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Full Version: Map upload: Include a pull support ;)
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Currently you have to select the map you want to upload via "Browse" from the local file system. This is problematic if you use a dedicted server without a UI and web browser. Right now I would have to download my two maps (800MB & 500MB) and then upload them from my local machine which takes forever.

My suggestion would be the following:
Make it possible to enter an http:// address and the upload functions downloads the .zip file from this URL. Of course do not remove browsing for a local file Wink
Nothing? :\
I've read it but the lack of excitement from other visitors coming through doesn't make me think this is an important feature to the masses.

It does get brought up occasionally by someone but hard to justify putting the time into this for a few people...?

I think it makes sense for everyone using big maps and not a windows server Wink Otherwise yes, it is no problem with small maps or windows servers ^^