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We made a Let's Play for Mars Mission
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Ravenaw City is a modern-style oriented town. In 2012, I started with a flat world in a village. Then I built a house of brick (now next to the city hall) next to the generated houses. After it, I built the hotel, and so on. In 2014 I removed the village and started building things that are necessary in a city. I changed the whole city and now I often build roads and expanding it. I am building this city alone, nobody helps me. I hope you will usually download and follow the changes in my world.

If you like/are inspired by my world, leave a comment below! Thank you for downloading it.

If you modified this map with new buildings, share it in a comment!
If you were inspired by my world and built your own, share it in the comments!
(Share the download link, too!)

I noticed there is an easter egg on the map & if you find it, share it in the comments!

MC Version: 1.16.2


-Minor Improvements & Fixes
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NEXCity XI is now available!
Take a look at the latest map submission.

-Modern HD 1.12.2 (

MODS you need to install to enjoy the map 100%:
(Update to Forge for Minecraft 1.12.2)

-Personal Cars 1.4
-DecoCraft2 2.6.2
-PRTLib 1.0.4
-Thut's Elevators 6.1.5
-ThutCore 5.21.0
-MalisisCore 6.5.1
-MalisisDoors 7.3.0

Here is our tutorial for the installation:
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This is the ancient city of Lakandahar, in 340 AD. Lakandahar has a long history: they say it was built in 3792 BC by a group of nomads, who came from the Caspian coast. Their leader was a man called Lakandahar, who game this name to the city. The empire fell in 1500 BC, it was conquered by the invasion of the Mitanni, but it was recreated 331 BC by Alexander the Great, during his conquest of the Persian empire. The kingdom was recreated for the third time by the Romans, who conquered their kingdom in 20 BC. In 11 AD they decided that it should be indipendent (for a lot of reasons I'm not going to say now) and the rule of it was given to a Roman nobleman, Maximilianus Pacabius Helvetius. The kingdom ended definitively in 340 AD. If you want some more information about the long history of Lakandahar, you can ask me! Now enjoy this map. I recommend you to explore the map by using the Resource pack "Photorealism".
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Updated version of the Bikini Bottom map
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A work-in-progress map containing a city-castle, a large desert city and other smaller locations.

(Version 1.16.1) It's been seven million years I havent uploaded anything so here goes!

I updated a couple of buildings in Burgstede (the main forest city) and making my way to some other much needed refreshers! And also some big changes to the desert city, which is in the process of becoming the main hub in the map. I've also updated every village I came across to be functional again. The only place I havent been to is Ville-Germain, or the Cat City, if you prefer. that one will eventually be upgraded, but in the mean time, I've got alot in mind for the Desert City (name pending, formerly Jadaqasar) and Burgstede.

In the mean time, enjoy!
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Tekkit Lite 0.6.5 map on MegaServer.
It can be played when running at
More information (and voting) can be found at
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First World
Recent Comments
Hey just wondering if you have the coordinates for each of the areas? like fire nation area, earth area, water area, ect?...
BorderlineBard 6 days, 14 hours ago
How do I download this world?...
SuperBeastMiney 1 week, 1 day ago
Hi! I just recently discovered this map/world, and I have to say that it's driving me CRAZY trying to find the Nether Portal haha. Tried to find it in the pruned version as well, but no such luck. ...
Sarphire 2 weeks, 19 hours ago
I'm amazed to see how many would do this , great job everyone, since cellphones work in minecraft we will see many world's yet to come ☺️...
jcloko 1 month, 16 hours ago
why i can not download the map?? :( it is incredible!!...
zotto21 1 month, 2 weeks ago
How many blocks tall is the land from bedrock to ground, and what is the block width and length? If you could get back to me ASAP, I am trying to recreate this....
Bones219 2 months, 2 days ago
Use command + space then type ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft. Once you're on that screen go into the saves folder and add the zip into it. Then run Minecraft;...
jdewey01 2 months, 1 week ago
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