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Sun, Jan 06, 2013 since last update
Same map I got, but with custom npcs.
All next updates will be here, I separated it in case if someone want basic map without them. Main structure and village updates will be here too and first 1.o version will stay as it is most likely.

Idea is to create Huge adventure RPG map with custom npcs what give you quests. You will fallow several main quest-lines and by choices you do, you will get several endings.
If possible I will try to add several begginings too what give you different starting locations and main questlines. Like Dark and Light campaign.
Mining will be disabled and it will turn fully to RPG/Adventure map.

Currently there are done less than 10% of what I want it to be, maybe even less.

Changes at V 1.1=========================================================
Added custom Npc module
Added about 10 custom npcs some with interesting interact lines.
Currently no working quests, but you can hire already.

Names are set.

All npcs are in main biggest village.

Currently nothing much changed, just some more custom npcs walking around and some dialogs under interact lines.
Added some referances, like Edward says quites from Edward in Twilight.

Idea is to add more similar npcs to make playing more fun and interesting.

Some issues.
> You can hire Edward as follower, but it does not exactly do anything.
He fallows you yes, but it does not seem that he attack anyone. He will attack you when you hit him.

> Some damages are set really high, so there are npcs what can kill you with one hit twice. That is one of things what will ned to be fixed.

> Sometimes npcs do not do what they was said to do, so you can find some guys randomly jumping, stuck in floors, floating and stuff like that. Well... just like in real life.

V 1.2====================================================================
> Little changed damage rates.
> Now followers and guards attack mobs, but they may attack iron golems too...
> Added some quests to 2 or 3 npcs. Dialogs to several npcs. Some dialogs open, appear or are only active while on quest.

Added more dialogs what are hidden for now, because they dont work they way they must...

Some quests are daily so you can do daily jobs to get some coins.

Coins have no use for now, but shop will be one of things to be added soon .


> Added 2 portals to nether

> Largest village - finished wall and added more guards
> some damage and range fixes fixes (npc could hit with sword in 20m radius and kill with one hit)
>Some additional locations and easter eggs
>Started working on fractions
> Tested with photo realism pack - some npcs stay low resolution so as items what came with custom npc pack


Now total 4 nether portals most likely later I will destroy them, idea for them is to create distant locations.

Minor map updates one more redone village. Added some npcs, mostly guards in castle and fort dunkof .
Now all mercenary guards can be haired .
No new quests or interact lines.
maybe some more

V 1.5

Map transferred to new minecraft version (1.5.1, but some npcs are still buggy.
Added 2 new locations :
Forgentau tower with some building - full with hostile mages and priests.
Buildings are more or less done, but need to add some loot.

Started huge location near Forgentau tower with underground labyrinth.

Some minor edits and fixes. But still long way ahead .

All npcs in Biggest village was killed, we will remake them all as custom npcs.
Some issues
> Grammar are still bad... but that is not big problem. All texts will need to be redone one day, sometime later.
>Now killing any npc gives no exp and 99% gives no items too.
> All npcs respawn, even if asked in quest to kill him, he will respawn. It is set like this because if you kill him then he is deleted from map and then may be problems returning him, so if you screw up, all world is screwed up, so as monster or other npc can kill vital npc and we dont want that.
> Quest system is not so functional as we may want, quests for minecraft are recent feature/mod and quests can be done as complicated as this system allow us .
> With high resolution texture packs custom npcs stay low quality so as some items, maybe in future we will get update what allow hi-res textures.
However it is still playable with hi-res textures, but some stuff are still low res ...


I got back my old(better) pc :) so I will maybe try my success on server and some hi-res texture packs.


Interested in something ? Have questions ? Want to chat ? Have top secret information about government facilities ? Write to me !
My email:

p.s I will not import and have not imported any stuff in map, it is not interesting and fair if you copy code of other creations and paste in your map.

p.p.s Even if it is fanatasy map, my idea is to keep realism here, so no huge diamond buildings, floating catles here and stuff like that. I have idea about Atlantis - underwater town, but ofcours as much as it looks more or less natural.

p.p.p.s Materials for all this most;y will be cobbersote, stone bricks and wood. In medieval time you did not normally had houses full of gold and diamonds, people are poor and resources are limited so as houses and vilages are looking simiar too.

p.p.p.p.s This map will be slowly updated time bytime, but only time by time, it is just side project I do when I have free tie .
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Fri, Apr 29, 2011 since last update
Uploading this untouched World just to test this website.
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Thu, Jun 09, 2011 since last update
Private world, One day I might open it up to the public. Mainly played on by the friends of Travco.
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Thu, Nov 03, 2011 since last update
a small private game with relatives that started out as upgrading npc villages (in 1.8). the villages began to grow...

ver 12.0124.0515 mcedit crop nether
ver 12.0105.2221 mcedit crop world
ver 11.1231.1829 removed ice planet
ver 11.1124.2100
ver 11.1119.2252
ver 11.1110.0249
ver 11.1104.0213
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Mon, Jul 25, 2011 since last update
Private server for friends.
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Thu, Jul 26, 2012 since last update
My newest single player minecraft world. Haven't really done anything with it yet. Mainly used for exploration thus far. In fact, I'm somewhat lost. I haven't decided what my first build will be.
Update: Found a village. Glowstone trail from spawn to village. You need a boat to get there.
Update: Found a second village on top of a giant fissure.
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Sun, Jun 10, 2012 since last update
A beautiful home situated on its own island. Serenity is the perfect eco home as it is only made of natural resources.
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Sun, Jun 24, 2012 since last update
Survival, nice nature map
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