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Please note, this is a 2017 copy of a world that is still being played on a regular basis. Most of what you see in this map is either changed or completely gone.

Tolbia is my main single player survival world, and started in 2015 on 1.8, it's 4 years old. The world is default with not a single mod ever being employed, no optifine or cheats. This is not a server: everything in this world was built by myself alone. The world is being developed with the idea of expanding a giant, advanced civilization across the landscape, complete with enormous, ambitious builds you would normally see only in Creative Mode.

This world is interesting because it showcases my advancing from a noob to a pro. Some buildings are ugly, others are half-decent. This is an upload from summer 2017, back I didn't have an eye for aesthetics. See the link below for a 2018 copy of the world!

6/1/2019: This upload is now almost 2 years old. Because this site no longer works, I'm not able to make new uploads of the world. However, I'm still playing on it regularly today and a lot of progress has been done, including extensive urbanization of the main settlement region. As of this entry, the world is 5.44 GB. An updated copy will be provided when it is possible.

9/4/2019: The world is 4 years old and will probably run on 1.13.2 indefinitely. A massive skyscraper is under construction in the main city area. It will be taller than the current tallest building of 99 blocks and will consume around 100,000 individual blocks. The river passing through the area is being filled up, the main railroad is now 5.5 km long, and the world save is currently 5.99 GB. Also attempting some map art in a retro ocean. I'll never stop saying it, 1.13+ is such a pain due to the new terrain generation. Can't see half of the world anymore on a render engine due to the flattening. Thanks for the utterly unnecessary addition to this game Mojang.

9/8/2019: Work continues to be done on the new skyscraper, it is now as tall as the one with purple terracotta (see link below). A plaza/pavilion has been added on the building's north side, and more land is being cleared out in the immediate northeast.

9/21/2019: About 35,000 gray wool has gone into the new skyscraper so far, and it's only half done. Also approaching 1 million jumps since I started this world 4 years ago, only 17,000 to go! There should be an achievement/advancement.

9/30/2019: Got to 1 million jumps yesterday. More stone bricks have been laid in the court in front of the oak house. The new skyscraper has been named Venture Tower (it was originally called the Venture Building, but I feel like "tower" fits better). It is almost 100 blocks tall now with nearly 20 stories. It'll be taller than I originally envisioned, probably as close as 10 blocks from the height limit.

10/11/2019: Venture Tower is now the tallest building in the world, and also the first to exceed 100 blocks in height. Elsewhere, more slab sidewalk has been placed along the streets.

10/17/2019: The river in the main settlement has been pushed to the desert. Haven't been focusing much on filling up the river lately, hoping to turn this around in the coming days. The east-west railroad has been extended to the shores of the mesa, something I've been anticipating for years.

10/23/2019: Added some spiff to the building's lobby level, putting the brilliant colors of concrete to use. The world also hit Day 3900 today.

10/27/2019: About one quarter of the skyscraper to go, currently 21 stories tall. Still haven't figured out what the roof's design will look like, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

10/30/2019: More excavation work has been happening in and around the city. Removed the smaller savanna hill to the east of the settlement, now there are no hills or high areas obstructing the city's expansion. Replaced the consequent stony ground with grass and used the new stone supplies to extend the highway south a little. The highway is ramping upwards and will continue over the land on a bridge (I'm in no mood to excavate kilometers-worth of land for this project).

11/6/2019: The river-removing project is on its final leg, now going past the stony buildings to the settlement's northeast. I'm also working on the skyscraper's final section (before the penthouse/special levels at the top, where the facade will be unique). Currently 25 floors, equaling about 120 meters tall.

11/8/2019: Today begins the moving of a major north-south street in the city several blocks to the north, in order to give more room to the front of Venture Tower. There's still lots of work to be done across all the city's streets. I also began extending the latest railroad over the stone highway towards the south; the plan is for both rail and highway to continue like this for about half a kilometer until the city is cleared, from there the rail will move away from the highway and continue parallel to it. The reason for all this is because there is limited room within the city limits, and besides, it'll look cool.

11/9/2019: Added more trees to the court behind Venture Tower. I stopped furnishing/lighting up the building's interior a long time ago, so now over half of the entire complex is dark. You might imagine the incredible numbers of mobs spawning inside right now (local difficulty makes this issue impressively worse). The building's interior size is so massive though that I've decided to just wait on lighting the place up until it's topped out. In the meantime, I have to deal with hundreds of zombies and a frustrating amount of creeper damage.

11/21/2019: 28 floors on Venture Tower, and the building has finally broken through Y level 200 (135-ish blocks tall). This project is now an entire year old, making it the longest, most time consuming, and resource-demanding endeavor I've ever made in this world, as well as Minecraft in general. Definitely building something smaller after this is finished.

11/24/2019: Work on the main section of facade that goes down to ground level, including the floors in this section, has finally stopped. I am now preparing to begin construction of the penthouse levels, which will feature a unique facade design. I'm thinking about tweaking the entrance some, perhaps by adding more glass all along the front.

11/28/2019: I have begun reshaping the entrance to Venture Tower. Removed a lot of slabs to give a more glassy (and aesthetic) appearance. I'm also concerned about the amount of slabs covering the north and south facades, seriously considering removing a number of them.

12/15/2019: A lot of time-consuming work has been taking place on Venture Tower since the last update. The first "penthouse" level has been finished, currently working on the second one. These top floors taper off from the main structure of the building, and there will probably be no more than three. The building will definitely be finished as a project by 2020, but will most likely be topped out before the end of this year.

12/20/2019: There will be three penthouse levels, and the top two are under construction now! Which basically means that I'm about to top the building out AT LAST. I'm very tired of this project, I've been working on it for nearly 14 months and I'm ready to move on. Pictures will be provided when this absolute unit of a skyscraper is finished.

12/25/2019: Today Venture Tower was topped out (Christmas Day!). The actual construction of the skyscraper is finally finished, now it's time to get to work on the interior and light up the two thirds of the building I never got around to lighting up. And add offices/condominiums/decoration.

12/29/2019: Removed an old bridge in the city that was built back before the area was urbanized. Cleared some sand out from the nearby desert and replaced it with grass in preparation for new skyscraper construction in this location.

1/8/2020: A new year, with new projects to focus on! Land in the city's northern region has been cleared and flattened, with the tip of the region's desert being removed of its sand and replaced with grass as the area begins to be urbanized. The furthest-east street has been narrowed, making more space between it and Venture Tower (this will happen to all streets going past the building). Work is resuming on a skyscraper that has been unfinished for almost a year. Much more activity has been happening in the End lately, with a massive 100 by 100-block platform of stone slabs underneath the central island being built, its purpose being to prevent falling into the void. This platform may be expanded even further later. More exploration is currently taking place, and I will soon be embarking on a massive grind to build up my tools, weapons, and armor supplies.

1/11/2020: Rooms have been added to the penthouse level of Venture Tower and I am finally transporting all essential items in my house over to the skyscraper. Each floor of the building is dedicated to a certain item, from resources to foodstuffs to equipment. It is very likely that I'll be excavating a 3k by 3k area around the city in order to expand it this far out; according to my calculations, this single project will be finished almost 4 years from now. I have been crafting many diamond pickaxes and shovels specifically for this project, with the final goal to have at least half a dozen large-chests worth of tools to start off the excavation.

2/6/2020: Explored about 20 km of End and looted about 5 cities. A city street has been expanded north and more of the river in the area has been filled up, this latter project of which is almost done. A 1.13-style elevator has been installed in Venture Tower, with an upward stream of water from soul sand and a long drop to water on the lobby level. A new building is being constructed in the desert 1.8 village outside the city, meant to serve as a town hall equivalent. It is styled like most 2015-2016 buildings, with simplistic stone for interior and exterior, but also makes use of glass panes which are rarely used in builds across this world.
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New world I started after my computer nosedived.
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Does Bedrock work here?
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Mai Duy Tan
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địt mẹ tụi nhóc oc lon chơi minecraft
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Map generation in progress...
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I tried to improve TFC's bunker sauna by adding a light switch and switching the campfires off using splash water bottles. I also made a splash bottle refilling station using a hopper minecart. Hope you like it!
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