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1 wk, 5 days since last update
(Please Read: for version Minecraft 1.13.1 and later. This map is around 5% complete)
A scale 1:1 replica of the NASA Michoud Assembly Faciltiy manufacturing complex, including surrounding buildings.

19 downloads 1 comments
1 wk, 5 days since last update
Length: 144,8 km
Travel Time: 5:02 hours

Longest straight: ~132 km
Maximum incline: 33%
Highest point: 101m
Lowest point: 59m

Tunnels: 549
Longest tunnel: 544-Base: 11km
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1 wk, 5 days since last update
36% completed (364000 of 1 million blocks)

Data as of 2.7.2020
Length: 364km (travel time: 12h38)
N° of Tunnels: 664
Longest Tunnel: N°29 - Emerald Sea - 55.785 blocks
25,140 downloads 12 comments
2 wks, 3 days since last update
Old town square, castles, lighthouses, fireworks, old mine, palace, volcano, Mayan pyramid - dark maze and a hidden treasure, temples, travel by rail, teleportation, ......

Minecraft v.1.6.4 (Recommended Minecraft version 1.6.4 - 1.7.10)

Seaside Town (Osada) - Planet Minecraft
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2 wks, 1 day since last update
Te aburres y creas un mundo...

Actualizated on 08-09-20, 08-01-20, 09-12-17, 25-11-17, 14-11-2017, 01-10-2017, 05-02-2017, 08-05-2016, 19-04-2016, 28-03-2016, 26-01-2016, 31-12-2015, 15-11-2015, 12-Oct-2015, 24-Mar-2015, 09-Apr-2015, 28-04-2015: Capital city upgraded.
Actualizated on 11-Jan-2015: 8 Villages connected by minecart. More mines and more resources.
Actualizated on 23-Nov-2014: 6th Village connected by minecart. More mines and a 7th Village.
Actualizated on 09-Nov-2014: Discovered a 6th Village. More exploring.
Actualizated on 05-Nov-2014: 5th Village connected by minecart + 2 more mines (again).
Actualizated on 15-Oct-2014: 3rd and 4th Village connected by minecart + 2 more mines.
Actualizated on 05-Oct-2014: A third Village discovered.
Actualizated on 29-Sep-2014: Railroad to a Second Village finished + 2 more mines.
Actualizated on 21-Sep-2014: Railroad to Village finished.
Actualizated on 19-Sep-2014: Fortress + Railroad to a Mesa Biome and an unexplored Mine.
Actualizated on 12-Sep-2014: Village discovered.
25 downloads 0 comments
2 wks, 22 hrs since last update
A non-crazy version of the map.
5 downloads 0 comments
2 wks, 1 day since last update
1/64th the size of default biomes, so really it's biome size negative 2, includes mountains and lakes, the best seed ever
4 downloads 0 comments
2 wks, 1 day since last update
using the best seed ever, what the world would be like if each biome was flat
Recent Comments
Hey just wondering if you have the coordinates for each of the areas? like fire nation area, earth area, water area, ect?...
BorderlineBard 1 week, 1 day ago
How do I download this world?...
SuperBeastMiney 1 week, 2 days ago
Hi! I just recently discovered this map/world, and I have to say that it's driving me CRAZY trying to find the Nether Portal haha. Tried to find it in the pruned version as well, but no such luck. ...
Sarphire 2 weeks, 2 days ago
I'm amazed to see how many would do this , great job everyone, since cellphones work in minecraft we will see many world's yet to come ☺️...
jcloko 1 month, 2 days ago
why i can not download the map?? :( it is incredible!!...
zotto21 1 month, 2 weeks ago
How many blocks tall is the land from bedrock to ground, and what is the block width and length? If you could get back to me ASAP, I am trying to recreate this....
Bones219 2 months, 3 days ago
Use command + space then type ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft. Once you're on that screen go into the saves folder and add the zip into it. Then run Minecraft;...
jdewey01 2 months, 2 weeks ago
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