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Anamnesis- 1.9
[Image: 2k2vt929qtt152k6g.jpg]
by iamtheCman & james_meier

I'm looking for players to try out and review this fun and challenging adventure map. Let's Plays and walkthroughs are welcome. It should take at least 3-4 hours to finish both storylines. For 1-4 players. This map works in Minecraft 1.9.

In this adventure map, there are two possible storylines. The adventures include jumping puzzles, mazes, complete-the-monument tasks, mystery, and combat. Score is counted by how many emeralds you find.

Storyline: You wake up in the hospital, unable to recall anything. You're penniless, homeless, and friendless. It's up to you how you respond to this scenario. What kind of name will you make for yourself?

Youtube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orV-0KrirTM

Download Page

Rules: No breaking blocks, unless instructed to. Gold blocks indicate locations for levers or pressure plates. Once correctly placed, a plate or lever cannot be removed. Crafting of food, weapons, armor, and tools is allowed. Contents in chests can be used, unless a book or sign reads otherwise. The map is to be played on normal. Server settings should be set to "difficulty=2 ; pvp=false" ; "enable-command-block=true". Make sure command blocks are enabled.

Important Tip: You should sleep often to track your progress. Otherwise, if you die you'll be sent way back in the story.

Big Update Everyone!

James_Meier and Benjamin_Alpha (the map makers) have created a Let’s Play of this map to help people who get stuck. The fast paced videos are meant to show how to complete the storyline smoothly. There are also a few tips here and there about where to find supplies and emeralds, though not all secrets are revealed. A playlist has been created for each side of the adventure.

Let’s Play Pay Debt Side by James_Meier and Benjamin_Alpha

Let’s Play Tavern Side by James_Meier and Benjamin_Alpha

Here's A Let's play of the Tavern Story by KPPride90 Smile

Let's Play of the Tavern Story by CthulhuToo
Enjoy the map! :-)

Try it with friends! Give me your opinion through the comments here. :-)

[Image: e096e631d8f1b97affc6448d085cddc0a203559a...96f04g.jpg]

[Image: e3e0f1a7feb7bf079a7ad9525981c6897fe360ed...663f4g.jpg]

[Image: tlhenha5ejm21lb6g.jpg]

[Image: 7401c372af7793e0d0ff9959c7a19535abd8fc93...7e414g.jpg]

[Image: eb720f5be46c9fa71ad7952019a875eaef7acaab...30674g.jpg]

[Image: 541174aff7de1a28c479fb3fe77bf6e3fc168688...b71c4g.jpg]
Tested and working on Minecraft 1.4.2
Hello, everyone! This map has been updated. I've updated the post download link now.

Download: http://www.minecraftworldmap.com/worlds/aA_dI

Version 1.4 Improvements:

-Changed a spot on the floating islands where you could get trapped.
-Added a place to sleep on floating islands.
-Prof. Bimbit's house is more dangerous to get to.
-Changed contents of a dispenser on floating islands.
-Added more hidden emeralds on floating islands.
-Added sign in tavern to change difficulty to normal.
-Adjusted farm ground to prevent a lever from breaking when dirt is hoed.
-Filled an empty mob dispenser.
-Added a sign to indicate where "Sanitation training" and "Farmer Brown's Farm" is.

Tell me if you find any bugs in this updated map. :-)
Does anyone that has played this map have any suggestions or comments for the map makers?
Here's the gameplay difference between the two adventures. In the Tavern adventure, you experience more combat and mazes. In the Pay-your-debt adventure, there is more finish-the-monument style gameplay, along with more storyline books. There is a lot more redstone work in this adventure as well. Hope this helps!
Several Minecrafters have started making Let's Plays of this Adventure map!

KPPride90 (Finished) Tavern Story

NaughtyGoosePDS (In Progress) Pay-Debt Story
KPPride90 has completed his Let's Play!

This map has received a major revamp. It now works with 1.5.2 Big Grin

We've really appreciated the honest appraisals of our Anamnesis map. We've used them to make the map better and better. Our ears are wide open for feedback!

There have been two Let's Plays completed for the Tavern Side. I thought both of these Let's Plays were thoroughly enjoyable to watch. We'd love it if someone made one for the Pay-the-Bill route.

New! CthulhuToo's Let's Play (Map version 1.4?)

KPPride90's Let's Play (Map version 1.2?)
There's a new name in our group! Say hello to Benjamin_Alpha!
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