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Did you find the Easter egg? It'ssssssss cool!

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Have fun in my world. I had some problems, but enjoy my city, the beaches and also the monuments :)
World1 25M
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Metallica Dash
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More updated version of my original Egypt map, this one takes place 100 years after Egypt was conquered by the Christian Empire during the reign of Thutmose III.

Inaccuracies and other notes:
-The Medium pyramid, Bent Pyramid, and Red pyramid are all in the northeast of the map, couldn't put them near Dashur like they are in real life
-Instead of being burned in the 1st intermediate period, the tombs of the first pharoahs are still mostly intact, mostly for players to explore
-Abydos is just south of Memphis and right next to the Great Pyramid, one of it's tombs is actually covered up by it's causeway, in real life its a separate city much further south
-Khafre's pyramid is only covered on top by casing, mostly to be lazy and keep it realistic at the same time
-Memphis is in between Saqqara and Abusir, even though it should be above them both
-I have only covered the King's whose names we know, missing names will not be included
-I had to take creative liberties when it came to undiscovered tombs, especially in the intermediate periods
-I have several books scattered about that have lists of all the pharaohs that I've included, these were mostly for me to remember which kings I've covered
-I've made it so that Tanis serves the role of Avaris as capital of the Hyskos rulers
-The only tombs built are the ones of Kings and other noblemen of good enough importance, to build a tomb for every single nobleman and priest would take way too long by myself
-A made up faction exists called the "Den of Thieves" their job was to steal the valuables from tombs to share with themselves, it was mostly so none of the treasures in any tombs would go to waste, their headquarters are in a cave in Tanis
-You'll see random little towers throughout the map, those were to provide me a sense of direction before I made the teleporter network, you can use them for yourself if you want
-Some kings are buried with diaries, just to provide some more insight to the time period
-When I started this map a year ago, I took much more creative liberties than I do now, as a result Narmer's story is much more inaccurate
-You should contact me before doing anything with this map, such as using it for a server or making a youtube tour, I would be very happy to help with anything just as long as I know about it

Cities on map: Memphis, Thebes, Aswan, Heliopolis, Tanis, Licst, Dashur, Abydos
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I made this for almost 2 years (thanks to the WorldEdit mod but I work on it for days and take very long breaks)

I made the exterior as accurate as possible (even got to walk around the real Eden Park stadium and take pictures and copy it down). Interior doesn't have to be accurate.

some Mods are required to open the map properly (I dunno if it works with your PC) but I provided screenshots of the minecraft version I'm using and the mods if you want to find them yourself since i'm lazy. XD But mainly I use the Device mod and Furnature mod by Mr Crayfish.

Anyone who wants to make a video tour and upload it to Youtube, go ahead. ;) I was gonna do that as well but my PC is not powerful enough.
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A map of Toulouse
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Welcome to Minecraft Land! An innovative Minecraft theme park created by myself. Featuring over thirty rides and attractions, more than twenty games and tons of shopping and restaurants. There is also a hotel, just in case you don't have enough time to see the entire park in one day. We hope you Enjoy Minecraft Land! Updated for 1.13.2
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Hello guys :D

The next big update is coming. An expansion of the city to the west. This is a very little preview. New: Merto Ligne 1, 3 station (unfinished), a few residential low rise in the finacial district, a few modification to a few skyscrper.
World4 3.7M
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a public server
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