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Full Version: Hi, I'm a random Minecraftographer!
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That's what a MineCraft Cartographer is. Emphasis on "random", because I conjure worlds via, Minecraft Land Generator.

Hi, I'm Nicholas Manuel, or ArchMcShane, and I'm a Beastie. As in, I use Feed the Beast. I figured, I'd press my luck in Minecraft Cartography, so I came to here by blind luck.

Good news is I've finished generating Concordus, my first generated project. Bad news is I have no Screenshot, which means I have to cap one to meet the upload requirements.

I made this thread because, I did not find a thread to introduce myself to the forums.

Anyway, just a heads up, the map is intended to be 3000x3000 chunks big. Any bigger and it would end up an entire planet. XD

All joking aside, I thought it would never get finished.

So who's ready to create some worlds?

EDIT: Ok, I'm uploading my land, as promised. It's a 1.4.7 FtB Ultimate 1.1.2 world, with a few added extras. There are two mods that need to be used, one of them needs a config tweak. You'll know when my world finishes uploading.

EDIT 2: Concordus has finished uploading, unfortunately, I generated something else, a mistake. I will re-upload Concordus, at a later date. Same seed, different layout, but done right.