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Full Version: Fireblazer2389 Part 2
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Again he's being rude and shut it does that count as language he's calling me a creature and crap I've HAD IT plzplzplzplzpzlplz tell him to stop or bad things will happen to him
Yoyo I know fireblazer2389 and the only reason he does that is that you can get kind of annoying (no offence). If you do not bother him he will not bother you, that is how it goes. Also things you have said in the past about him or something disturbing you did may still be effecting him.
as i said ingame, you all play a lot on this server. so just be nice to each other, dont tease. if you don't like someone, just don't talk to him, just don't listen and ignore...
everything is fine...
when ever i say to some thing he says "No one cares"
Don't bother him then yoyo, or just dont talk to him. Nothing you say will result fireblazer in a ban!