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Full Version: afguy might be coming back
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Hey guys I know its been a long time but it looks like I will be coming back to the server to once again serve as your admin kicking griefer butt again
I managed to make a deal with my friend to buy his laptop so I am very excited to get back on the server and see all the new things they added to the game although it will be some time during the week or next weekend at the latest before I will log on cause the laptop was still under warranty so my friend took it to best buy to make sure everything is working but they sent it to dell to clean it and they said it would be 5 business days before I can get it
Welcome back afguy Big Grin
Well damn I got some bad news and good news dell called my friend and told him that they got the laptop but they will have to replace the motherboard and that it might take anytime from a week to three weeks depending on how busy they are but they said they would consider giving him a brand new laptop but my friend does not know what they will do so it might be later before I log on Sad but the good news will be that that laptop will be working and not break in a month and there is a possibility that I just might get a completely brand new laptop all together which will be better but I will keep you guys posted and I can say I was really looking forward to logging on this week but you never know they might send a new one or not be busy and get it fixed this week here's hoping
Finally good news I saw my friend today and he said best buy called him and said the laptop was arrived and to come and pick it up which means when I get off work at 9pm I will have a laptop which also mean I will be logging on either today or tomorrow Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin see you guys on the server
Great new! And Tuddsfn gets his computer back on wednesday! The old team back together! (mostly)
Guess who else might be commin back? Wink i have been sever jumping and was thinking i miss the town feel of the old sever, so i logged on and theres a new sever? sounds sweet. hope yall remember me
Would be great to have you back, Scott!
(06-25-2013, 03:05 AM)larperdoodle Wrote: [ -> ]Would be great to have you back, Scott!

Thanks man i miss you and yalls crazy builds lol im playin now love the map
i saw the ma arena and was like OMG memories lol
Welcome back Big Grin