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Full Version: School of Hard Knocks (Let's Play) Updated July 11, 2013
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I've started a new show, since people wanted more than just "Watch Me Suck at Minecraft", but too few wanted a "Hardcore Hell" re-attempt.

Here's the next best thing: School of Hard Knocks.

This is played on "Hard" difficulty. Why the title of the series being what it is? I am not that good at the game, but getting (slightly) better.

Not sure when new episodes will come, as this is not a continuously recorded event, like "Watch Me Suck", so if there's a big project going on, there's going to be a LOOOOOONG wait for another episode.

Here's the debut, which is doing "well", considering I'm absolutely NOBODY in Minecraft-Land:

Here's the second episode, where much more progress is made.
(Of course, map will be uploaded here, once it's gone far enough.)

In number 3, we find a hole to explore, but get lost trying to find a village, which took long enough to fail at:

In number 4, we explore a little of the "Hole of Adventure", as well as find a village, and prepare it to handle the night:

Number 5, mostly was securing a village, to protect it from baddies, with the new 1.6 AI. Also getting ready to make a village, with a large rehab facility at the foot.