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Sun, Jul 10, 2011 since last update
Welcome to the city of Grand Royal

Took me about 6 months, and still going.
I intend to use this map on the future server of the Paradoxian people.
Apparently the map generator algorithm will be changed, I'm scared. I'll just port that city on a new map if that's what's needed.

25th July update:

*added a court house
*finished the city walls
*built 3 bridges to access the left bank
*built a road to the fishermen's village
*built a dome for the Parliament
*moved the factory
*built some houses here and there

26th July update:

*started working on a huge palace

Enjoy your visit. Rate and comment.

Looks best with John Smith's texture pack.
51,626 downloads 8 comments
Sun, Nov 20, 2011 since last update
Hello Minecrafters,

This is the latest update of my map and I really hope you enjoy it.
This time a mega mall is added, which might just be the biggest mall in Minecraft.

For more updates, tutorials and projects please visit.
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Sat, Oct 01, 2011 since last update
See The Updated version of this map here.

Adventure Map Version of this map found here.
Complete with a Nether boss battle!!!

Our fist map. Features a Large unfinished Castle (most of which was made in Alpha and updated during beta) with working portcullis a dragon, throne room, king and queen rooms, guard barracks, archery range, ship, Large mine shaft, an Ent (lord of the Rings), large Tower building and lots more to explore.

All is a work in progress.
42,853 downloads 2 comments
Mon, Apr 08, 2013 since last update

This map is utterly amazing. When I first played it, I was stunned.
This map has to be the most beautiful, wonderful map I have ever played. It has so much detail and the architecture is the best I have seen.

The Minas Tirith is from the Lord of the Rings movies, and to tell the truth, I think it looks better in Minecraft.

Credit goes mostly to EpicQuestz, though I have made a few changes and tweaks. This is the best map, and i recommend it. Try it!
34,180 downloads 0 comments
Fri, Jun 28, 2013 since last update
Winterfell from HBO's Game of Thrones.
Texture Pack - Resource Pack

Other Game of Thrones maps:
King's Landing
The Dreadfort
Please be sure to check out my main world, Brendan Empire!

All Game of Thrones maps were made entirely by WesterosCraft.
30,035 downloads 13 comments
Mon, Feb 06, 2012 since last update
Please support Etho by going to http://www.youtube.com/user/EthosLab and watching his amazing let's play.
28,501 downloads 4 comments
Wed, Dec 17, 2014 since last update
Hallo Minecraft Fans,
News vom 05.07.2015: Eine weitere Map die regelmaeßig neue Teile bekommt die GTA 5 Map. Schaut rein und gibt mir Kommentare.
Neu der erste Server von mir mit dem Projekt GTA 5 zu bauen. Die Map ist nicht wie die andere Map und ist noch leer, der Server ist ab dem 02.08.2015 wieder on und ist für alle offen. Die IP ist ()und ist ab 10:00 Uhr on und wenn es aber geht schaut mal ob der Server schon on an ist.
Die Beta 1 ist seit 3 Tagen als Download bereit schon. Die Beta 2 wird es ende Dezember 2015, Anfang Januar 2016 geben und die Finale Version wird es, dann ende 2016 geben.
danke, dass +27.800 gedownloadete Oasis of the Sea Maps, ihr seit der Kracher und wir haben geschafft die +20.000 zu erreichen.
News vom 01.07.2015: Die Watch Dogs Beta Map ist gestern rausgekommen und steht zum Download bereit. Aber es ist nur eine Beta, die fertige Map kommt erst im Jahr 2016 raus. Und warum keine neuen Sachen bei den Updates sind, ist halt weil es nur die Zahlen der Downloads sind die Aktualisiert werden, die Map selber ist unverändert. Das liegt aber auch an dem Mega Projekt zu Watch Dogs. Dafür entschuldige ich mich zwar aber ich muss auch an die Zukunft von Minecraft und deren Anspruch denken.

Euer Titoo8899

P.S. gibt Kommentare und sagt mir was ich mal bauen soll
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Mon, Aug 20, 2012 since last update
A good hunger games map that you could use on your server. Their is over 50 hidden chest. I recomend putting this on your server. if you do please message me so i could play on your server. Thanks! :)

New 5.0 Update
- More trees
- Added cactus to the desert
- Added a pumpkin/melon patch to the red tent
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When its done, I will be converting the world into an adventure map, and replace all the bricks with TNT!...
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Please send the map to my email JacinSims@gmail.com I would really appreciate it! :)...
Yinyangyo567 16 hours, 1 minute ago
I am a huge fan of the Crafting dead and would greatly appreciate it if you would email me the map for me to use on singleplayer. I promise that I will not distribute that map to anyone else....
Yinyangyo567 16 hours, 2 minutes ago
Hi plese send map to my e-mail :) gameclock9@gmail.com...
GameClock 19 hours, 19 minutes ago
By the way, What version is this map? ...
TheIncognitoLad 1 day, 8 hours ago
And yes I will give credit to you by placing signs saying: credit to si_vle...
TheIncognitoLad 1 day, 9 hours ago
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Try following these directions: Delete the __MACOSX folder in the main directory of the zip folder. Rename M2 8-1-15 to M2 If all else fails: Delete the players, playerdata, and stats folder...
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As per your advice I am posting here. None of my maps seem to be accesable. Thanks for the attention to this issue....
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Read the thread, followed directions: removed level.dat_mcr file from my map folder; there were no .mcr files in the region folders to delete. Compressed the altered file again, it was re-rendered ...
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Nathangorr 9 hours, 58 minutes ago
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It'ssssssss cool!
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