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Full Version: Minecraft Adventure Series - EP 2 now up
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Alright, so, I got my video recording software, my editing software and a team of players to go on adventures with me. Currently setting up the channel and messing with editing software/software.

Check out the channel here :http://www.youtube.com/user/AhrashsVidz?feature=mhee
Subscribe if you like Smile, Great stuff soon to come!

Maps under consideration:
-Deep Space Turtle Chase


Todo list:
-Custom intro
-Custom youtube background

Teaser Trailer available
sure Big Grin im in!
YUP, I'd like to participate/help. I have a headset, a Skype account, and a brain full of competence. I can help during the school year, and alot during the summer. Lucky senior, graduating and leaving highschool before us freshmen.. Anyway, This could be fun. For maps look into "It's Better Together" (puzzle) and "Spellbound Caves" (Capture the Monument). Very nice of sleight to add a world just for this, isn't it?
Oh, and I'll make you a tittle/intro in AfterEffects. Just tell me what you want the text to say.
Sweet, thanks larper let me look around and get an idea first. How advanced can you go with it?
I guess intro would be something like "Minecraft, Gaming, Tutorials, Lets Play" End slide something like Mcworldmap.com & Ahrash2194. Don't really know, you could get creative and surprise me Smile
Ok, I was hoping for something short, so I could do something like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGzpNURoP...ata_player
Thats not my channel, but I did help make it.
that would be awesome. I am fooling around with Final cut pro right now, pretty hard to figure this out.
(05-27-2012, 02:20 PM)Ahrash2194 Wrote: [ -> ]that would be awesome. I am fooling around with Final cut pro right now, pretty hard to figure this out.
I could teach/help you over skype. Im pretty good at it. Its pretty much like other editing programs - I find them self explanatory for some reason. Its weird, but I find advanced editing programs easy, and Windows Movie Maker is the hardest editing program ever.
lars.benedetto is my skype name.
This would be cool if it was an admin thing. Get afguy, Akarin, you know.
Look on here for title ideas. Video Copilot These would be really easy for me to replicate. I can get you a title like this on Wednesday (I get back to school on Tuesday, that gives me a day to edit, and a day to get it home and upload.) But if you want something specific to minecraft, or a map that we are playing, it would take longer.
Thanks for all your help larper, I will add you on Skype when I get home. Something like the crumble thing would be cool. And I think only the admins are interested anyways so it might just be that Tongue. As for the text I was thinking just my name Ahrash2194 and the website Mcworldmap.com . Idk how that would work out Tongue
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