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We made a Let's Play for Mars Mission

Tagged pirate ship

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Mon, Mar 26, 2012 since last update
***Uploaded the Wrong File. Fixed now. (march 28)***
Another large Update on my first map.
BEST VIEWED with the John smith Texture pack.
Get it here =>

Whats New?
-A Much larger sailing ship (same as the preview map).
-Worked 2 sides of the castle bringing them much closer to completion.
-New Port/long dock.
-New import office, guard positions and beds.
-New duty free stand outside castle walls.
-Recruit training center.
-Some of the smaller houses are furnished (all different).
-Labeled the market stands.
-miner's Guild center, housing, and miner's Pub.
-working "actor raising platform" (what ever they are called) in the theater.

All is a work in progress.
Please Comment.
22,536 downloads 7 comments
Wed, Nov 27, 2013 since last update
Updated to 1.7.2 and added massive pirate ship down the hill from Mansion. Please comment if you liked it! :)
20,027 downloads 11 comments
Sun, Aug 05, 2012 since last update
Super Pirate Battle Royale
by SethBling and FVDisco

Game Instruction Video: klik
Cinematic Trailer Video: klik

Intended for 2-8 players.
12,301 downloads 0 comments
Tue, Mar 13, 2012 since last update
I have been working on another update for Holodeck (
last updated Feb 27 2012: and here is a preview of another coming update. My way of saying

Thanks for 500 downloads.

Preview includes a Minecraft 1.2.3 version of a ship in the coming 'Holodeck' update complete with captains quarters, map room, crew beds, many cannons, galley, prison cells, cargo and cargo hold, and more.
11,245 downloads 10 comments
Wed, Feb 15, 2012 since last update
FINALLY UPDATED TO WORK ON ANY VERSION OF MINECRAFT!!! Thats right the world is now a kajillion times better on the latest minecraft release! And it looks like the picture!

started out as just a castle and turned into a compilation of a bunch of things. Many different peoples projects put together. Things built by me: Pixel art, starting castle, statues, A-10 Warthog, and the rocket ship.

Change log V.2:
- Added some pixel art of a sword, shovel, spade, axe
- Built a Zombie pigman statue
- Built a zombie, chicken, and skeleton statue
- Added weaponry on the millenium falcon
- Fixed up some holes in things
- Fixed some redstone stuff
- Removed some annoying blocks placed by a mod I had installed
- Added a nyan cat
- Built a rocket ship, hot air balloon, and A-10
- Added some new pixel art thats better
- Added in a huge aircraft carrier
- Added in two pirate ships
- Added a statue of me

Next update:
- Hope to build another star trek ship
- build another statue of a mob or something*
- work a bit on the death star
- Add some more pixel art of stuff*
- Light up the floating temple some more
If there's any problems leave a comment and I'll fix it

*comment suggestions if you want to see something built

3,187 downloads 1 comments
Sat, May 18, 2013 since last update
pirate ship with beautyful Tortuga and lost Antlantida. In is secret tresure.
2,867 downloads 0 comments
Thu, May 19, 2011 since last update
a cool place with a big pyramid! and also one epic rollercoaster with an EPIC drop in the beginning! also huge railroad, a pirate ship, a mini pyramid, random holes in the ground and a house built on a tree built on a tree built on a tree built on a huge tree! Just look on the map for other cool things, because there's much, much more than only what I listed!
2,088 downloads 0 comments
Sat, Nov 05, 2011 since last update
An enormous 8000 block pirate ship. Not the most detailed thing ever (you can do that bit. Based on Survival Island. Download my texture pack here:
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It won't let me go into creative mode? that annoys me because I wanted to mess around in the world but I don't have permission apparently...
KnittedMeows 4 hours, 17 minutes ago
Hey! I downloaded your world. I'm at work now, and the boss frowns on playing games at work... so i'll have to wait until later to check it out. I might steal some ideas from you if it's okay. I...
pl320709 6 hours, 7 minutes ago
Ahh, yes! This is true. Flaming catapults would ruin my little castle pretty quick. My grand plan involves using the mountain immediately to the east of my current settlement as well as the ...
pl320709 6 hours, 12 minutes ago
Oh, lol. I meant more in RP terms. Anyone attacking your castle will make darn sure to land some flame-y bits and nasties on your roof. (You know I think there's actually a song about this...)...
NyuuLucy 6 hours, 37 minutes ago
Thank you!!...
pl320709 8 hours, 42 minutes ago
Thank you so much! Yeah... the fireplaces were a bit of a problem. However, I read up on the mechanics on how fire travels and I built it so it cannot catch any wooden features on fire. Hmm... did...
pl320709 8 hours, 46 minutes ago
I like that a lot. It fits well with the terrain. Nicely done :)...
Hagron 19 hours, 22 minutes ago
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I have no clue! I've only recently found out about this website myself. Love it, it really helps me working on my world....
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It seems like minecraftworldmap should have way more activity than it does. So far to me it looks essentially exactly like planetminecraft but with more functionality. Do you people have some dark sec...
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Greetings, I'm looking for minecrafters to explore my Fortress and shower me with praise and awed hero-worship   tell me what they think. I'd also appreciate any suggestions regarding interior design ...
NyuuLucy 18 hours, 12 minutes ago
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