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Sat, May 24, 2014 since last update
Welcome to the Secretbase. An amusement full of secrets. There are plenty of secret paths and hidden doors, no way you can find all if them! Be prepared for an adventure fulll of......secrets. Surprise Surprise!

You start at the entrance of the map and will get a set up of armor and weapons to start with. You may only use what you find on the map.
Also you will find a Welcome Book that will give u some information. And some rules.

******discontinued due to no ideas. will start a new map soon******

Please report any bugs or things that don't work out!
Also please comment on new ideas.

If you start the map for the first time minecraft might ask you if it'S okay to load the map cause some parts are missing. This is due to the fact that I'm using some more mods but which are not needed to play this map.

-added Information book
-added ruins
-added a new cave

-added new buildings
-added new secret ways
-you can now use the maingate
-added zombie safe house
-new mod needed (more pistons mod)

-added new buildings
-new mods needed

****future plans*****
-adding a hintbook
-adding signs for more information

You will need the following mods in order to play this mod.

-Minecraft Forge for 1.6.4 (

-Torch levers (

-TooMuchTnT Mod (

-Archimede's Ship (

-Expanded Redstone (

-DragonAPI (for Expanded Redstone Mod) (

-Project Red (Base+Integration)

-Secret Room's (

-Carpenter's Blocks (

-More Pistons Mod (

Recommended source package: standard

Known issues:
- Minecraft crashes sometimes
fix-> change your render distance to normal

-At some places it's lagging, due to the redstone
fix-> no known fix yet

Feel free to do a review about this map. But make sure to let me know about it.
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Team Fire Gameing 10 hours, 7 minutes ago
I love this type of project, awesome job on this map ! Keep going ! ;)...
DaftPixel 10 hours, 47 minutes ago
why doesn't the map render work......
MsAnimator7 10 hours, 55 minutes ago
thanks for your comment :)...
malandrin 12 hours, 43 minutes ago
is the map compatible with the crafting dead modpack?...
killerdamon2 13 hours, 1 minute ago
BobDe Duilber 16 hours, 18 minutes ago
hi, that would be really cool! let us know when it's done! m ...
mamxan 16 hours, 35 minutes ago
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