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42,622 downloads 22 comments
6 hrs, 56 mins since last update
(100% playable survival world)
for Minecraft 1.6.2 - 1.7x - 1.8x

To All Minecrafter..
You like more tomb raider updates yes / no
please let me know !!

youtube video..
27,594 downloads 4 comments
18 hrs, 16 mins since last update
Hallo Minecraft Fans,
News vom 05.07.2015: Eine weitere Map die regelmaeßig neue Teile bekommt die GTA 5 Map. Schaut rein und gibt mir Kommentare.
Neu der erste Server von mir mit dem Projekt GTA 5 zu bauen. Die Map ist nicht wie die andere Map und ist noch leer, der Server ist ab dem 02.08.2015 wieder on und ist für alle offen. Die IP ist ()und ist ab 10:00 Uhr on und wenn es aber geht schaut mal ob der Server schon on an ist.
Die Beta 1 ist seit 3 Tagen als Download bereit schon. Die Beta 2 wird es ende Dezember 2015, Anfang Januar 2016 geben und die Finale Version wird es, dann ende 2016 geben.
danke, dass +27.500 gedownloadete Oasis of the Sea Maps, ihr seit der Kracher und wir haben geschafft die +20.000 zu erreichen.
News vom 01.07.2015: Die Watch Dogs Beta Map ist gestern rausgekommen und steht zum Download bereit. Aber es ist nur eine Beta, die fertige Map kommt erst im Jahr 2016 raus. Und warum keine neuen Sachen bei den Updates sind, ist halt weil es nur die Zahlen der Downloads sind die Aktualisiert werden, die Map selber ist unverändert. Das liegt aber auch an dem Mega Projekt zu Watch Dogs. Dafür entschuldige ich mich zwar aber ich muss auch an die Zukunft von Minecraft und deren Anspruch denken.

Euer Titoo8899

P.S. gibt Kommentare und sagt mir was ich mal bauen soll
7,120 downloads 17 comments
18 hrs, 16 mins since last update
Hello Minecraft Fans,
News: Der Server mit der IP: ist on und bitte achtet dass die IP sich fast jeden Tag ändern kann also schaut vorher in die News hier. Das alles ist aber dann nur zu euer und meiner Sicherheit.
on all, my new Map Beta 1 Watch Dogs is new and is as Download.
Dear players, it is true that this Map of YazurX and his team comes, but I build it further and plans to map much further than building it in its original state is. So I hope you can understand this. Thank you for 7.100 Downloads and remember at 30.06.2015 comes the beta out on watchdogs in Minecraft form.
The next update Comes.
Update 3.0:
-texture pack for a very beautiful Map (100% finish)
-Music to a very cool Map (100% finish)
-new Train Station and subway Underground + Parkplaces + Shops (30% finish)
-subway plan to the Trains in the year 2020(100% finish) in German and English
-Currency of Lapiz Point in the bank near the Wall Market (100% finish)
-new rail connection between Central Station and the Football Stadtium (100% finish)+ a new shop in the Train Station of the
Stadium (100% finish)
-new Train track to the Airport and the Park (5% finish) end of building is in the year 2018 why i have 5 train Station and more to building.
-new Houses on the Map (45% finish)
-Formel 1 Track (15% finish)
-Top Gear + a Track (50% finish)
-new shopping Mall (5% finish) is begins (end of building is April or Mai 2015)
-new campingplace (35% finish)
-begin of museums of Trains, Cars (5% finish)
-and very other thinks (5% finish)
-one new Station (100% finish)
-and a other new Station (55% finish)
-Nescar Track (5% finish)

Thanks, and give me comments of my Map and the other Maps.
Your Titoo8899
20,883 downloads 2 comments
1 day, 7 hrs since last update
***Uploaded the Wrong File. Fixed now. (march 28)***
Another large Update on my first map.
BEST VIEWED with the John smith Texture pack.
Get it here => http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/26727-johnsmith-texture-pack-v9a-32x-11-12w04a-with-customizer/

Whats New?
-A Much larger sailing ship (same as the preview map).
-Worked 2 sides of the castle bringing them much closer to completion.
-New Port/long dock.
-New import office, guard positions and beds.
-New duty free stand outside castle walls.
-Recruit training center.
-Some of the smaller houses are furnished (all different).
-Labeled the market stands.
-miner's Guild center, housing, and miner's Pub.
-working "actor raising platform" (what ever they are called) in the theater.

All is a work in progress.
Please Comment.
15,925 downloads 12 comments
1 day, 7 hrs since last update
First off BEST VIEWED with the John smith Texture pack.
Get it here => http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/26727-johnsmith-texture-pack-v9a-32x-11-12w04a-with-customizer/

This Update will be the last non-adventure map update unless a completed non-adventure map version is requested. I plan on making this map an adventure map after the release of 1.3.

This map is created by one person, Me.
This map was started since early to mid Alpha. (When i started playing Minecraft.)
This map was made with out help from bukkit or the like. There was some minor MCedit used for importing other creations outside main castle from older maps though.
This map started off as survival(no cheating) till creative mode was made.
This map also contains many red stone contraptions including various secret tunnels, hidden passageways, and several working portcullis.
This map contains monuments, statues, ranges, training areas, soldier barracks, libraries, laboratories, a royal theater, palace, Shops, an upper level and lower level, apartments, houses, imports offices, sailing ships, a light house/ monument, a mine shaft, farms, underground farms, towers, a church, a graveyard, various crypts, and Tons more.

Notable updates since last,
-New Underground shopping and apartments.
-New underground farming area.
-New Ramen shop in the upper level.
-Added Traders.
-Dragon skull added to palace main entrance.
-Dragon now made to look frozen and gutted. (part of adventure story line. Walk inside him to see his ribs.)
-Added several crypts outside castle walls.
-Queen's lookout tower.
-More sewer tunnels.
-New sewer pump station in the upper castle (for looks).
-Various changes and tweaks. More than I can remember.
Map generation in progress...
888 downloads 68 comments
6 hrs, 28 mins since last update
this is the famous kamelot city world
uploaded by me lord_molagbal for ease of use map back upping and outers to try it out best used of a 1.8.1 normal or bucket sever if they ever make

my vidoe of the city https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NApbnGa7gsk

resorce pack now included in the download if it stell works

contact me by
teamspeack sever is down atm but u can stell get ahold of me on fb
facebook molagbal kain vcon
ingame lord_molagbal
twich vconkainvampire

editers coment city looks beter if u are useing the kamelotcraft textur pack ill upload it as soon as i can the rodes in it look more rellisitc thats why ther missed colored in the defoult mc texturs

this map will never becompleeted dont worrt that dosent mean its ded it means it is in constint devilopmen and grows evry day ill upload a new save of it evry week if i keep getting soport

editers note i used the arlon city map form way back in 2013 -2014 as a starting point and some builds form outer citys

all build creadit gos to thim if u wood like to see a build if its posable to have it weed it to the city plz let me knoe and provide a dlownload link

stats main city of kamelot was 98% configerd by me ans some frends

map will probly be about 2-5 gigs of memory unziped

u can contact me threw facebook just sherch molagbal kain vcon

this world is in constent devilopment i 1 day to plan to have an intire contry made 1 day if not a world
1,422 downloads 3 comments
1 day, 4 hrs since last update
My first world.
2,189 downloads 2 comments
1 day, 9 hrs since last update
just an ordinary survival and lonely world
youtube channel: avideogamemaster
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I changed the name to: JaredCruesMainWorld. I deleted all MCEdit temp folders, nothing was in those folders. But it seemed to take a while to delete those folders, odd. There is a screenshot of the ...
crasherfilms 5 hours, 55 minutes ago
Ok, I will try. Thank you. It could also be because I have a lot of worlds uploaded......
Alexander114298 6 hours, 41 minutes ago
Have fun subscribe and follow my facebook page....
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