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Full Version: Requesting Screenshots for next vote
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Hi all,

Please post your screenshots of created Mob Arenas and they will go to a vote.
I call it Swirl, A new era of mob arena - Extremly Hard, you wont get to the boss mwahaha. Lol. Mobs come from every wall + spawn on the swirls. Removed the glass to take the pic, im in the 360 degree viewing area.
[Image: 2012-04-08_101815.png]
I call my map sn0wbreeze

sn0wbreeze features:

Mob spawner in the middle of the map in a snow bank

Lights are on a switch right behind the player spawn

Igloo has an enchanting room in it up to level 50

Corner of the map is elevated to allow sniping of mobs

Hidden tunnel to under the frozen pond

Lobby is in a ice/snow cave, punch the snow block to begin the map

The spectating part is over half the side of the map.

i call this map medieval is a medium map -blue player spawn- -red mob spawn- its a castle vs castle there is under ground sewers there is a water bridge it is 24x24 i think so yah
let's call it mansion or palace or something:
first intention was to not build something with corners, i wanted something with curves.
first i wanted to make the outer towers part of the battlefield but later i decided against it, so just the yard and the inner tower are accessible...

[Image: c2z96hfy78o4ibkix.jpg]

[Image: c2z91k0wraowppuax.jpg]

[Image: c2z9207n0a0ls4all.jpg]
I call it Cage.
It is a Hard/Medium Arena with two spawn points.
It is a very small arena so it will be interesting.
Hope u Like!!!
Since David has no way of posting this im doing him a favor..

CreatorBig Grinavidwhalen
Map Name: The Jungle
Description: Stay on top of the trees without falling off!!

[Image: 2012-04-18_194614.png]
im just gonna call this one air because it open.
[attachment=173]I call it Lava hope you like =D
Created by: Jman99999
Map Name: Teleportation
This is a medium map
It has many obstacles thx if u voteBig Grin
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