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12 hrs, 52 mins since last update
Hey Herzlich Willkommen auf meiner Map .

Wenn ich vorstellen duerfte die Turmstadt Awendum mit ihrer ganzen Pracht.
Sie hat alles was man in einer Mittelaterlichen Stadt so braucht. Ob Tavernen mit Bierkellern,Landhauser fuer die Lords,Felder und Muehlen fuer die Bauern, ein Marktplatz wo waren angeboten werden, ein grosses Ritter Turnier fuer die Gunst der Prinzessin,ein Hafen fuer Schiffe und Warenkonter, eine Magiergilde mit einem dunklen Geheimnis( das verbotene Viertel), Kirchen fuer die ganzen unterschiedlichen Religionen,die Kaserne fuer die Stadtwache, den koeniglichen Palast mit Innenhof und genug Mauern um sich zu verteitigen. Zudem gibt es ein unterirdische Kanalisation.

Diese Map baue ich seit knapp 2 Jahren immmer mal wieder weiter und habe auch noch genug Ideen fuer weiteres Material.

Ich wuerde mich echt ueber ein Feedback freuen und wuensche euch viel Spass mit der Map.
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21:30 29/03/17......................v69 M#250

A little realms world (survival) that 3 people play on. There is a nether network and little builds spread out all over. Updated every couple of weeks, more if there's a lot of building happening.

P.S. Downloaders, we would like to know where you are from, if you have time leave us a comment plz :)
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The city of Amida (1) was founded 40 years (2) ago around a small village. First the city was protected by stone walls and then extended to enclose two more villages with a wooden palisade. The city color is the yellow and black flag which depict the triumph of the sun over darkness. The temple is also linked to the meaning of the city color's since it is dedicated to the unconquered Sun. All minecraft players will know what it is about ;)

Underside Amida you will find an extensive railway to the fortified desert city to the west and a fully functional sewer and rain water collection system.

Linked to the city by a long arched stone bridge lies the royal fortress. A beacon is shining at night through the central dungeon.
The king colors is the white and blue flag.

Further to the north the strong black fortress of Tharsis protect the northern frontier. It include a set of maze and parkour trials to test adventurers. The fortress and it's surroundings are Count Delbareth's domain.

The south border is the domain of Baron DaftPixel, recently anointed knight of the realm. It feature a fortified castle build on a hill commanding the surrounding plains and village.

Current builders include :
- DaftPixel (South castle and village),
- Delbareth (North black castle and surroundings villages),
- QMD (Amida and royal citadel).

Our aim is to build a city and it's surroundings with believable scales and structures. In order to do so we focus on realistic features. E.g. all houses have stone foundations, fortified walls extends to the rock underneath. Interior structures are supported by arched masonry or timber frames. Mines and quarries have also supporting structures.
Most style are inspired from late antiquity and early medieval architecture. Religion is polytheism with a preference to Roman naming conventions.

All work was done in survival mode, vanilla minecraft.

(1) the name of the city was chosen as a tribute to the heroic fight put by the Gauls legions during the siege of Amida in 359 as related by Ammianus Marcellinus.

(2) according to server time in minecraft days ^^
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A small city that I have created with a small airport, some buildings, not finished, but almost finished, It also has a swimming hall, three skyscarpers, heliport, shopping centre thats not finished yet, functional light house, underground corridor that takes you from the airport terminal to the swimming hall area, a complete airport with control tower, runway.

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Aonui 28M
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A small city that I am developing that includes my own buildings and the buildings from other worlds in it
future builds
-mansion area
-schools And a university
-more neighbourhoods
Map generation in progress...
Earth 1.6G
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16 hrs, 3 mins since last update
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13 hrs, 10 mins since last update
My "Realm" map, beautiful, simple, with extensive nether routes, perfect for survival.

Go there if you want to know more about it: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/servers/minecraft-realms/2808762-81s-realm-forhelia
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1 day, 4 hrs since last update
This is just the beginning
Recent Comments
Underground work being done and the bar outside varrock that was placed in wrong is fully removed and build is now on 6.8. Sorry about giving three build update versions in one day. All and all It's ...
Fivekills 15 hours, 26 minutes ago
Fixed a building misplacement outside of Varrack hopefully it's been corrected now and updating build number to 6.7....
Fivekills 1 day, 8 minutes ago
thanks ...
Wlas 1 day, 7 hours ago
Wlas 1 day, 7 hours ago
please downlode this map....
vaibho 2 days, 6 hours ago
will after downloadingh the world to atimp to start up a sever on this crappy laptop i found out that the world is achly over 11gb in size once unziped/unpacked wich means i and the builders of the co...
lord_molagbal 5 days, 1 hour ago
Hi, Don't mind me but may I borrow this map for one of my yt video? Don't worry I will make sure that I give you credit for the map in the description of my video and link this page there. Also te...
ChronoFailz 5 days, 5 hours ago
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Make sure that you follow the guideline at https://www.minecraftworldmap.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=9576 before posting....
Nathangorr 2 hours, 30 minutes ago
The one who will get through this will get a special gift...
Goman321 7 hours, 1 minute ago
Hey my Map is updating with a failure. Please help me...
LordxKain 10 hours, 59 minutes ago
Flash ain't even needed on my end, though I am on Chrome beta....
Vincent294 4 days, 12 hours ago
I had considered making new tutorial videos for the site over the summer but decided it would be too time-consuming to create. I have found, however, that the Upload World page works in similar to...
Nathangorr 4 days, 16 hours ago
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