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Map generation in progress...
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8 hrs, 23 mins since last update
City on the River - fireworks, concert hall, cinema, stadium, shops, restaurants, churches, police, hospital, fire department, parliament, airport, seaport, farm, castle, .......

Minecraft v.1.7.10

City on the River - Planet Minecraft
City on the River - information map
Map generation in progress...
Mundaun 202M
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Wacho no me sale estooooo
Map generation in progress...
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The newest and coolest.
Map generation in progress...
Mac GOT 202M
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Map generation in progress...
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Between the sky.
Map generation in progress...
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Important Information - MC 1.12.2

Labyrinth of Legends is a mob arena filled with powerful zombies, skeletons, and more. Collect souls via mob kills to upgrade your Prestige to gain powerful permanent buffs to aid you with your journey! Slay the four Kings to get their keys to unlock the exit!

Minimum Required Players: 1
Maximum Players: 10

Required Resource pack (Official Labyrinth Pack): Click Here
Textures and Models courtesy of Hypixel, Inc. and creatorLabs

No Mods Needed!

Labyrinth of Legends Features
- Fast paced hack-n-slash
- Customized monsters
- Unique items
- Unique texture pack experience
- Custom prestige system

Render distance - 6 (Feel free to lower for lag ease)

- Remain in Adventure Mode
- Cheat in any way possible to kill mobs faster

- At least 3 players
- An autoclicker, you'll need it

Want to know the values of the weapons/armor/etc? Check them out here!
Want more of our work? Visit here!
Map generation in progress...
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16 hrs, 17 mins since last update
Important Information - MC 1.12.2

3D Tic Tac Toe is exactly what it implies! It's the good old fashion game we all know and love, but in the third dimension! Explore new angles unlike ever before and beat your friends!

Minimum Required Players: 2
Maximum Players: 4

No Resource Pack or Mods Needed!

3D Tic Tac Toe Features
- Automatic win detection
- Automatic board reset
- Dozens of new possible moves compared to the boring 2D Tic Tac Toe
- Teams
- Short gameplay

- Don't break blocks unless it's your own wool

- 3 players

Want more of our work? Visit here!
Map generation in progress...
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23 hrs, 58 mins since last update
Command blocks are in the ocean
The commands are the following.
- One man sleep
- death counter
- diamond counter
- shift to levitate
- Health count
- no falldamage
- 1 team
- blue name tag
- smoke effect everytime u levitate
Recent Comments
I was having a lot of trouble with the 1.6 update so i brought on a second developer! _TheMinekingYT_ is now helping to build Phazez and all its future updates!...
Team Fire Gameing 12 hours, 35 minutes ago
They need to take this stuff down. Can't download and map wont load....
thornwolf 1 day, 4 hours ago
Added a specimen detention area to the Sheddu territory as well as a lab/city and Mother-ship. Added mines and a saucer crash to the canyon area. Added more mountains south of that location....
thescarletrook 1 day, 22 hours ago
fell free to look around stell in devlopment of the 1st build on the world more to come for it ...
lord_molagbal 2 days, 12 hours ago
Removed Wonderland and Oz. They just didn't fit the theme I had going on. Also Wonderland was far too close to Odemis. They may be placed in their own map someday....
thescarletrook 4 days, 22 hours ago
Lots of work on Odemis. Expanded the Northern Lakes. Connected the ocean to those lakes....
thescarletrook 5 days, 16 hours ago
Saguenay 6 days, 20 hours ago
Recent Posts
So over the past two weeks ive been working on the new Phazez update, 1.6. I was having creative troubles and jsut dificulty in general trying to get this idea done so i contacted my friend _TheMineki...
Team Fire Gameing 7 hours, 32 minutes ago
Hello there,  So today we have finally finished our first map!  It is a mini-games map and we are looking for some people to try it. We have been working on the map for 1 month!  The map ...
SmilySpilly 13 hours, 40 minutes ago
Sorry for the late reply! It seems that your map has successfully rendered on my side. When uploading, please remember that your map may take some time to render before it is displayed. You can ch...
Nathangorr 3 days, 7 hours ago
In this map ther is 5 levels in each level you must find a pressureplate in a chest or in a shulker box  -This map is for only one player  -Minecraft version: 1.12.1 -Rules: -Set your gamemode i...
Nadir_31 3 days, 22 hours ago
I've looked over all of the support on the original thread. All I have in the folder is the data folder, icon.png, level.dat, level.dat_old, the playerdata folder, the region folder, session.lock, and...
Rednewt33 5 days, 10 hours ago
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