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Full Version: Map will not render
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I have looked around the help boards and made sure that my uploaded map directory did not contain both .MCRs and .MCAs (it only has .MCAs). I have uploaded it for a second time because it had spout-meta inside the directory (thought that it had something to do with it not working on the first upload), and now I have uploaded it again and at the time of this posting the map is still not rendered (simply a black map with the spawn point icon). I have tried to zoom in and out at different levels to no avail.

Can anyone help me here? I will send the directory if need be.

Thank you in advance.
I unrar'd this file on the server and the region files seem a little off.

There are region files that are 24509.0.mca which means a chunk really really far away from 0,0.

The map is rendering but because of these chunks being included it automatically zooms everything out so you can see the whole map thus making your so tiny that it appears to be empty.

I'm not sure if these files are needed or not. Sometimes these chunks can generate from setting up portals in the nether after walking really far away.

You can try removing all the files that have the 24000ish type number in them from the archive and you should get a better view of your map.

If you don't think it's useful you can try removing them (make a backup!) and load it up in your game to see if anything is missing.
Ah, alright. Thank you for your prompt response Smile

I will try that and check back here with the results.
Alright Smile

Everything worked.

Thank you!