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10,332 downloads 3 comments
7 hrs, 35 mins since last update
New Version!!! 3.8
UPDATED: 27 - OCTOBER - 2015

Thanks for 10,000+ Downloads guys, means the world to me. Thanks a million.

For better photo: http://imgur.com/otOXH8E
Also check out my Facebook Page: www.Facebook.com/jessesworld

Have been building this world since January 2011 with no one except for myself. There will be more updates to come in 2016. Thanks for all the support =) I appreciate any feedback/comments/ideas

Thanks, Jesse
7,884 downloads 7 comments
14 hrs, 23 mins since last update
Sherlock inc presents - creative mode
UPDATE! 29/11/15

New bridge connecting Histone County and Pinkley County. Alterations to Airforce base and Motorway ramps.

Sherlock inc demo, click here!


July 19th 2015 - 5500 downloads!!! Thanks!!!

July 25 2014 - 2150 downloads!!!! Thanks!

July 2013, 100 downloads!
2,450 downloads 173 comments
10 hrs, 44 mins since last update
this is the famous kamelot city world
uploaded by me lord_molagbal for ease of use map back upping and outers to try it out best used of a 1.8.1 normal or bucket sever if they ever make

i wood like to say some of the builds i have that i or my frends dident build were goten form build arcive worlds so i dont have all the info for thim if u see 1 thats yours plz let me know and provide a little pruth of it so i can giove creadit were its needed ty :)

my vidoe of the city https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NApbnGa7gsk

resorce pack now included in the download if it stell works

this is only curently being built buy 2 players atm and isent slowing down

and im looking for any one to plz do a youtube vido of the city and if any one wants to have some ofther builds shown on the city or 1 of its sister citys plz let us know buy posting the map download link and the cords of the building / buildings

we have inported some builds form thies pople if u dont see your name and can pruve we got it form you well gladdly add your name to the list
and note the builds shown here are modafyed and changed some what to bwetter fit the world and textur packs used
creaits go thies for the builds we imported ty for your hard work

none listed atm

we only claim any work we did such as the citys layout and any mods we made to the builds we inporte and the stuff we built all outer work goes to the people we found the builds form

head build team members

lord_molagbal - still kicking strong >;)
codestarxp9o3 - only on 1 time a week atm
nomnom2323 - lost to destany xbox game :(
odo1981 - inactive
2,650 downloads 2 comments
19 hrs, 44 mins since last update
++UPDATED 29/11/15++

Infrastructure now updated and improved. It's now possible to navigate to all locations on the map on foot or by teleportation booths. All villages have now been customized with quirky characters, items and extra buildings. There is also a greater degree of interactivity all round.

More major constructions to follow shortly.

++UPDATED 18/10/15++

Three new major structures added - The Day Temple of Artemis (entry can only be gained during daylight hours) - and two in-game machines that can transport players to random locations around the map (and possibly to their deaths) - The Randomizer and Ultimate Jeopardy.

++UPDATED 13/08/15++

Version 1.8.8

Made quite a few tweaks and improved some of the traps - better mob spawners with mobs more suited to each location. Bosses have been added to the Devil Temple and the Pyramid of Great Geezer - I'd be interested to hear if they work OK or if they're too OP. I've tweaked the gamerules too: Mob Griefing is now switched off to protect the integrity of the map; KeepInventory is on.

++UPDATED 02/08/15++

Expanded realm! New locations! New characters!

Lots of new cave systems, a new bobby-trapped pyramid, secret rooms, hidden chambers and traps...

Updated location list as follows:

Tom's Castle:
Tom's Castle Wharf:
Castle Black:
Castle Black Wharf:
Old Toska's Trading Post:
Tallanvor's Grotto:
Smuggler's Cove:
Tom's Castle Lighthouse:
The Urca de Lima:
The Goodship Venus:
H.M.S. Endeavour:
H.M.S. Valiant:
H.M.S. Indomitable:
River Cavern:
Wandering Joe's Sanctuary:
Dante's Tomb:
Ragnar's Tomb:
Mainland Gateway Lighthouse:
Look-Out Point:
Old Maplin's Watchtower:
The Twin Towers:
Saint Silsetto:
Capstan Castle:
Capstan Castle Secret Storeroom:
The Sacred Tomb of Oddman Taint:
Gazpacho Village:
The Holy Monastery of St. Notch:
The Watchtower of Telemon:
Blind Frank's Waterfall:
Belgerath's Beacon:
Castle Black, Cressida Spices:
Castle Black, The Split Goose:
Castle Black, Neddy Horsehair:
Castle Black Secret Chamber:
Castle Black, Explorer's Shop:
Devil Jungle Temple:
Deep Jungle Temple:
Captain Caveman:
Secret Forest Glade:
Caveman Bob:
Devil Temple:
Tomb of the Bottomless Saint:
Devil's Watch:
Devil's Pool:
Backwash Cavern:
Castle Black, Public Bathing Pool:
Cursed Barrow Tomb:
1st Halfway House:
2nd Halfway House:
3rd Halfway House:
4th Halfway House:
5th Halfway House:
6th Halfway House:
The Sacred Tomb of Anaseed Skank:
Wildman Jackson's Hideout:
The Day Temple of Artemis:
Grundwich Sand Temple, Mainland:
Alegan Sand Temple, Mainland:
Erstkein Sand Temple:
Deep Cut Village:
Deep Cut Sand Temple:
New Athens Village:
Mesaland Sea Temple:
Castle Black, Granny Eiderdown's Hovel:
Castle Black, The Guardsman's Rest:
Castle Black Dungeons:
Mountain Hideaway:
Tom's Castle Main Dungeon:
Tom's Castle Central Chamber:
Ocean Dome:
Castle Black, Madame Pomphrey Fine Arts:
Harry The Hermit:
Lucky Dip Point:
Lost Cause Sand Temple:
Killing Joke Sand Temple:
Field Edge Sand Temple:
Gundahar Village:
Dread Point Undersea Temple:
First Slip Undersea Temple:
The Ice Hut:
Lagertha's Gash:
Keeley's Clunge:
Keeley's Clunge, Tomb Of Lost Wally:
The Long Sea Lighthouse:
Captain Teague's Hut:
Morgana Island:
Nunovit, Coastedge Sand Village:
Captain Fat-Mammoth's Boat:
Nunovit, Larakan Village:
Nunovit, Swallowedhole Jungle Temple:
Nunovit, Kanagrak Village (flooded):
Nunovit, Pirates's Grave Sand Temple:
Nunovit, Teetree Village:
Nunovit, Teetree Sand Temple:
Uncle Grab's Outpost:
Long Sea Ocean Temple:
Wreck of H.M.S. Goldspur:
Nunovit, Halagen Village:
Nunovit, Lacme's Well:
Galactica Sea Temple:
Atlantica Sea Temple:
Nunovit, Valley Village:
Mumtaz Sea Temple:
Hidden Chasm Sea Temple:
Mesaland Lighthouse:
Mesaland Fort:
Mesaland Fort Secret Chamber:
The Pyramid Of Great Geezer:
The Pharaoh's Tomb Of Great Geezer:
The Pharaoh's Treasure Room:
The Pharaoh's Treasure Room, Inner Chamber:
Last Link Lighthouse:
Mainland, Last Reach Sand Village:
Last Reach Sea Temple:
Dark Ridge Sea Temple:
Mescaline Jungle Temple:
Heartdrag Sea Temple:
Mainland, Donkey Well:
Mainland, Ice Edge Lighthouse:
Lucky Find Hole:
Bethesda Sea Temple:
Malicious Damage Sea Temple:
Siouxsie Sioux Jungle Temple:
Grunge Jungle Temple:
Django's Well:
Palanquin Sand Temple:
Palanquin Sand Village:
Spengler's Well:
Gehenna Sand Temple:
Wickham Village:
Sherwood Village: 3
The Land That Time Forgot:
The Font Of Knowledge:
The Land That Time Forgot, Forgotten Caves:
Eagle Cliff Castle:
H.M.S. Ondein:
The Randomizer:
Randomizer Sea Temple:
Double Jeopardy:
Double Double Jeopardy:
Triple Jeopardy:

Can you find them all? Plus can you find all 18 of the secret Wallys hidden throughout the realm?

++UPDATED 31/05/15++

Modifications made with Too Many Items Mod but shouldn't need it installed to play. Other than that this is designed to run on the latest version of 'Vanilla' Minecraft... though I would recommend installing Optifine to enhance playability.

And so the map continues to grow... The plan is to turn the entire realm into a vast adventure map with exotic locations, clues and booby traps scattered across all the continents. All the locations are now geared towards the Where's Wally component of the game (see below) and there are already 19 Wally's loose in the world (and more to come) - a few are easy to find the others are either cunningly hidden or will cost you dear to get to them.

A word of warning - the Nether portals built into the Devil Tower are all functioning but were placed ostensibly for the aesthetic effect. They will all take you to the Nether and back but I've noticed that attempting to teleport after a trip to the Nether risks the game crashing (you teleport to a chunk that refuses to load). I advise leaving the Nether well alone (it is not part of the Where's Wally game - there is no Wally in the Nether) as teleporting is an essential requirement of the Where's Wally game (a lot of the clues are teleportation co-ordinates hidden in books that enable you to travel around the realm). If you do find yourself in the Nether the best thing to do is save the game immediately after you return to the Overworld, close and then restart Minecraft. This seems to eradicate the glitch.

++UPDATED 15/03/15++

More mobs! More tunnels! More secret rooms and clues!

++UPDATE 08/03/15++

Now features extensive undersea dungeon complex, 5 huge castles, Smuggler's Cove, monastery, watchtowers, Customs offices, grottos, secret treasure dungeons and a booby-trapped tower temple. Plus a good smattering of mob spawners all round!

This is my first attempt at making a large Minecraft construction. There are now four castles (two with fully stocked dungeons), lots of rooms, fully furnished towers, a lighthouse, a hidden sanctuary somewhere deep in the caves under the castle and an observation room under the ocean. There is also a skyrail which will take you to the village nearest the spawn point - though it is a long ride. There is now also a "Devil Temple" which is booby-trapped. The temple and both castles are all linked-up by an intricate series of subterranean tunnels and caves so all locations can be reached by a variety of routes.

There is a very simple game built into this map - simply "Find Wally" - which can be played by a single player or multiple players if the map is uploaded to a server or a Realm. In multiple player mode the first team to find a Wally wins (there is more than one and there are clues and booby traps dotted around the entire world). Obviously the game works best if played in Survival mode - and mining the buildings and structures definitely counts as cheating!

I'm sure there are a bunch of tricks that I've missed with this and more functionality that could be added once my Minecraft expertise has improved. In the meantime I hope everyone enjoys this map. Feel free to modify and add to it or otherwise use it in a minegame. All comments / suggestions welcome.
Frissia 227M
2,120 downloads 3 comments
21 hrs, 9 mins since last update
A big trade empire, made up of many small towns and a few bigger ones.
Over 200 islands and over 175 villages and towns.
7,123 downloads 0 comments
1 day, 20 hrs since last update
Update 28-11-2015

*7000 downloads and counting. Thanks a lot for your support,really appreciated. Show me your favor and let's try to 8000 downs :)
-expanded desert village with more houses, small squares with gardens, terraces
-added luxury mansion surrounded with houses and more ...
4,043 downloads 5 comments
1 day, 15 hrs since last update
There is a resourcepack in that file..
I am Nikita and i am from Ukraine ...
And i hope you will like it
this city i have built for u.there are a subway ,skyscrapers,a stadium,a not big ranch, modern houses ( in the next version will be more modern houses),national park,there are a lot of new modern houses.
you can download my other cities:
"new modern city"
" modern city from nikita"
"a modern house "

if there are mistakes i am sorry because my native language is Ukrainian)
308 downloads 0 comments
19 hrs, 59 mins since last update
WOW 300 Downloads! Thx :-D

Welcome to kA-Island, the place to be on the Minecraft Ocean. The Hotspot of the Island is, of course, the kA-Island Castle, a big house with furniture, full chests, kitchen, bathroom and a lot of other cool rooms. There's also a waterfall from roof to bottom of the castle for lazy players, who don`t want to take the stairs :-). But the best rooms are the secret rooms and I think when you search a bit, you will find them...(The Dungeon doesn`t count as secret room , it's too simple) There are a lot of things, you can also do on the island and near the island: Take a bath in the lava pool, go ice-skating in the Nether, visit the Lake Creeper, discover the kA-Island-Cave or the neighbour islands: the Pig Islands, Cow Island and the Flower Power Islands. And when you don`t want to live in the castle all the time, you can go to the holiday homes in the Nether and the End.
(Ignore the ugly Battletowers all over the map and the completely destroyed savannah coast!]

Have Fun and leave a comment :-)

P.S: Best use the John Smith 1.8.3 Texturepack.
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DUDE this thing looks epic! nice job on it...
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Hey dude i love the global server map! My friends and i are getting together to play CDC, but we have a hard time playing all together on the global map. I was wondering if you could send me that map?...
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