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Iskandria is a predominantly European style world. All of my builds are made solely with MCEdit and vanilla Minecraft.

There is a substantial Gone presence underground. These people were the builders of the Strongholds and End Gates There are plenty of details and hidden areas to discover. Lots of lost cities to explore. Iskandria is a magical world that draws parts of others into itself. You will find many familiar and alien places in its environs.

As usual, please do not use my builds without asking, thanks.
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Canyon, city, radio telescopes, observatory & telescope, teleportation elevator, solar panels, .......

Minecraft v.1.9.4

Canyon City (Observatory) - Planet Minecraft
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Newland is a largely uncompleted project, which i wish to gradually complete. As of now it consists of a 3 cities which consists a big metropolis with plans to expand it even more. The metropolitan area consist of many neighborhoods, big skyscrapers, a stadium, many apartment buildings, train stations and railway lines, a highway, bridges,an - unfinished- airport and an enormous subway network,currently with 39 stations. Some interiors are done, not in all of the buildings though.
There are plans to build: a harbor, wide suburbian areas, more highways, industrial areas, agricultural areas, and even a whole new metropolis and many other towns in order to make newland a complete minecraft world.

Lastly 2 things: 1st i tried to assimilate the city to its surroundings, so the scale of the city isnt too big
2nd this world is actually very old(started it back at 2014 i think) but i took a 1,5-2 year break , so since i restarted you will notice different building styles
(ignore the title of the file-Athens- again the world is old)
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Go back in time, in 293 AD, and discover an ancient city and a millenary history. The city was part of the Roman Kingdom of Lakandahar, a client reign of the Roman empire, which, however, unlike its other clients, it had much more freedom: in fact, there were elected Kings and there was even a local assembly, the Minadiga, which had ancient origins (4th millennium BC).
The kingdom was set in today's Syria and partly in Mesopotamia, and was born in 3792 BC, when king Lakandahar (who would have given his own name to the city) was elected as the governor of Lacandrine (name of the inhabitants of the kingdom) people. 293 AD is be the last year of the kingdom's life, since a Lacandrine traitor, Titus Iustinus Sebastus, who was previously a king, in 291 decided to become general of the Roman emperor Diocletian.
This traitor attacked the city of Lakandahar in 293, killing the last king, Quintus Modius, and ending the millennary reign (this is just a little bit of the history, it is very detailed). In the city you can find several monuments, from a Ziggurat to Roman temples, but also Greek temples, like the one dedicated to Alexander the Great (who was buried in this city), mausoleums, squares (Forums), an acropolis, a naumachia and more.
The city also has secrets: in fact, you can find secret dungeons (there are two dungeons, and I recommend exploring them in survival) or simply hidden places; I challenge you to find them and say below, in the comments, that you have found them. However, please do not tell the specific position, or there will be no challenge for the others!
Have a good explorations, and visit every little spot of the city!

P.S.: I recommend you to use the Resource pack "LB Photorealism" and "SEUS" Shaders for a better experience.
P.P.S.: You can use this map in videos, but you must credit me.

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This is for popularmmos. Anyone can play, but it is meant for popularmmos.
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My spawn
buf buf 368K
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go through different levels
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Iskandria has absorbed a nuclear plant and tiny portion of it's town. It lies lost in the Northern wastelands. ...
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stephen_123_gamer 1 day, 4 hours ago
Added a large lake and island village. Connected a few locations....
thescarletrook 1 day, 15 hours ago
OK looks like the map finly rended ill be posab;y doing an updeate to it some time 2 day to get the full world preevew all tho i hope that it fits lol ...
lord_molagbal 1 day, 20 hours ago
WILL LOOks like the world failed to render agin... beginning to think its not with the file type but how the systems manigeing the que if it puts some one infrount of an allretty rendering map it will...
lord_molagbal 2 days, 6 hours ago
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This here is the map i'm trying to render. Deleted mcr files and everything not recognized by the rendering tech, all zipped into a folder named 'world'....
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This is a big spider that I made. It has acid on the inside. (I'm 6 yrs. old BTW). Spider...
DorianD 1 week, 10 hours ago
I created an account back in 2013 to back up a couple maps for when I change my PC, last time I accessed the page might have been something like 2 years ago, today I came back and I can't find my maps...
torade 1 week, 2 days ago
Title: ________Ultima 7 World Author: ______TKBS Description: ___Ultima 7 World for Minecraft. Download: ____Ultima 7 World for Minecraft. Download: ___  Click Me for direct Link Image 4k: ...
TKBS 1 week, 3 days ago
Please see for updates....
Nathangorr 1 week, 3 days ago
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