That's a very nice world you have there!
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baconsamwich (32M)

Uploaded by baconsamwich on Fri, Jun 01, 2012
I slaved over that castle. It's still incomplete.

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Fri, Jun 01, 2012 Complete : Anvil and MCRegion files found


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on Apr 21 by Sherlockgt
That is a nice looking plane, and I do like it! good job.
on Apr 21 by Boom33
I couldn't find a good looking plane... Therefore i built one ;D I hope u guys like it :)
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on Apr 21 by pierce
Guys I use a mac, just sayin, they are just freaking awesome.
on Apr 21 by pierce
There it took a long time but I gave you your hug.
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on Apr 20 by lonelightwolf
no prob, as you can see, I can't get on that much either. Thanks, and I will give you credit for t
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on Apr 20 by qwerty23495
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on Apr 20 by davino1212
I have just updated it on 4/20/2014