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Full Version: Since the mcworld map server has gone down...
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i would like to tell those interested that i have my own server kept up from whenever i wake up to 8 - 10pm (GMT)

at its current stage of dev i have the server up to date with 1.4.2, updates take time as craft bukkit is often a week or so behind.

I cureently run the server on 12Gb of ram. i dont know what skeight ran on, but if i have more then expect less lag Smile

i have installed:
creeper heal
chest locking system
(Soon) roll back system
(soon) multiple worlds (currently just a play world)

The ip is:

Happy crafting Smile
I just want to run a server so that I can see the map baumaut that I downloaded, but this server wont let me run it, for the love of GOD, someone please tell me how to run a server or game so that I can just look at the map ingame.