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Map generation in progress...
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1 mth, 1 wk since last update
My main world, with a spawn settlement (with a mob grinder), a mine, an almost complete city, and a Mine cart Track. (incomplete housing for it)

Just built a barn for my horses. Best thing I have ever built (and even that isn't that good.)

Map generation in progress...
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1 mth, 1 wk since last update
This took me a year and a half. the name is inspired from Muses track City of Delusion. Enjoy!
Map generation in progress...
Test 2.8M
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1 mth, 1 wk since last update
Map generation in progress...
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1 mth, 1 wk since last update
WARNING: This world contains obscene humor and is intended for adults 18+ only and may not be suitable for children.

This is a project that I have been working on for many years. It is a civilization that takes place in modern time in which it contains a society known as "Weedland" that contains many cities within this world. Have fun exploring it, their are many things such as stadiums, skyscrapers, cruse ships, power plants, houses, an air port, etc...

This is a hypothetical world where the following is legal: All Drugs, Gamboling, and Prostitution. Within this world you will find obscene places such as strip clubs, brothels, porn stores, recreational drug stores, etc... and a high emphasis on cannabis. This is why this world is intended for adults only. DISCLAIMER: This is not to promote illicit drug use or any type of illegal activity, for it is simply for humor and entertainment purposes only.
Map generation in progress...
DnO 2.4G
40 downloads 2 comments
1 mth, 1 wk since last update
DnO private Realms server. All made in survival.
Map generation in progress...
21 downloads 3 comments
1 mth, 1 wk since last update

Spanish Minecraft Vanilla Server (project in course now and started in 2013)


[*] https://dmserverpage.wordpress.com/ (spanish web)

[*] https://dmserverpageuk.wordpress.com/ (english web (work in progress))

https://twitter.com/DMServidor (spanish Twitter)



This server is made for private use and has no monetary purpose.

Map generation in progress...
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1 mth, 1 wk since last update
Creative build world. No worldedit and minimal structure block use in the builds, each took over 40 hours and some took upwards of 70. 1.14 world, best viewed with Sildur's Vibrant Shaders or SEUS PTGI
Map generation in progress...
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1 mth, 1 wk since last update
Eine Riesen Skybase Gebaut
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I now have Dark Oak trees! :) I already had Oak, Birch, Spruce (normal and large) and later on also Acacia, but I didn't have Dark Oak or Jungle trees. Now I only need to have Jungle trees. In my w...
RoBoRe 4 days, 11 hours ago
Nathan it would appear that I'm banned from all the forums and stuff. Would you still be able to fix this...
ManBeast 1 week, 7 hours ago
updeateed the map on nexus forms for the download stell waiting for this site to be fixed so i can upload here once agin...
lord_molagbal 1 week, 1 day ago
yeah !...
DiGiDiX57 2 weeks, 15 hours ago
This map was such a large part of my childhood! I hope the link will be fixed, this map gives me such amazing nostalgia!...
poiisonoustea 2 weeks, 2 days ago
It won’t let me download it...
Beatrice 2 weeks, 3 days ago
You can find more information on my world in my comments at the earlier uploads of my world. I tell about all kinds of stuff; like progress, things I like, things I have (build), etc :)...
RoBoRe 2 weeks, 6 days ago
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DorothyWex 2 days, 17 hours ago
På onsdag deltog skådespelerskan i den europeiska premiären av Maleficent: Mistress of Evil i en mintgrön balklänning designad av Armani. Klänningen innehöll en glittrande stropplös topp, nätöverlagri...
msklanningse 3 days, 34 minutes ago
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Ammoboard 5 days, 1 hour ago
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Andrewguids 5 days, 17 hours ago
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Andrewguids 5 days, 17 hours ago
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