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Full Version: Requesting Screenshots for next vote
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(04-27-2012, 02:36 PM)Jman99999 Wrote: [ -> ]Created by: Jman99999
Map Name: Teleportation
This is a medium map
It has many obstacles thx if u voteBig Grin

I made the rainbow!
Created by: fillyann1
Map Name: Maze
This will be an Extremely hard!
You will need to navigate through this perplexing maze.
Please vote!
This looks interesting enough for me!
I call it ruins:
It has a enchanting table sniping spot and the spectator zone is 360 degree....
If you want to see it in-game contact me in-game...

Warlord out
More pictures...
Warlord out
I call my arena Paradox
I have a /res tp to the map
/res tp paradox
This is my mob arena. It's called jail and it will be on medium. Hope you like it! =)[attachment=282]
this is my Mob Arena

Name: Nuke Town

Place: Town

there are plenty of places to snipe from. There are many hidden secret places to take cover. it is a nice urban enviroment to have fun in


My suggestion for the name of the arena is Checkers. it's an easy arena with a Nether Brick tower in the middle for archers to snipe mobs below. The room encaged in Iron Bars is for the lobby; and the giant circular room above is for the spectating room. The stone slabs in the corners of the arena is where the mobs spawn.
I have builded a new Mob Arena and its called Hell!
Its a Nether Arena and it has a enchantment table room, with enchanting up to lvl 30! I hope you guys will vote for my Mob Arena!

This is a PVP arena, you get full diamond armor, and as many stacks of TNT as you'll ever need. Placing TNT on the floor will instantly ignite it (redstone torches under the floor). Your goal is to kill the other players by placing TNT. There are sand barriers which need to be blown up.
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