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Full Version: [HELP NEEDED] Vide Overview of Adventure Map
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Greetings all Smile

I am posting on the off chance that somebody might be able to help me and make a video of an adventure map that I am currently making. You can check our website out for the map below:

Drobnovian Knights I

If anyone is able to assist please send me a message and we can discuss it further.

Thank you for considering my call for help Smile
Hi there,

Maybe I can help you out showcasing your creation with an add on of virtual reality touch. So far I have been producing it in my YT channel minecraft360degrees and some have been featured in vrideo.com

Based on your description in the forum, here are the examples that we did at our end. 

First one is The Fire Incident:https://youtu.be/ocvrTfr4MrA

Second one is TNT Explosion Demo:https://youtu.be/TGAgj-g_898

Finally, in terms of showcasing a creation, The Floating Dojo made by friend Bryan:https://youtu.be/-NexJOToHlU

And The Medieval Castle made by my friend Shawn:https://youtu.be/3-iAYPeZ8q8

Let me know what do you guys think about this VR idea for your maps and get back to me if you are ok with it. 

Thanks ?

Thanks for taking the time to reply however this is a very very old thread and we no longer need any assistance.

Regards Smile