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Map generation in progress...
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11 hrs, 19 mins since last update
Canyon City and Observatory: canyon, radio telescopes, solar panels, airport, bus station, ice hockey arena, football stadium, skyscrapers, seaport, container ship, hotels, shops, concert hall, fireworks machine, ......., etc.

Minecraft v.1.9.4

Canyon City (Observatory) - Planet Minecraft
Canyon City (Observatory) - map topdown
Map generation in progress...
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22 hrs, 18 mins since last update
Hello guys :D

The next big update is coming. An expansion of the city to the west. This is a very little preview. New: Merto Ligne 1, 3 station (unfinished), a few residential low rise in the finacial district, a few modification to a few skyscrper.
Map generation in progress...
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1 day, 19 hrs since last update
This is a careful and complete recreation of Achievement City and its surrounding land, up to date to its last appearance in "Let's Play Minecraft: Ep. 261 - Achievement Highlands: Grippin' and Rippin'" in May, 2017.

The Xbox 360 region is built from IAmTheCourier's version of thae map, with significant updates and all Let's Plays and Things To Do Ins post-episode 200 added.

40 out of the 48 expanded world regions are generated to the same seed as the original on Xbox One in Title Updates 1 and 14. The remainder is manually recreated via WorldPainter.

This is free for all to use, modify, and mess with to their heart's content! Have fun!
Map generation in progress...
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13 hrs, 38 mins since last update
The world map from Affinity SMP season 1
Map generation in progress...
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1 day, 10 hrs since last update
this is a great herobrine boss battle
map theres easy eimple and hard enjoy this
Map generation in progress...
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2 days, 22 hrs since last update
A guy on reddit wanted me to upload this thing after I posted some pics of this world there.
Map generation in progress...
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2 days, 14 hrs since last update
This was made using Minecraft 1.14.4 (not showing in the dropdown below).

Okay, it's not really beside the sea, but it's near.
Find the castle, then explore, defend, live, enjoy!

Please, let me know what you think of it.
Map generation in progress...
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5 days, 4 hrs since last update

Explore the adventurous Universe of Project Zearth!
Explore the adventurous Universe of Project Zearth! The first chunks of Project Zearth were rendered by creator Xoyjaz around September 2010. Project Zearth has for many years focused on detail & adventure driven content. Classic ideas have been mixed with modern looks to create the best Minecraft experience. As the player, you are given the opportunity to experience a universe filled with creative structures, ideas, locations & lore! A new journey awaits you!

100% furnished with unique diversity of decoration!
The project has improved in all aspects since since 2010. Gradually evolving on all fronts in architecture, style, lore and much more! The main goal of the project has always stayed true to the same fun and rich experience. Expect diverse cities, towns, villages and buildings, all separated into 3 official regions: Neon, Cepton & Nova.

Real amazing back story that took place!
Travel through this map with boats, trains, planes or just walk from place to place. There is a lot to explore and so much more to do. The possibilities are endless in minecraft and same goes for Project Zearth.

Home to the oldest cities in minecraft!
Unlock the hidden secrets as you go & challenge yourself to complete any quests there are! There are also plenty of mysteries lurking in the depths of Project Zearth for you to explore!

The timeless lore of Project Zearth tells the story of teamwork,
struggle and victory in a battle that seemed lost.

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:V a primera vista se ve que el mapa es muy malo......
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this map is gorgeous !!!!!! and also identical to the game !!!!! thank you so much for creating this map !!!!!...
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