comments
im rerendering the map do to the webpage not showing the creact changes in all areas as it shood...
lord_molagbal 22 hours, 30 minutes ago
de server staat trouwens niet altijd aan:P...
Tijn 23 hours, 5 minutes ago
just updeated the down load dont know if the webpage is rendering it doto it not indacateing if the new render is working or being prosesed but the foles shood be there bug fix - fixed the resorce ...
lord_molagbal 1 day, 16 hours ago
How can i get it from dropbox to minecraft? ...
LucasElferink 1 day, 19 hours ago
woodbl 1 day, 21 hours ago
Please send me your map I will mercilessly punish myself.
Sweetloko12 1 day, 22 hours ago
whos readdy for an updeate ill be uploading 1 with in the next 48 hrs if things go well with the updeateing proses im stell haveing trobble finding a resorce defoult pack for 1.10.x if u cna help us o...
lord_molagbal 2 days, 14 hours ago
Recent Posts maps not rednering even after a reupload and a 4th re render its showing the old map over the new maps render plz fix...
lord_molagbal 12 hours, 35 minutes ago
after a 4th re render the map isent rendering right at all and yes i tryed euploaing it and switching brousers its showing parts of the old map over the new map plz fix...
lord_molagbal 12 hours, 37 minutes ago
You are a person who just stole the prized possession of the temple ruins.. the Pandora box.. little did you know that your life was about to change.. by the time you grab the box you are immediately ...
MammaMoose 1 day, 5 hours ago
iv knotest that menny of the maps here including mine are not autorendering after uploading files for the world i had to go in after werds and tell it to manly render agin so my upload i posted about...
lord_molagbal 1 day, 9 hours ago
Please provide a link to the map's download or this thread will be deleted....
Nathangorr 1 day, 23 hours ago
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