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Full Version: Ban Appeal Format
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Banned? This is your chance to get that off your back and start fresh. If you think you deserve to be unbanned, please copy and paste the following into a new thread. Make sure that you answer all the questions listed below.

Appeal Format

In Game Name:

1. What message is displayed when you try to log into the server?

2. Were you online or offline when you were banned?

3. What were you doing at the time? (If you were online)

4. Why should we unban you?

5. What will you do next time to prevent this from happening again?

6. If we lift your ban, and you break another rule, Do you understand that you will be banned forever without the chance of appeal, do you understand?


Be Honest with your answers.
Be honest about what you may have done to become banned. Saying what you did truthfully and sincerely will increase your chances of being unbanned. If your answer is found to be untruthful, it will be denied.

Be Patient when waiting for a response.
Posting multiple posts of the same appeal will not get a response and sound, in fact when you do so your chance of being unbanned goes down to 90%.

Be Respectful to staff.
If your post is not responded to do NOT PM a moderator, doing so with result in a 99.99% chance of not being unbanned.

Be Responsible.
Be responsible for what you did. If you did break any of the in-game rules, then say that you broke them. If you take responsibility for your actions, you may become unbanned.

If you are to get banned again.
If your appeal is successful, don't break the rules again. If you are a repeat offender, your ban appeals will most likely be denied. Learn from your mistakes!