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Full Version: GoodBye!-For skeight, From Vortex326
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Hi its Vortex here I can't go on minecraft anymore sadly and I asked zach to help and can you remove all of my permissions and let zach have my house and res, and may you make a mermorial for me I am really upset can you please do this for me skeight?
What's going on? Banned from Minecraft FOREVER?!?!?
Well it is because account migrated, email doesn't work, and has been hacked alot.Sad
Ouch, that sucks. So are you actually SuperCoolZach now? I thought that was just your friend? lol

I'll look into the permissions thing. The best I can probably do it probably just remove everything of yours and you can re-lock whatever you had as the new player.
Well it is my friends account and I use his sometimes and transfer all vortex's money to Super, remove all permissions, and fix the sign bug (when an admin removes a sign when someone else puts a sign were the old one was the old one comes back-same with doors)