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Well this is my BIGGEST and NEWSET Maps so far!I hope you enjoy it!It is My 1st BIG redstone map!

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2 yrs, 6 mths since last update
Aaaaaaaaaaand another new map xD ...

This map is like Zelda breath of the wild ...Just in Minecraft
at least i tried to catch the feel of Zelda but with many own ideas.

It's an open world Map where you have to find Shrines, Dungeons, Villages and a lot of secrets or trade with villigers and buy some stuff and get richer and better and of course the Towers that you can find that are placed all around the world.

This map also has a Story written down in books that you can find all e world.

To do list :

-Find all 17 Shrines
-Find the Dungeon
-Find the 6 Villages
-Find The "Villetopia" Plateau
-Find 5 Towers
-Climb Death Mountain
-Finish the "Maze of Fire"


Colored Horse Stables : 2 2/3
Biomes/Areas : 7
Ender Fountains : 3 (Here you can find Enderpearls)
Books : 6
Goldshrines : 1 (Here you get a LOT of stuff after solving a big Trial)



- New Village
- beginning of the mega Project "Villetopia"
- some Little secrets


-Progress on the mega Project "Villetopia"
now with HUGE Castle and new Tower


-Project " Villetopia" Finished
-Includes a new shrine and Village
-New Shrine System ( now you can find a Special item in each of the shrines)(a shop for this Special items will come soon)


- A new Shrine
- new paths
- new Details ( Ruines, Monster camps etc.)


- New Shrine
- New Tower
- Done some landscaping
- begin of an complete new Area ... with Vulcano
- some Details like new ruins


- 2 New Srhines
- 1 New Tower
- New Village
- New Details ( Ruins etc.)
- New "Colored Horse" Stable
- Done some landscaping around Death Mountain


- Done some landscaping on the Death Mountin area
- 1 New Shrine
- Started a new Area "Gerudo Mountains" (no im not stealing names from Zelda xD)
- New Ruins and secrets to find
-Started the 2 Dungeon ... (20/100 %)

(This is just a Backup Upload. So theres not much new stuff)

- Done some landscaping
- started a new Stable
- New Ruins and Monstercamps


- New Ruins and Details
- Worked on second Dungeon 50/100 % )
- Starded new Area "Gerudo Desert"
- Starded ne Area of the Fields. The ruins of te old Castle and Castletown
- Starded new Snowy Area
- Starded new Jungle Area
- Done some landscaping
- New ap Name "Scapes" instead of "Towers" because i want to Focus on the map ... the landSCAPES and not the Towers.
Starded to form the Coast of the map which marked the endings of the map
- Done some "bugfixes" in Shrines and the Overworld


- Some Landscaping
- Started the Beach Area
- 3 new shrines
- 2 new books
- 1 new Enderfountain


-3 New shrines
-First Goldshrine
-The GIANT Maze of Fire
-A hole lot of Landscaping
-1 New Enderfountain
-1 New Book
-New Deatils and ruins

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6 yrs, 4 mths since last update
Ever wanted to play Sonic Adventure 2 in Minecraft? Well wait no more! I'm building EVERY level from Sonic Adventure 2 from scratch! (excluding City Escape). As an extra you can play with 3 of your friends through the whole game!

Levels Completed:


City Escape (Completed!)
Wild Canyon (14% Done)
Prison Lane (Haven't Started)
Metal Harbor (Haven't Started)

Iron Gate (Haven't Started)
Dry Lagoon (Haven't Started)
Sand Ocean (Haven't Started)
Radical Highway (51% Done)

PvP Arenas:

1st Tails and Eggman Fight (Haven't Started)
1st Shadow and Sonic Fight (Completed!)
Knuckles and Rouge Fight (Haven't Started)
2nd Tails and Eggman Fight (Completed!)
2nd Sonic and Shadow Fight (36% Done)

Boss Fights:


F-64 Big Foot (Haven't Started)
King Boom Boo (Haven't Started)
Egg Golem (1% Done)

If you plan to make a video of this map, give credit to villain97 for City Escape and me for the rest. Also post a link to the video in the comments.
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Tropical island and stilt houses

Minecraft v.1.7.4

Tropical Island (Stilt Houses) - Planet Minecraft
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4 yrs, 4 mths since last update
Welcome to my 1st ever horror map...
New maps coming soon guys!

The Ultimate Horror Map


MAP BY: Alexander114298 + ThetimRS
Play on 1.7.10!!!!!!!!!!!

Possibly one of the best horror maps with many more updates to come!

I would suggest downloading it round about now for the best performance.

It took me about a week to build, It is also my 1st ever horror map!

You awake in a daze, not knowing where you are...

You later discover a girl running around a haunted and possessed building...

You must escape before it is too late!



Tons of jump scares and sound effects...

- Alexander114298
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This is a map that I, BossMaster72, made. This is just a regular PVP Map. There are several chests on this map, plus it is surrounded by BEDROCK and FIRE, so watch out!
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This is a new map made by David6226. This have been my best map so far. It is about you that is a soldier in the military. You are on a mission to find and eliminate Dr.Zahveerk. It isn't a finished map and it is still on v.3.

Render Distance: Tiny/Short (Tiny for best experience)
Difficulity: Normal/Hard/Extreme
Max Players: Whatever (Recommended 1-2)

Multiplayer Settings:
Spawn Animals: False

New updates:
1: Super Awesome Texture Pack
2: Blood effects
3: Save landing from chopper
4: 4 new easter eggs
5: Flamethrowers (with texture)
6: Machetes (with textures)
7: Fixed acid lava (use MCpatcher)
8: Fixed so you cant run out of map
9: Nightvision Goggles (Pumkin in Texture Pack)

Note for Texture Pack:
You have to use MCpatcher

Good luck eliminating Dr.Zahveerk
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A fun but short mini adventure game where you are in a plane and you are attacked by terrorist.

By Gage Squiers
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This map was such a large part of my childhood! I hope the link will be fixed, this map gives me such amazing nostalgia!...
poiisonoustea 3 weeks, 3 days ago
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