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My custom made texture pack AlleronCraft you can download it with my city here:
cnorgren 4 hours, 13 minutes ago
In order to play this map, you need to download it, extract the world save from the file you've downloaded, and place the extracted save in the saves folder of your .minecraft folder. From there you...
Emperor_Niro 4 hours, 23 minutes ago
what version do i need? ...
jajoka 5 hours, 3 minutes ago
what texture pack did you use on this map...
korder2000 5 hours, 26 minutes ago
How do I play this ON Minecraft?...
talia1201 7 hours, 20 minutes ago
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I really dislike these ads. If you see them there is a little X icon (usually top right corner) on the ad that you can click. Say *Stop seeing this ad* and when asked why say it's *Inappropriate...
skeight 8 minutes, 41 seconds ago
The forums are getting redone? Thank goodness, they look really outdated in contrast to the rest of the site. I can dig the new minimalist look as long as it's actually consistent. Right now the site'...
Vincent294 1 hour, 9 minutes ago
I use Google Chrome, on a Windows 7 PC.
KrisFirebolt 6 hours, 56 minutes ago
What browser/version/device (more info the better) are you using? It's working well for me on everything I've tried so far....
skeight 9 hours, 30 minutes ago
Awesome ! thank you so much. It is now working perfectly fine. Exactly what I was looking for. :-)...
BrotherSehb 14 hours, 38 minutes ago
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