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HOI IEDEREEN! FIRST UPDATE OF THE NEW YEAR! 02-05-2016 10,000 Downloads! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! This is amazing! HEEL ERG BEDANKT!! Mainly been working Egyptian towns this week. The exterior construction of the Basilica of St Mary has been completed! Marvel in its beauty! Also constructed a small pyramid in Tell El Dab'a, and a brand new Grand Temple Complex! Demolished an old house & built a new Grand Hotel across the river from the desert temple. Greatly expanded the farms in the desert town. Constructed several new Dutch style cottages and continued renovating even more buildings for a more European/Dutch look. New farmlands were created in the Egyptian town to the north. A large area to the southeast is set to be developed for larger more intricate houses for the city's elite. Large city I've expanded from a village over the course of three years. Two other separate desert towns also, they're all connected by a train. A few new buildings & features like the recently constructed Cair Innis Central Library, and the new jungle road and tree-top observatory. Feel free to take my designs & use them in your other worlds I'd love to see them out there. I want to expand the varieties of architectural styles in the city so if you have any ideas please let me know! :)
Thank you all for the downloads/support! <3
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Hundreds of Spawner habitats have been discovered and made accessible. Among the Spider, Zombie and Skeleton Spawners are two Silverfish Spawners in Strongholds and four Blaze Spawners in the Nether Fortress.

Tavel this wide world by scenic elevated railways, boat, horseback, Nether portals & Nether railways -- or fly. But, walking is the only way to explore the quirky compounds & underground passages that lead to spinning Spawners.

Explore the settlements that have grown up around Lair entrances. Meet resident Villagers and Guardian Golems in their homes, gardens, temples & game courts.

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Hallo Minecraft
News 10.02.2016: 2 neue Gebäude fuer die Beta 4 fertig und 1 Gebäude (Blume) aus der Hauptmission bekannt in Bearbeitung.
Euer Minecraft Builder 2.0
P.S. 2 Neue Projekte beginnen bei mir 2016.
Projekte 2016:
Neue Projekte:
1. Hitman Absolution (nicht in Bearbeitung)
2. Just Cause 3 (nicht in Bearbeitung)

Aktuelle Projekte:
3. Watch Dogs Beta 4 (in Bearbeitung)

4. Jumpe in den Himmel Teil 3 (letzte Version) (nicht in Bearbeitung)

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Jurassic World
Jurassic World is complete.
This map is Mod free V 1.8x

Pride rock, Lion King sceen

Expanded Avatar Area

Monster Battles

Halloween expansion now with double the creatures
Oil Refinery
Hands of life
Ontario place
Future city.
Avatar land is minecrat like you never seen it before. See the tree of life , Avatar animals , The living tree , the cool choppers and much more.
This map also has a circus , museum , haunted house ride , city , airport , zoo and a ton more !

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Death 11M
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Can you survive? can you find the secret rooms? Lets see how you actually do...
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World used for DnD mapping.
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test to find
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WARNING - This is my first map xD I apologize if it is bad. And yes I know it is empty but it is version 1.0, so there is waaaaay more to come!
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i wood love to add this school to the kamelotcity project if u woodent mindeif i do i wood of corse give credit to the builder/builders of it...
lord_molagbal 1 day, 4 hours ago
How does this build have nearly 40,000 downloads on Planet Minecraft but 7 downloads on here?...
Adervae 1 day, 8 hours ago
i used a scmatic program on my newport world to make the interprize so it shood work out like i posted so long as the webpage has a render seting for any mods stell in the programing of the world...
lord_molagbal 1 day, 13 hours ago
if the schmeatic program uses only vilana programing thin just loading the map in normial mc and placeing 1 block thin saveingand uploading shood make the world render right if u used it with tekkit t...
lord_molagbal 1 day, 13 hours ago
most of my maps are made using no the map will not render p.s I this map was not original just have a few tweaks. But for reasons like these I have removed the mod data from the map....
titancon64 1 day, 13 hours ago
just uploaded the world updeate #45 plz alow render engon 3 hrs to render added more buildinges to clithside bug fixed - hopfuly the flashing light in creeper tunnel on i-90 in north kamelot...
lord_molagbal 2 days, 4 hours ago
your omom is first ...
jarquez 2 days, 6 hours ago
Recent Posts Check my map page. It is giving a server 500 error when I try to access it. The most recent upload I did failed halfway through and then I redid it, bu...
Nudd 2 hours, 37 minutes ago
five million The poles burned case in point,...
Imaphythete 6 hours, 51 minutes ago
I'm a 5 year old Danish Minecraft fan, I just created this map in Minecraft 15w51b....
asgerbr 7 hours, 48 minutes ago
This is the first real map I have made Link to map There is 3 sets of levels ranging from easy to hard (earth, fire and ice) E...
WonderousTrex 3 days, 6 hours ago
MinearthSMP is an original survival and Economy-based server, we also offer mini-games such as, Mob arena, Spleef, TNTrun, PvP, parkour, Survival Games, Paintball and more. We have disguises, echo-pet...
Dome 3 days, 8 hours ago

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