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Hello, Zedaph here! This is a download of my Let's Play world as of Episode 26.

Feel free to explore and see if you can find all of the "Willy Head" books hidden around the world.

Check out my Let's Play:
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a awesome parkur map for 1.6.1 withe riddels
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GunGun's original survival world - Live in The End

On YOUTUBE : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLL1gUNZq3afI5KYBy0zQUzrqq45Lz3jpg
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I want to use this arena for my new YouTube series. Actually posted for Map View (XD).

Map is made on SUPER FLAT wold mode (Of course!) just to be sure i have enough room.

YES, You can download and modify this arena a bit, BUT if you're publishing your copy you'll have to put my name in credits (Fang or FangPL).

Thank you for attention, like always.
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Technical Skyblock by TheNoerdy1221
Original World Download: http://goo.gl/xxfUDu

XzCraftP's Technical Skyblock Playlist http://tiny.cc/xztsb
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1.Build a Cobble Stone generator and gather 20 cobblestone
2.Produce 10 stone
3.Produce 1 stone button
Produce 1 stone pressure plate
Produce 10 stone slabs
Produce 20 stone bricks
Produce 5 stone brick stairs

ok so you have to do all the chalenges on the origanal skyblobk but the bonus one you have to do is make briges to all the island by 3blocks wide
have fun.

made by herobrine aka cand do a lets play
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Here is my survival world download. Enjoy!
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