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Starfleet Museum 05-02-12 (64M)  
Uploaded by Momentaneously on Wed, Sep 28, 2011
My collection of 1:1 scale Star Trek Ships. Visit my project page at Planet Minecraft for more information.

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Starship and Automated Mob Arena (9.1M)  
Uploaded by datascreamn on Thu, Mar 22, 2012
This map(MC v1.2.3) has 2 features.
Best Viewed with Johnsmith Texture pack. Get it here

First off there is a Starship high above made by myself. The ship is complete with power core, main bridge, secondary bridge, quarters, cannons, galley, captains quarters, 2 cargo bays, and 2 fighter hangers.
Inspired by Star Trek, Star Gate and Battlestar Galactica.

Second is below. An automated Mob arena Version 1 Built by Aracongi with some help from Syntacks. This thing is complex! sleep in the bed near the entrance, flick the switch (mine cart up top will start to circulate meaning it is working) and enter the mob arena. This version is a work in progress but is working as is. fight zombies, skeletons, and cave spiders. There is no exit once in the arena atm.

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Sandbox V.2 (21M)  
Uploaded by fangblade646 on Wed, Feb 15, 2012
FINALLY UPDATED TO WORK ON ANY VERSION OF MINECRAFT!!! Thats right the world is now a kajillion times better on the latest minecraft release! And it looks like the picture!

Just a bunch of things that I built with some help from some people. I may have a little spare time on my hands. This is the fixed version and some other things are added. All of it was me except the aircraft carrier and one of the pirate ships and the death star. Enjoy!

Change log V.2:
- Added some pixel art of a sword, shovel, spade, axe
- Built a Zombie pigman statue
- Built a zombie, chicken, and skeleton statue
- Added weaponry on the millenium falcon
- Fixed up some holes in things
- Fixed some redstone stuff
- Removed some annoying blocks placed by a mod I had installed
- Added a nyan cat
- Built a rocket ship, hot air balloon, and A-10
- Removed some of the pixel art
- Added some new pixel art thats better
- Added in a huge aircraft carrier
- Added in two pirate ships
- Added a statue of me

Next update:
- Hope to build another star trek ship
- build another statue of a mob or something*
- work a bit on the death star
- Add some more pixel art of stuff*
- Light up the floating temple some more
If there's any problems leave a comment and I'll fix it

*comment suggestions if you want to see something built


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You may have heard of the USS Enterprise Project... or perhaps you simply saw the video some time in the last year and a half. Which video? Why, Halkun's of course!

Because that video needs more views... right? Right! I think so! That build project has continued on and off with varying levels of participation since he created it, but only in classic Minecraft - only those worlds could be the required height to fit the ship.

As you probably know the Minecraft 1.2 release update finally brought an extra 128 blocks of height to worlds. It has always been said that the project should move into the newer game, and now it finally has.

It is my pleasure to invite you to come and see this marvelous ship which has had dozens upon dozens of builders in its lifetime, has inspired thousands of Minecraft players, and indeed shall continue to be a Star Trek fan / Minecraft gamer pilgrimage into the future! It is built 1:1 with every floor, room, hall, and even bathroom where it's supposed to be, thanks to Paramount blueprints by Ed Whitefire himself

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Teratoma Zone Beta 1.5.1b (33M)  
Uploaded by Teratoma on Sun, Sep 11, 2011
Angle 2 - Angle 3 - Angle 4


PLEASE view this world with the included mod TERATOMIC MOD installed. You will need to have MODLOADER installed as well - it's available here:

I've also included the texture pack for 1.5.1 alone. You'll miss out on custom blocks and items, and some builds may appear incomplete, but at least most of the world will look right.

When the map is released as an adventure map in its final format, the experience will be extremely limited without using the mod. If you are downloading this map because of a particular build I've included, please understand that it may contain custom blocks and items which depend on the Teratomic Mod to be complete.

See the included README file for more info/instructions.

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