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Escape The Jail! (3.6M)  
Uploaded by Gamemaster7764 on Sun, May 05, 2013
Story Line:
You were arrested for killing a chicken.
You Find A note in the Toilet.

Note 1: this is my first map, don't judge.

Note 2: There are no signs that will guide you to the next area. Use your brain.

Seed: 5442125837230207644

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"Inspiration" Map (17M)  
Uploaded by cedricg221 on Tue, Jun 14, 2011
Version 1.0

This is the first version of my single map player. You can visit a lot of building than Church, house, cinema, clubhouse, a jail, a cityTown and many other suprise...

If i have a lot of comment, i upload a progress of my map soon...

My WebSite for this map :,carte-solo-inspiration,1704222.html

Seed: -1348479824311634047

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Escape Death Row (Survival/puzzle map) (2.5M)  
Uploaded by CreepinColt on Tue, Dec 13, 2011
This is my first map, but I took time to make it at least fun and--hopefully--not too short. Please tell me what you think and what I should do for my next map!

Please download and have fun!

Short description:

You are an inmate in death row and are trying to escape. A guard caught you, and sent you back to your cell, after putting up traps. The only way out is through these traps. Will you survive?

Seed: 5165555555

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Large realistic Prison Complex (372K)  
Uploaded by cal352 on Sat, Jan 26, 2013
This is a very large prison complex with tons of prison cells, solitary cells, a clinic, cafeteria, showers, library, watch towers, helipad, outdoor recreational area/basketball courts and visitors area. All doors and entrances are redstone controlled. This prison has 4 cell blocks connected to a main mess hall.

I suggest playing on peaceful mode on creative. This map was not meant for survival or monsters but you can use it however you please(you may incorporate villagers as well!).

[villagers are prisoners and iron golems are guards]

For the map to look how it was meant to you MUST down my texture pack 'Castle'

Seed: 3936599871710433445

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Ravenaw City 4.4 (3.2M)  
Uploaded by Ravenaw on Tue, Jun 17, 2014


It's a city that I'm building for three years already.
I've built this city alone.
I hope that you'll like it.

If you like my world, leave a comment below! Thanks for downloading.

If you modified this map with new buildings, share it in comment!
(Share the download link, too!)

I have noticed there is a failure(easter egg) on the map & if you have found anything weird, share it in comment!

MC Version: 1.8.3


-The Market: Parking Lots
-Minor Improvements

Recent Comments
The New Iskandria
on Mar 26 by Jacaban_Empire
i have tried to get this map to work for 6 hours, could you put this on mediafire
on Mar 26 by JessiWells
Your welcome and I appreciate the nice comment :)
The Tenth Doctors Tardis
on Mar 26 by The Tenth Doctor
Wow...40 already? nice!
House, Stable and Villages
on Mar 26 by bethanys130857
I am so glad to hear people like my map. thanks
WWE Raw Arena (AOG)
on Mar 25 by oliverhall1
It doesn't work
The New Iskandria
on Mar 25 by Jacaban_Empire
do you mind if i use this for a base during my new mod review channel ill give you full credit, and
on Mar 25 by CyanKawaii
how do I download this map onto a modded single player server? someone help pls
on Mar 25 by TheMills22
Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
Crafting Dead Atlanta
on Mar 25 by UjGamer
Can i please download the map? I just want to play it in singleplayer. Can you please send the file
House of the faun - 75%
on Mar 25 by nathan.puhl
Thanks. I am still in the process of decorating the inside and finishing the upstairs, I mainly uplo