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8 downloads 2 comments
6 hrs, 9 mins since last update
Currently a Work in Progress.

Valinor 90%
Lotor's Summer Palace 90%
Silvest 90%
Cliffside 90%
Fort Eastwatch 70%
Varg 80%
Hothbra 80%
Jeel 85%
Lotor's Castle 85%
New Korelth 90%
Vrethpool 0%
Lopal 0%
Whisperdale 0%
Autumn 0%
Darkfell 0%
Redwake 0%
Dunmarrow 0%
Necropolis 0%
Josody 0%
Gulley 0%
Desprail 0%
Chlera 0%
Samad 0%
Krog 0%
Maraket 0%
Ethera Palace 0%
Arda 0%
Grell 0%
Dawat 0%
Parian 0%
Darushk 0%
Valmond 0%
Teylan 0%
Farstead Keep 0%
Duremar 0%
Hammerfist 0%
Meroven 0%
Kinghaven Citadel 0%
Altargrade 0%
Ruhura 0%
Khafra 0%

Lake Silvest 100%
Crow Lake 100%
Queen's Lake 98%
Orc Pond 0%
Camilla's Pond 0%
Lake Kallon 0%
Kor's Lake 0%
Town Lake 0%
Parian Lake 0%
West Lake 0%

Valinor Island 80%
Real estate Island 98%
Guild Arena Island 99%
Party Island 90%
Mirthik's Island 95%
Minotaur's Island 0%
Deserted Island 0%
GM Island 0%
Scorched Island 95%
Hell Island 0%
Greater Dragon Island 0%
Test Island 0%
Scarab Island 0%
PvP Island 0%
Northern Frost Giant Island 0%
Werewolf Island 0%
Dragon Island 0%
Mnemmnon Gaol 0%
Ettin Island 0%
New Town Island 0%

Gutrot Swamp 99%
Silvest Area 80%
Holendar's Mansion 30%
Karzak Cove 40%
Cultist Lair 30%
Hothbra Mountains 99%
Valley of the Dead 85%
North Lotor 90%
North Jeel 90%
South Lotor 50%
Lotor's Prison 0%
Portal to Josody 80%
South New Korelth 30%
Portal to Parian 20%
South Hothbra 80%
Portal to Hell Island 20%
Orc Fort Mountains 80%
Castle of Atraxis 0%
Lord Verzyl's Estate 0%
Vel Dran 0%
Valley of Giants 0%
Varda Swamp 0%
Roycroft 0%
Sygdural 0%
Lycanth 0%
Mnemmnon 0%
New Royal 0$
New Town 0%
Tallem'im's House 10%
Ecclain's Caravan 0%
Hermit's Hut 0%
Lanore 0%
Duncan's Cottage 0%

Valinor Ant Hill 0%
Bonesnarl's Lair 10%
Silvest Snake Pit 0%
Scalo's Den 0%
Cliffside Mines 0%
Silvest Mines 0%
Orc Cave 0%
Dalvon Mines 0%
Kobold Castle 0%
Krythan Crypt 0%
Underground Sewer 0%
Crypt of Kargoth 0%
Jeel Catacombs 0%
Jeel Snake Pit 0%
Wasp Hive 0%
Flataga Mines 0%
Frump's Lair 0%
Ruined Temple 0%
Orc Fort 80%
2,715 downloads 1 comments
6 hrs, 10 mins since last update
City on the River - minimap

Minecraft v.1.7.10
Map generation in progress...
10,224 downloads 32 comments
7 hrs, 11 mins since last update
Updated frequently! Please feel free to leave comments or suggestions if there is something you would like to see. Thanks and enjoy!

The world download update will be kept here. If you're curious to see what's going on around the city, be sure to head over to PMC for update logs and pointless banter from yours truly @

Resource Pack used: Modern HD, with modified cyan clay to look more grey, as well as Jagthunder1's sponge texture for the yellow caution-stripe block.

Designs by Lord Dakr including:
Boeing 747, Airbus A380, Lockheed L1011 TriStar, McDonnell Douglas MD-11, Antonov An-225 Mriya, AH-1Z Viper, C-17 Globemaster III, C-5 Galaxy, B2 Spirit, SR-71 Blackbird, MH-6 Little Bird, AN-225 Myria, Armidale-Class Patrol Vessel (Yacht Variant), Type 42 Sheffield Class Destroyer, USS Seawolf (SSN-21), Apollo Class Container Ship
Check out his channel @

Designs by Jagthunder1 incuding:
USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78), USS New York (LPD-21), USS Wasp (LHD-1), A-10 Thunderbolt II, Big Rig, M1A2 Abrams, Humvee, 5-Ton
Check out his channel @
0 downloads 0 comments
7 hrs, 28 mins since last update
Diese Villa steht in Kroatien auf der Insel krk.
Diese ist zu 75% nachgebaut, mit den anderen 25% ging es mit dem platz nicht auf aber ist egal.
Dieses Haus besteht hauptsächlich aus Quwarz, Schwarzeichenholz und Bruchstein(Kobblestone), unteranderen findest man auf dieser Map auch Redstoneschaltungen für lichter da es in der Nacht sehr dunkel ist.

Auf der Webseite hab ich dieses Haus zufällig gefunden

Ich habe ein Texture pack benutzt des Flows HD ist

Kordinaten falls ihr die Villa nicht mehr findet:
x: -1250
z: -1789

Hoffe es gefällt euch, meine Villa
Viel Spaß

1 downloads 0 comments
8 hrs, 43 mins since last update
a survival server with some forts and city's
47 downloads 0 comments
10 hrs, 48 mins since last update
I would like to introduce you to the land of O'Rea.
A main Castle/fortification base with some (automated) farms and villages nearby. Filled with resources or options to increase these. Builds are medieval themed and mostly practical. Used original design Mojang for most of the houses/ builds.

After downloading this world you will start playing in vanilla in diamond enchanted gear and an inventory containing tools, items, filled enderchest and some shulker boxes. (cheats enabled, any arrows?)
Raided the nearest Nether and End fortresses. Explored the generated world mainly in two directions. some banter builds and tryouts. Includes not finished builds/ designs/interiors. explore and find my secrets :)

Started playing on a survival 1.8 server (oceaniccraft). Server busted after a couple of months so I got a server world download and copied all of my vanilla builds in a single player world. Changed Dungeon Count to 99.

I used mcedit and Minecraft creative mode as tools for copying/builds/filters in this world.

I still love playing in vanilla in my world and enjoying all of my builds/ creating some new stuff in the upcoming updates.
Especially got mixed feeling about the shulkerboxes and the Elytra addition (which changed the original world design concept dramatically).

Special credits to youtubers Ilmango, Nimstv, Cubfan, Etho and Xisuma for creating some beautiful designs :) i Implemented quite a few but my redstone work is quite sloppy :(

World contains some castles with automated doors/ portcullis and access to Nether and End
a royal highness
unfinished projects
hidden automated sorting/storage system,
enderpearl dispenser
(automated) pumpkinfarm, wheatfarm, carrotfarm, potatofarm, inkfarms, mushroomfarm, netherwartfarm, beetrootfarm, sugarcanefarm, melonfarm.
small railroad transport system (work in progress)
Court house with prisons
Kings quarters with additional furnished rooms staff and guards
Main hall with piston transformations into Dining hall
religious Mojang worship/ information center's guarding access mobfarm
enchanting rooms
Hidden enchantments books storage (sneaky buttons)
secret rooms/ passages
access to Hostile Mobsfarms. (enderman, creeper, skeleton, spider, zombie and zombiepigman)
Nether contains platforms for hunting wither skeleton, blaze, magmaslimes and zombiepigman
some villages with villagers.
a shopping district with a trading area
automated brewing stations for potions
some ships with shipping docks/Harbors
hidden treasure with some pranks
a couple of Dutch windmills
the old lighthouse or two
a big Skull (under water)
a icefarm
a treefarm
a chorusfarm
a slimefarm
some meatboxes (cow, sheep, pig and chicken)
wool gather station
banner design station
a Horse training station with speedtest and jumptest
a lot more including banter builds. used a couple of commandblocks for fast travel and did i mention a lot of hidden stuff with secret doors and secret passages.

This world is currently in version 1.11.2 which contains some bugs( the automated brewing stations do not function like they should in this version, the boatlauncher only properly works in 1.8 (one jump would take you to the ocean floor). translocation feature only works in snapshots (creepersorter, rabbitsorter and fast travel).

Have fun exploring my little "getawayfromtherealworld" world and have a great day irl.

World1 18M
0 downloads 0 comments
11 hrs, 21 mins since last update
My world 1
0 downloads 0 comments
12 hrs, 14 mins since last update
Survival mode
Recent Comments
ah, i't's still in progress so i was unsure if i should allow it before at least the major continents are complete. if you are even if it's only at this stage i'll turn downloads on....
ryuzoku 7 hours, 10 minutes ago
:d im back MEANYNET :P...
trollcraft 8 hours, 55 minutes ago
I wanted to ask 'What is the flag of the Antarctica, you genious?', but checked it, and you are correct, it has an official flag symbol since 2002 :D I didn't expect that :D...
csillam_faszlama 1 day, 5 hours ago
Where is Antarctica??...
BillyWhizz09 1 day, 9 hours ago
Forgot to put stone layers in. Moved the whole project to a new world....
thescarletrook 1 day, 9 hours ago
Documents updated to show Minecraft PE for Windows 10 Mobile. Now you can finally import worlds there. Feel free to use them in your own worlds to make them more noob-friendly....
Vincent294 2 days, 22 hours ago
And if you see the website go back up, please let me know so I can private my reupload if the owner's site goes back up! Right now I'm gonna have it public because of this situation! YOUTUBE: J...
Ponyboy708 2 days, 23 hours ago
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So i noticed that the map isn't updating whenever i update my map and choosing the Render Again button. It still shows the older version, even though the new version of the maphas been rendered...
MaRRyyas 2 minutes, 10 seconds ago
This issue was brought up in another thread back in December, which can be viewed here. As long as your resource pack of choice contains every Minecraft texture, the render should be successful...
Nathangorr 15 hours, 50 minutes ago if you're willing to learn how to use it.. Overviewer will create the same map on your computer to look at... and lots of different features that they've added since i last ...
ryuzoku 16 hours, 33 minutes ago
I uploaded a map with texture pack and the map doesn't render.Everything is version 1.11. Map:
MrFufon 2 days, 6 hours ago
Unfortunately, this is not possible, and will not be a feature we will be offering in the future. Our site generates worlds using server-side resources, along with the use of custom and open-sourc...
Nathangorr 2 days, 17 hours ago
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