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The Temple of Notch (3.2M)

Uploaded by Triox123 on Sun, Nov 27, 2011
singel pleyer Map

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Sun, Nov 27, 2011 Complete


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Posted by userr3 on Mon, Feb 04, 2013 at 13:13:26 CST
cool story bro

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on May 03 by pizzafan20
Zeg me wat je ervan vind!
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on May 03 by Blazzer987
Can I have this map on my singleplayer I just play it with my friend? Only me and he.Please send me
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sad to say the villagers invated the odo city region and neryly destroyed the hole city the kdf and
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on May 02 by MrJacobEC
Hey could you send me this map, i would realy love to play on a world with structures i dindnt make.
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on May 02 by Emperor_Niro
No problem.
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on May 02 by Xoyjaz
Thanks! It worked now =)
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on May 02 by The psycho
I hope you will like it, my insparation was Hypixel. I did some change in that world. If there a pro
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on May 02 by Emperor_Niro
In the world folder, you have a DIM-1 folder, which contains another region folder, which contains
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on May 02 by Xoyjaz
Sure, as long as people know that I created the map than its cool. Also it would have been awesome