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7 hrs, 33 mins since last update
Hey guys, it's time for another preview, this time for the ideas I've had for a Pocket Edition SMP base. Yeah, maybe I should've done an adventure map instead, but a new frontier and real Japanese support are too good to pass up. Map rendering will not work nor does MCEdit for this update (though the last 2 versions have been crashing anyways), but hey, new stuff.

For Minecraft Pocket/Windows 10/Gear VR Edition 1.0 and newer. Remember to avoid fake download ads so you get the real world instead of a virus and a bunch of other crap you don't need. After the world has finished downloading, right-click the folder/MCWORLD file in the ZIP folder to copy it and right-click in your Minecraft saves folder/Downloads folder (Location included.) to paste it. If you copied the MCWORLD file, import it.
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This is the world used by ACU. The world was generated in MC 1.8.1.
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NOTE: Book Tower and Book Building are unfinished.

This map was started years ago in 1.5.2, in survival. I played with my friends, until we got bored, and decided to build a city in creative.
Here it is.
Game version: 1.7.9-1.7.10
I know, it's only a small town now, with some buildings unfinished, but I think there are some really good buildings in it, that you should visit in-game (, or blow up :D ).

I'm going to upload a newer version, when the city gets noticeably bigger.

Original team:

0.2b - RED SKYSCRAPER UPDATE - Update by: Nobody and Balu
0.3b - RANDOM ROUNDABOUT UPDATE - Update by: Balu
0.4b - FOUR GOLD CRANES UPDATE - Update by: Balu
0.5b - CACTI TO THE ROOMS UPDATE - Update by: Balu
0.6b - SPORTS UPDATE - Update by: Balu
0.7b - AN UPDATE - Update by: Nobody and Balu
0.8b - END OF SUMMER UPDATE - Update by: Nobody, Sajt, Medenke and Balu
0.9b - TWO BOOKS UPDATE - Update by: Nobody and Balu
1.0b - NOTHING SPECIAL UPDATE - Update by: Balu
1.1b - TV TOWER UPDATE - Update by: Balu
1.2b - FIRE STATION UPDATE - Update by: Balu
1.3b - TRAFFIC LIGHTS UPDATE - Update by: Pelenka, Nobody and Balu
1.6b - HUGE RED STAR IN A BARN UPDATE - Update by marcboots and Balu
1.7b - IFA W50 L WRECK UPDATE - Update by marcboots and Balu

Custom trees from:
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1 day, 8 hrs since last update
Kaer Morhen zanim popadlo w ruine, w alternatywnym (zmodyfikowanym) wygladzie :)

Minecraft v.1.7.10

Kaer Morhen (Caer a'Muirehen - Warownia Starego Morza)
"The Witcher"
Andrzej Sapkowski - books (first story about witcher Geralt of Rivia in 1986)
CD Projekt RED - video games (the first video game The Witcher in 2007)

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12 hrs, 14 mins since last update
If you are a Sonic fan or haven't gotten hands on a game! Well this is it, this map changes everything and challenging for anyone who is up against it!

It has features like:

+ Redstone Timer! (accurate to 1/10th sec)
+ TNT Spring jumps!
+ Super speed!
+ Super jump!
+ Bonus quest!

The objective is to complete the course in the shortest time possible.
The beacons will guide you to each checkpoint (must be done in order), try and find the fastest route.

SP or LAN only (due to the near 0 ping needed for TNT Springs to work properly)
Commandblocks need to be enabled for servers


NOTE: Reason for a remake because the owner of the map has QUITED or there server is down! I do not know the owner has quit because I watched a video about the situation, please let me know if the owner retired. I checked at http://www.isitdownrightnow.com/ocddisco.com.html and it's fine. But however if you go to http://www.ocddisco.com/2012/11/minecraft-sonic-the-hedgehog/ it will take you to blue host instead of the download!

Original: http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/sonic-the-hedgehog-1656738/ (DOWNLOAD DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE ON THE OTHER PLACE)
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13 hrs, 39 mins since last update
This is the world from a server I run. I'm just trying to get a render of it.
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14 hrs, 50 mins since last update
long time no seen, new houses and new decorations
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Documents updated to show Minecraft PE for Windows 10 Mobile. Now you can finally import worlds there. Feel free to use them in your own worlds to make them more noob-friendly....
Vincent294 11 hours, 46 minutes ago
And if you see the website go back up, please let me know so I can private my reupload if the owner's site goes back up! Right now I'm gonna have it public because of this situation! YOUTUBE: J...
Ponyboy708 11 hours, 52 minutes ago
How to download? The button doesnt work...
alex44143 17 hours, 13 minutes ago
This works for 1.11 +...
NeroDK 21 hours, 48 minutes ago
JackBradley2006 1 day, 4 hours ago
Can you post the seed for this please....
BaddDogg 1 day, 14 hours ago
Direct Download button doesn't work anymore!...
magistrollz 1 day, 19 hours ago
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Unfortunately, this is not possible, and will not be a feature we will be offering in the future. Our site generates worlds using server-side resources, along with the use of custom and open-sourc...
Nathangorr 6 hours, 8 minutes ago
You can download your world by visiting https://www.minecraftworldmap.com/user/83258/world1.zip. In order to download other maps, click the light blue Direct Download button located directly under...
Nathangorr 6 hours, 22 minutes ago
Hey, I'd like to download the google map of my world. How can I do that?...
DavidTheAnimator 6 hours, 39 minutes ago
Oh. Thanks!...
Tenpennyturtle 4 days, 16 hours ago
It appears that your map is still being rendered, as it is displayed in the queue. You can view the queue by visiting https://www.minecraftworldmap.com/queue. Once your map is no longer displayed ...
Nathangorr 4 days, 17 hours ago
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