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A long time project of mine, the empire of Al'Darath, composed of 9 villages (currently), it's an ever growing project, that's far from finished, But I wanted to share it anyway. Created on Minecraft 1.12.2, and it involves the mods Mo' Creatures and Rustic, so maybe you'd like to get those to see the map in full. Also I usually use a slightly modified version of the Wolfhound resource pack.

The empire is composed by the capital, two larger cities and six smaller ones, each one exploring goods and produce tho feed the whole empire. Each city has an assigned color, that can be seen on banners and the window panes everywhere, as well as the banners on the railroads connecting them. Many sand pyramids can be found around the cities, most of them being the resting ground to leaders and royal family.

The nine cities:
Al'Darath - Red - the great capital, formely known as Dal'Morith, changed it's name after being conquered by the Aluvians coming from the southern savannas. Houses the great stables of Al'Darath, given that their conqueror, Ko Darath, loved to horseride; Queen Arsharna's needle garden, a cacti garden beside the capital' walls;

Hel'Sirith - Purple - the knowledge hub, ostriches and glass as their main exports. Hel'Sirith is the oldest city, given that it never meddled in was affairs, and quickly accepted Al'Darath's rulership. It's one of the few cities that has learned to create and train ostriches for riding, having an ostrich stable within it's walls. Purple glass panes are extensively used as decoration of entryways to the city. It's the only city to master the trainings of mantycores, that's kept underground.

Hel'Yffren - Blue - the tradicionalists, wool and honey as their main exports. Formely known as Dal'Vasral before the Aluvian conquest, was renamed after the 5th aluvian counselor, Ildoran Yffren, that brought the city to the empire. It's temple houses the remains of the Dal'Morith kings, despite objections from the capital.

Hek'Serval - Green - the 1st stone city, eggs of various kinds and horses as their main export. One of the firsts cities to be conquered by the aluvians, served as headquarters before the great invasion to Dal'Morith. Houses a decadent horse stable, relic from it's early days. It's inhabitants love to decorate houses and rooftops with wool, their diet consists basicaly on chicken, duck and turkey eggs and bear milk.

Hek'Malad - Yellow - the 2nd stone city, birch and acacia as their main exports. Neighbor to Hek'Serval, mantains a close relation with the green city. Houses a lion pen and most of their animal farms are on caves beneath the mountain.

Hek'Salith - Magenta - Hel'Sirith's daughter, boatmakers and olives as their main exports. Before the conquest the villagers living here worshiped snakes, still having a snake head statue in the middle of the city, and maintains a snake terrarium. Most sand pyramids are not from notable leaders but from wealthy merchants around the sea bay, which is protected by a cactus ring around it.

Hek'Mersal - Orange - Hek'Salith's sister, fish and oak wood as their main exports. Has a very close relation with the sea, houses three great pyramids, however one of them has fallen, being called the broken pyramid ever since. It's previous culture was one of body cremation, having an old temple on a hill. Merging with the new empire culture, the body is cremated but the skull is cleaned and sent to the House of White.

Hek'Movath - Light Blue - the mourning city, ironwood and andesite as their main export. It's called the mourning city because of the former emperor' (Tsarek Morith) brother' (Tsarek Movath) decendants, who exiled to this city after the insavion. The walls were teared down and replaced with andesite, a dark stone, representing the city's mourning to the end of the previous empire.

Hek'Vemith - Pink - the red sand city, was brought to the empire before the invasion, by Morith II's daughter, Vemith, who fell in love with the city's red sandstone walls. It's where the House of White originated, being masters of taking care of the dead. After it's inclusion to the empire, every city has outside it's gates a House of White, indicated by two banners (one of the city's colors with a white triangle on the bottom, and one white with a colorful triangle on the bottom).
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Dinky Dave
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My cool creation, have played for 5 years, with thousands of hours spent. No mods, just vanilla minecraft, now played on 1.14.1
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My vanilla server as of May 24
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Enjoy this build. Nice modern house best seen in the UTB Flows HD Texture Pack 1.13.


Also best seen with Sildur's Vibrant Shaders 1.13.

Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ennj9myy3dh9jjh/Sildur%27s+Vibrant+Shaders+v1.18+High.zip
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A map of the LFG Minecraft Server
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fuck you asa
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