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Castle (42M)  
Uploaded by Kuba1920 on Wed, Mar 30, 2011
In progress. Single player map. UPDATE!

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Grand Royal (27M)  
Uploaded by Scandale on Sun, Jul 10, 2011
Welcome to the city of Grand Royal

Took me about 6 months, and still going.
I intend to use this map on the future server of the Paradoxian people.
Apparently the map generator algorithm will be changed, I'm scared. I'll just port that city on a new map if that's what's needed.

25th July update:

*added a court house
*finished the city walls
*built 3 bridges to access the left bank
*built a road to the fishermen's village
*built a dome for the Parliament
*moved the factory
*built some houses here and there

26th July update:

*started working on a huge palace

Enjoy your visit. Rate and comment.

Looks best with John Smith's texture pack.

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Real Life Minecraft (38M)  
Uploaded by swanman117 on Wed, Jan 30, 2013
{{{{{DOWNLOAD!!!!!!YOU WONT Regret it}}}}}
Explicit Content MATURE Audiences ONLY

This map was created by swanman117, and two expert friends. The map is super realistic and full of cool creations. This map has everything you can ever imagine. Most of the building Are close to one another, just travel around a bit to find your way. UPDATES COMING SOON!!!
SKY CITY & The City of London are almost completed.

--> No cheats used(except creative mode)
--> No hacks/mods or editors
--> Block by Block.... Click by Click!
--> Made on 3 Mac Book Pros
--> Stunning Detail & Realism

Building Include:

Hundreds of Underground Passages
15 Huge Mansions
3 sports complexes (Football, Baseball, Basketball)
Workout facility
Area 51
Small Aircraft Carrier
2 Yachts
Race Boat
A Private beach Resort
9 hole golf course
Secret Government Airfield
A Jungle Bung-lo
Sail Boat Hotel
Paradise Hotel
Police Station
Wells Fargo Bank
Howard Johnson Hotel
Book Store
Multiple Condos
Ridgeland Apartment Complex
St.Louis Arch
Ranch House
2 Missile Silos
2 Stealth Bombers
3 Apache Helicopters
2 Large Cobblestone Castles
The Vatican
The Lighthouse of Alexandria
The Greek Acropolis
The Hoover Dam
Buckingham Palace
Big Ben Clock
Salem Capitol building
Office Buildings
The Walking Dead Jail
The Golden Gate Bridge
London Bridge
Globe Theatre
The City of London (Under Construction)
Ship Yard (with fright liner boat)
Multiple UFOs
Secret Grow OPs
Graveyard of Well Known Celebrities (Near Acropolis)
Ski Lodge & Resort (With realistic chair lifts)
B-17 Bomber (with bombay doors)
Spaceship with bombs that actually drop!!!!
NEW Alien Spaceship Under Construction!

Over 175 individually crafted and intricately designed buildings!!!


The Best Texture pack to use is LED-craft or the default texture pack

Please comment if you download, we need feed back, thank you and enjoy the world :)

Thanks to all our friends in:
Russia, Thailand, Denmark, Australia, Norway, Poland, Egypt, Sweden, Canada, London, United States, New York and Bangkok!!

Seed: 4847593364048246309

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Holodeck (56M)  
Uploaded by datascreamn on Sat, Oct 01, 2011
See The Updated version of this map here.

Adventure Map Version of this map found here.
Complete with a Nether boss battle!!!

Our fist map. Features a Large unfinished Castle (most of which was made in Alpha and updated during beta) with working portcullis a dragon, throne room, king and queen rooms, guard barracks, archery range, ship, Large mine shaft, an Ent (lord of the Rings), large Tower building and lots more to explore.

All is a work in progress.

Seed: -3394992724456087459

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Alleron City Updated 04/04/2014 (63M)  
Uploaded by cnorgren on Fri, Jan 11, 2013
Alleron City

2 years in the making, Alleron has been an ever changing city. The city that started as a small minecraft castle as grown in to a modern high tech city. Taking inspiration from one of the fastest and most modern cities on the planet, Alleron has a Dubai look. In August of 2013 Alleron went through its last major geological change, now Alleron has more of a real city structure. Featuring Dubai's famous Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali, World Islands and Dubai Water Front, Alleron has endless beach front space. The downtown core Includes: Freedom Tower, Two-Three-Four World Trade, Shanghai Financial Tower, Petronas Towers, Willis/Sears Tower, CN Tower, Taipei 101,Bank of China, Central Plaza, Citi Tower, Hong Kong Trade and 25 custom buildings. The Oceanic Front is a neighbourhood of skyscrapers surrounding a small pond just north of the downtown core. In The olympic park, just west of downtown, you will find Wave Swim Stadium, Saddledome Hockey Arena, Nest Soccer Field and The Crown Track Stadium along with athlete housing. The new Alleron Mall is located west of the olympic grounds and is the biggest mall in the city, when completed it will have a water park, ice rink, and maybe a rollercoaster. Burj Khalifa is located beside The Alleron Mall, featuring living space and a hotel. Reaching to the top of the world it is the tallest tower in the city. Also beside the mall is the Alleron Horse track. Considered the richest event the horse races are all about high stakes bets.

Alleron Continues to grow all the time.

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