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Sat, May 14, 2011 since last update
I have been working on this in my spare time, Just remaking the Legend of Zelda map from the first game that was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System back in the 80's.

First I am starting off with the overworld but I will be working on every dungeon then as well. It is a slow proccess since I am making everything 4 times larger. This means that in the NES game 1 block where Link stood will be a 4x4 area in Minecraft.
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Sun, Oct 02, 2011 since last update
A small map containing some custom replicas of some of the houses on EarthBound, the SNES RPG. Feel free to use these house designs to make an EB roleplay and repost.
Enjoy ^_^
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Thu, Aug 25, 2011 since last update
A little server us on the 3ds forums started. Will be restting it for 1.8. This was just a test, now we are gonna try to do actual build projects besides "lets kill SRT"
Recent Comments
Just Made this world in a quick 4-7 hours PLAY NOW! please i would love that...
SkyDevYT 7 hours, 15 minutes ago
Hey guys, on weekend in the sleepless nights, i have craft the Stargate Earthship Daedalus. I have already imported it to the Map. New planned changes: Own Stargate Resource/Texture Pack...
JayP25 8 hours, 47 minutes ago
good news iv fixed the mv and hg programs so i might be adding thim soon oh and if u have any buildings / briges u want to see desplayed in the city plz poke me with a working link to a working world...
lord_molagbal 17 hours, 35 minutes ago
Can I get any comments on my Helicarrier please? ;D I think it would be excellent for a machinima once done....
datascreamn 19 hours, 9 minutes ago
Remember to only click the start button 1 time...
redstonebrain40 21 hours, 8 minutes ago
May I please use this map for my YouTube channel. I'll link the download to it in the description of all my videos. I need the map because I'm going to start making mod showcases. Email me the answ...
Furballswift 21 hours, 25 minutes ago
Please link download map :
HenriqueAlfa 21 hours, 30 minutes ago
Recent Posts
Have fun subscribe and follow my facebook page....
MattyBoyGaming 7 hours, 41 minutes ago
Try uploading RAR instead of a ZIP. I'm really have trouble understanding the issue you are experiencing....
Nathangorr 10 hours, 3 minutes ago
I have now tried to upload my world archive without the resource pack, but it still says choose a file to upload after I have selected it......
Alexander114298 1 day, 19 minutes ago
I have reuploaded successfully. The blown up portion of the u-base rendered, but the testing blocks on the castle didn't. I'll change the name. The only extra files I can think of are MCEdit file...
crasherfilms 1 day, 1 hour ago
Please provide a map download link when posting in the Share your maps section of the forums....
Nathangorr 1 day, 7 hours ago
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