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Sun, May 22, 2011 since last update
38,061 downloads 9 comments
Thu, Jan 03, 2013 since last update
in this download you will be taking a tour of a minecraft perspective of The Big Apple!
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Sun, Jun 22, 2014 since last update
For more info on Sky City Island and it's progress, please visit our website, at:
Thank You!

This Huge thriving spectacular metropolis will soon be the fourth biggest Minecraft project planned (if we finish it), and bring your computer to it's gaming limits. Explore the centre city sky scrapers, and the three terminal, A380; Sky City International Airport. drive for hours on end down the 10 main motorways, and make sure you visit the future Marina Bay and Carlos City, located 40 kilometers down M1 (Motorway 1). This amazing experience will blow your mind for years to come.(Please note this city is not finished,and to give you real perspective of how big it is lets just say we've calculated that it will be approximately the size of Taiwan. It will be updated every week for now.) (We have to apologise if this city doesn't come up to the standards of the description; it is still deeply in progress.)

Made by Lucadotdot and Legotoby

Please visit our YouTube channel at:

Thanks! In the channel we will be uploading tutorials of buildings, time lapses, Showcases, and lots more info.

Current Update: 0.3.5
Getting ready for airport move! many areas around the airport have been flattened so we can move it to a better location!
Many buildings and floors added, bridges added over the river, some roads extended, and MUCH MORE!

We advise to download the next update too, (when it comes out) as in this update there are many unfinished structures.
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Thu, Dec 19, 2013 since last update
welcome to mdna world!! this is my new project with 6 great developments:
MDNA CITY(completed);
DUBAO CITY(completed);
THE GREEN CITY & AKOYA(completed);
MDNA F! GRAN PRIX(completed) & DUBAO EXPO (under construction), available in v 4.0 and completed in v4.5
MASDAR CITY(approved), available in v 5.0
CASTOM(planned), available in v 5.1

Differences between v 4.0 and v 3.0:
A renovated square and mall in the northern part of MDNA City;
New skyscrapers;
A renovated Cityhall Island in MDNA City;
A new district in MDNA CITY: the MDNA F1 GRAN PRIX.

IN V 4.2 There will be:

New skyscrapers:
The Dubao EXPO;
some restored buildings in MDNA City.
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Mon, Apr 07, 2014 since last update
This is a Tekkit Map of a Big European City mainly based on Vienna's and Rome's buildings but there are also some other things like those big avenues in Paris, Palaces of St Petersburg, or old high buildings like in New York! :)

I created this with a self modded texture pack so some walls look a little strange without it :(
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Sun, Jun 02, 2013 since last update
Discover an original rebuild of the old World Trade Center ( New York ) with almost 50 stories and an observation deck on the Top.
There is also the mall and the subway station under the Twin Towers.
I also began a hole city with more Buildings and an Airport ... and 2 Adventure Maps ( everything is in this map so you only have to download this map.. ) but it's under construction.
Have fun in the WTC :D
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Thu, May 12, 2011 since last update
This whole city I made took about a month to build.

What it has:
Transit System
4 or 3 Houses
Mob Murderer
Twin Towers(Still Expanding
Deep Underground Base

Hope You Enjoy It!!!
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Thu, May 24, 2012 since last update
A little adventure map funny and funny
Recent Comments
MrMonroee 7 hours, 25 minutes ago
When its done, I will be converting the world into an adventure map, and replace all the bricks with TNT!...
TheCr@zeeCow 9 hours, 32 minutes ago
Please send the map to my email I would really appreciate it! :)...
Yinyangyo567 14 hours, 1 minute ago
I am a huge fan of the Crafting dead and would greatly appreciate it if you would email me the map for me to use on singleplayer. I promise that I will not distribute that map to anyone else....
Yinyangyo567 14 hours, 2 minutes ago
Hi plese send map to my e-mail :)
GameClock 17 hours, 18 minutes ago
By the way, What version is this map? ...
TheIncognitoLad 1 day, 6 hours ago
And yes I will give credit to you by placing signs saying: credit to si_vle...
TheIncognitoLad 1 day, 7 hours ago
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I know this is a common issue, and it is common that everyone but you can view your maps page. However, I would first attempt to clear your cache to make sure this isn't a local issue, as I can view y...
Nathangorr 41 minutes, 42 seconds ago
Try following these directions: Delete the __MACOSX folder in the main directory of the zip folder. Rename M2 8-1-15 to M2 If all else fails: Delete the players, playerdata, and stats folder...
Nathangorr 1 hour, 17 minutes ago
As per your advice I am posting here. None of my maps seem to be accesable. Thanks for the attention to this issue....
thescarletrook 1 hour, 20 minutes ago
Read the thread, followed directions: removed level.dat_mcr file from my map folder; there were no .mcr files in the region folders to delete. Compressed the altered file again, it was re-rendered ...
TheMills22 4 hours, 18 minutes ago
If the rerender does not function correctly, please check out this thread:
Nathangorr 7 hours, 57 minutes ago
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