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Welcome to the newly created Minecraft World Map Forums!

Finally we can discuss and highlight some of the better maps and also have discussions regarding the new multiplayer server!

All of your user accounts have been migrated over to the bulletin board system and I have also integrated it directly into the Minecraft World Map website so you only need a single login to access all the features of the website!

Testing for you
Yay Big Grin great to see we have a forum now. Nice work Skeight, it looks great.
Yeah, thanks for setting this up.
Awesome site and Thread bud! Love the live server idea.Big Grin
Hey skeight! Just letting you know that I am pleading to be a moderator because i have been on this server for a while and feel that I should help others... I only sent this message here because the Mods thread was closed... Sad

Please let me into your consideration...

Thx. xXCrisroxXx
I believe the thread is closed because we have enough mods already at the moment. Maybe try again in a month or so, however we still welcome your support, if you think of anything we need to do or have missed, open a thread in the suggestions forum and let us know Smile
Creeper go BOOM!
Finally! Thanks for the forum.
Hello, I am Dnarbnellih2, i recently had a terrible accident with one of my worlds but i have a copy of it on a different device, so that is why i signed up for this because I could upload and then re-download it. There is one thing I would like to ask about, me and my brother like our nasty and/or inappropriate jokes, I will make sure to remove everything i think shouldn't be there but just for safety's sake, is there a place i can personally upload it to you so you can double check it? Thank you.