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18 hrs, 27 mins since last update
HOI IEDEREEN! FIRST UPDATE OF THE NEW YEAR! 02-05-2016 10,000 Downloads! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! This is amazing! HEEL ERG BEDANKT!! Mainly been working Egyptian towns this week. The exterior construction of the Basilica of St Mary has been completed! Marvel in its beauty! Also constructed a small pyramid in Tell El Dab'a, and a brand new Grand Temple Complex! Demolished an old house & built a new Grand Hotel across the river from the desert temple. Greatly expanded the farms in the desert town. Constructed several new Dutch style cottages and continued renovating even more buildings for a more European/Dutch look. New farmlands were created in the Egyptian town to the north. A large area to the southeast is set to be developed for larger more intricate houses for the city's elite. Large city I've expanded from a village over the course of three years. Two other separate desert towns also, they're all connected by a train. A few new buildings & features like the recently constructed Cair Innis Central Library, and the new jungle road and tree-top observatory. Feel free to take my designs & use them in your other worlds I'd love to see them out there. I want to expand the varieties of architectural styles in the city so if you have any ideas please let me know! :)
Thank you all for the downloads/support! <3
25,220 downloads 26 comments
1 day, 6 hrs since last update
Jurassic World
Jurassic World is complete.
This map is Mod free V 1.8x

Pride rock, Lion King sceen

Expanded Avatar Area

Monster Battles

Halloween expansion now with double the creatures
Oil Refinery
Hands of life
Ontario place
Future city.
Avatar land is minecrat like you never seen it before. See the tree of life , Avatar animals , The living tree , the cool choppers and much more.
This map also has a circus , museum , haunted house ride , city , airport , zoo and a ton more !
2,933 downloads 227 comments
13 hrs, 18 mins since last update
this is the famous kamelot city world
uploaded by me lord_molagbal for ease of use map back upping and outers to try it out best used of a 1.8.1 normal or bucket sever if they ever make

i wood like to say some of the builds i have that i or my frends dident build were goten form build arcive worlds so i dont have all the info for thim if u see 1 thats yours plz let me know and provide a little pruth of it so i can giove creadit were its needed ty :)

my vidoe of the city

resorce pack now included in the download if it stell works

this is only curently being built buy 2 players atm and isent slowing down

and im looking for any one to plz do a youtube vido of the city and if any one wants to have some ofther builds shown on the city or 1 of its sister citys plz let us know buy posting the map download link and the cords of the building / buildings

we have inported some builds form thies pople if u dont see your name and can pruve we got it form you well gladdly add your name to the list
and note the builds shown here are modafyed and changed some what to bwetter fit the world and textur packs used
creaits go thies for the builds we imported ty for your hard work

none listed atm

we only claim any work we did such as the citys layout and any mods we made to the builds we inporte and the stuff we built all outer work goes to the people we found the builds form

note form team - woot we hit 1 gb in sizeand may have a new member joining the team stell dont have a name for u yet tho

head build team members

lord_molagbal - still kicking strong >;) working tripple time
codestarxp9o3 - inactive - quit
nomnom2323 - ainactive - quit
odo1981 - inactive - quit
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Of course, these cities are not VERY BIG,but they are beautiful. in "a paradise city5 will be new modern house !!!
Hello!! I am Nikita.I live in big city Kharkiv in Ukraine.Thank you for your downloads very much!!!i have built this city with my best friend Yan (hi lives in Kharkiv too).But this work is not finished.although you can already download it.we want to build new city this city will be "a paradise city and and a new city 6".But now you can see we built two forests and Museum!and we have built a holiday camp "JOY" !!There are three little houses , one big beautiful house.there is a forest near the holiday camp ,and a lake is in this forest,2 big modern houses,several scyscrapers, district "europen town" , little hotel,and you can see new city!!! is paradise for you)
i have built new map "a modern house 2"

you can download my other cities: "modern city 2" and "new modern city"
and " modern city from nikita" , "a modern house "

if there are mistakes,i am sorry,because my native language is Russian or Ukrainian
4,608 downloads 2 comments
1 day, 1 hr since last update
Hey dudes! and ladies of course)let's after download you will write where do you live in the comments (country and city). It'll be cool :)
I will be the First:
Nikita. Ukraine. Kharkiv city....

And i hope you will like it))
this city i have built for u.there are a subway ,skyscrapers,a stadium,a not big ranch, modern houses,national park,there are a lot of new modern houses.
you can download my other cities:
"new modern city"
" modern city from nikita"
"a modern house "

if there are mistakes i am sorry because my native language is Ukrainian)
729 downloads 0 comments
19 hrs, 34 mins since last update
Hundreds of Spawner habitats have been discovered and made accessible. Among the Spider, Zombie and Skeleton Spawners are two Silverfish Spawners in Strongholds and four Blaze Spawners in the Nether Fortress.

Explore the settlements that have grown up around Lair entrances. Meet resident Villagers and Guardian Golems in their homes, gardens, temples & game courts.

Tavel this wide world by scenic elevated railways, boat, horseback, Nether portals & Nether railways -- or fly. But, walking is the only way to explore the quirky compounds & underground passages that lead to spinning Spawners.
8,549 downloads 19 comments
1 day, 22 hrs since last update
Sherlock inc presents - creative mode
UPDATE! 07/02/2016

New highrise apartments, office building and various terrain blending in Sandstraight. New Cathedral in Pinkley next to the stadium.

Sherlock inc demo, click here!

January 16th 2016 - 8283 downloads! Thanks!

July 19th 2015 - 5500 downloads!!! Thanks!!!

July 25 2014 - 2150 downloads!!!! Thanks!

July 2013, 100 downloads!
195 downloads 1 comments
17 hrs, 18 mins since last update
This is an area of the inner Amazon Rainforest in Brazil.

Made in WorldPainter with Lentebriesje's Tree Repository, this is as close as you can get with a realistic rainforest in Minecraft. This massive forest has two mighty rivers: Rio Negro in the North, and Rio Solimões in the South. But, there's many small rivers flowing into the big ones.

Update 2.2 (Diversity Update): More plant species, ground covered in dirt, denser forests and vegetation and harder to get food

Tree leaves may not decay when cut down. Watch out for monsters though, even during the day. This adds realism, because there could be dangerous animals in the real world rainforests.

In multiplayer this map could be used for survival games and factions.
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just uploaded the world updeate #45 plz alow render engon 3 hrs to render added more buildinges to clithside bug fixed - hopfuly the flashing light in creeper tunnel on i-90 in north kamelot...
lord_molagbal 12 hours, 14 minutes ago
your omom is first ...
jarquez 14 hours, 10 minutes ago
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DanielZani 16 hours, 2 minutes ago
I get 5 downloads? YEAHHH!!!!...
Prering 20 hours, 20 minutes ago
Please leave also here a comment THX!!!...
Prering 20 hours, 28 minutes ago
as son as mcv-1.9.x comms out well be upgradeing to it if we can get a bukkit sever or a spiggit sever like the 1 we have now also welll be upgradeingthe resorce pack to feacher new texturs like co...
lord_molagbal 23 hours, 15 minutes ago
if u are loocking for a eazy to use roads build kit thin loock no ferther this kit will help u with a city lay out more comming soon to the kit as son as i can get my mutiverse plugin to work agin...
lord_molagbal 23 hours, 18 minutes ago
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MinearthSMP is an original survival and Economy-based server, we also offer mini-games such as, Mob arena, Spleef, TNTrun, PvP, parkour, Survival Games, Paintball and more. We have disguises, echo-pet...
Dome 1 day, 15 hours ago
It seems that your download contains a shortcut to your map that is only accessible through your own computer. In order to fix this you must take the world's files into a zip directory, rather tha...
Nathangorr 2 days, 3 hours ago
my building map...
abomb31 2 days, 3 hours ago
Check the two worlds I released so far and I will have more coming like maybe a Gaint wooden mansion so go here to check th...
camo_warrior 2 days, 11 hours ago
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