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We made a Let's Play for Mars Mission

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Sat, May 24, 2014 since last update
Welcome to the Secretbase. An amusement full of secrets. There are plenty of secret paths and hidden doors, no way you can find all if them! Be prepared for an adventure fulll of......secrets. Surprise Surprise!

You start at the entrance of the map and will get a set up of armor and weapons to start with. You may only use what you find on the map.
Also you will find a Welcome Book that will give u some information. And some rules.

******discontinued due to no ideas. will start a new map soon******

Please report any bugs or things that don't work out!
Also please comment on new ideas.

If you start the map for the first time minecraft might ask you if it'S okay to load the map cause some parts are missing. This is due to the fact that I'm using some more mods but which are not needed to play this map.

-added Information book
-added ruins
-added a new cave

-added new buildings
-added new secret ways
-you can now use the maingate
-added zombie safe house
-new mod needed (more pistons mod)

-added new buildings
-new mods needed

****future plans*****
-adding a hintbook
-adding signs for more information

You will need the following mods in order to play this mod.

-Minecraft Forge for 1.6.4 (

-Torch levers (

-TooMuchTnT Mod (

-Archimede's Ship (

-Expanded Redstone (

-DragonAPI (for Expanded Redstone Mod) (

-Project Red (Base+Integration)

-Secret Room's (

-Carpenter's Blocks (

-More Pistons Mod (

Recommended source package: standard

Known issues:
- Minecraft crashes sometimes
fix-> change your render distance to normal

-At some places it's lagging, due to the redstone
fix-> no known fix yet

Feel free to do a review about this map. But make sure to let me know about it.
Recent Comments
I think its really cool how well you managed the natural-cliffs-transitioning-to-worked-stone-walls; its hard to make it looks that organic. Your flammable wooden roofs (rooves?) do make me turn up...
NyuuLucy 4 hours, 15 minutes ago
It doesn't look right without the army of wolves and golem's rendered qq...
NyuuLucy 5 hours, 7 minutes ago
Glad to ear that. You should definitely take a look at the bowels of the black castle to the north. The undergrounds are filled with puzzles and traps. I don't think it's yet finished but the expl...
QMD_one 7 hours, 11 minutes ago
Thanks ! It's a long way to go. Many urbanism projects for the outer part of the city....
QMD_one 7 hours, 16 minutes ago
Huzzah I finally got it to render only to realize *sobs* mcworldmap doesnt really let me show off whats inside those buildings. I should post an old version before I tore down the outer wall and tower...
NyuuLucy 8 hours, 27 minutes ago
Dedicated the subterranean base in the painted desert area to the Geophysasist Philosopher Alien. Made a way into the Aquatic base for that Philosopher Alien. Some road connections. Changed almost ...
thescarletrook 12 hours, 24 minutes ago
oh I have some mcr and other files floating around maybe thet will make it go...
NyuuLucy 12 hours, 28 minutes ago
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Greetings, I'm looking for minecrafters to explore my Fortress and shower me with praise and awed hero-worship   tell me what they think. I'd also appreciate any suggestions regarding interior design ...
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bslabe123 1 hour, 7 minutes ago
bslabe123 1 hour, 10 minutes ago
OK I have 2 versions of this.  1 with a roof to allow the spawners to work and another with no roof for playing around with. So far I only have the first dungeon completely done with all mobs and s...
Gooberxl 6 hours, 10 minutes ago
Download: Link: - This Horror Map Contains Voice Actings And Jumpscares. Version: 1.8.9 Here Is The Tunnel Killer Youtube Trailer And Please Don't Forget To Subscri...
Walberg 1 day, 37 minutes ago
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