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62,277 downloads 119 comments
7 mths, 2 wks since last update
The Walking Dead is a map of the famous TV series, Season 1,2,3,4,5 it is a Adventure map.
Survive The Night in the Jail, Hershel's Home, Terminus, Camp, CDC ,Terminus, Atlanta its all there.youtube http://youtu.be/rEux0On15qM
21-02-15 Big update Added Noahs village, roads, police cars ad the hospital

03-01-15 added feedback railroad tunnels in the city, connect to station, fixt som little thins in the map
30-12-14 Big Update Hospital Where beth was
25-10-14 Season 5 premiere, added the Church, Foobbank city, explosion fireworks Terminus. Go! and check it out.
26-09-14 Preparing for Season5 Washington D.C Church fixt landscape update to 1.7.9
30-06-2014 added houses, roads, bigger map, truck and a lot more
02-05-14 added Pine Vista Country club tot the map, Crash crafting dead fixt.

27-04-14 added TERMINUS, Railroad to Terminus, Bigspot mall, more roads and fun. Download it now
02-01-14 Fixt some Bugs And made it compatible to crafting Dead-Cure.Guns and other stuff can be used, loot will spawn. modded zombies still not spawn:{ i ame working on it....
30-11-13 replaced the strained clay block for wool (no more disappearing blocks)in 1.5.2
30-11-13 Add Carriage bar, New camp the Governor, looted camp

24-11-13 fixt the chest problems
22-11-13 Add American Dinner, Explotions in the CDC building (Destruction Button)
09-11-13 Add Hospital, Gas Station, new roads. More Zombies
25-10-13 Bigger map, raod to the city, tank, skyscrapers and a lot more action.
13-10-13 add CDC Building and central spawn location plz leave comment
29-09-13 MEGA update Trailerpark, Woodbury, Bigger road, Village And a lot more.
24-09-13 add crashed Helicopter, bigger road, New little farm
15-09-13 Add Safe Points, Tents to the game.
07-08-13 New Spawning point, Road, Cars, More Weapons & Zombies add to The Game
13-02-13 add RULES to the Game.

Requisite Minecraft 1.6.2 or higher

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Gr Jeromsky
47,765 downloads 19 comments
12 hrs, 46 mins since last update
Abbas Redstone Speele contains one Tomb Raider Adv. with 6 completed levels for mc 1.6.2 - 1.7x - 1.8x

SCREENSHOTS (click here)

c h r i s
25,677 downloads 2 comments
2 yrs, 8 mths since last update
17,316 downloads 13 comments
2 yrs, 6 mths since last update
Recreation of Hoth Eco base adventure map. PIE!
16,732 downloads 8 comments
2 yrs, 5 mths since last update
Story Line:
You were arrested for killing a chicken.
You Find A note in the Toilet.

Note 1: this is my first map, don't judge.

Note 2: There are no signs that will guide you to the next area. Use your brain.
16,042 downloads 7 comments
2 mths, 2 wks since last update
Old town square, castles, lighthouses, fireworks, old mine, palace, volcano, Mayan pyramid - dark maze and a hidden treasure, temples, travel by rail, teleportation, .....

Minecraft v.1.6.4
12,761 downloads 1 comments
3 yrs, 1 mth since last update
This is a world/save with the deepness of 31 blocks (7 layers of dirt, 23 layers of stone and 1 layer of bedrock). Please like and download as much as you please.

Also, if it works please say something and like, if it doesn't, notify me straight away and I will get it working like it should asap!
11,882 downloads 6 comments
2 yrs, 6 mths since last update
A call of duty based zombie survival map in minecraft. You can buy weapons armour and food including a random item box. This map is a medium difficulty map and not for people who give up easily. you need to be decent at combat. It is advised that you have 3+ people as there is only 3 sets of starter equipment, although if you like you can spawn more, If you like slaughtering zombies then this is the map for you!

just fixed a tone of things including:
Power is off to start
prices lower
infinite power in MFSU
After 5 minuets in the main room more spawners activate
hope its better now :)
Recent Comments
may cause crash on 2GB...
dikshie 6 hours, 11 minutes ago
upload 32 is up for the weekly update...
lord_molagbal 7 hours, 57 minutes ago
looking for a bug city that achly is what it says it i thin try out kamelot city...
lord_molagbal 14 hours, 15 minutes ago
wow! This is a great map but its disappointing how the roller coaster ends tbh I didn't rly wanna die.......
Hollily Pip 16 hours, 49 minutes ago
well ok then...
Hollily Pip 17 hours, 31 minutes ago
A Friend builded it, just because he can...
Minecity 18 hours, 21 minutes ago
looks very cool but I have to ask, why is there a half built sphere of TNT?...
Hollily Pip 18 hours, 33 minutes ago
Recent Posts
Very good...
1marcelfilms 2 days, 13 hours ago
but it worked! :)...
mamxan 2 days, 13 hours ago
Both maps were made somewhere in late 2012 and i have been running 1.4.7 since 2013...
1marcelfilms 2 days, 15 hours ago
Need help making this world tried rival rebels but not looking right using Mc edit so send a response to help out doodz.:idea:...
titancon64 2 days, 16 hours ago
hi, are we talking about this map? http://www.minecraftworldmap.com/worlds/1mlZQ download is disabled, so i can't check and have to guess: Your region folder contains both .MCA (New 1.2 Anvil ...
mamxan 3 days, 30 minutes ago
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