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Full Version: mobbounty not working
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mobbounty isn't working as it seems...
Are you sure? Maybe you've just been killing a lot of the same mob? If you do that you get less and less money until you get none.
no, i am sure, it's not working for me and i've been asked by other players, too.
Yes it isn't working. After a bukkit update and trying the newest version of mobbounty it was throwing errors like crazy in the logs so I had to disable it until it gets fixed.
Can you raise the money you get for mob arena please Skeight? Mobbounty is one of the main way to get money in the server and the Mob Arean is the 2nd. If not it is perfectly fine with me I can deal with it. Thanks for checking this post. Smile
no money for killing blazes...
yes i did a complete reinstall and still nothing. i have the newest drivers for my cpu. i do not have a graphics card. i am not familliar with the specs of my pc unfortunately