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Full Version: [16x16] [W.I.P] [V 1.0] My Texture pack! [16x16] [W.I.P] [V 1.0]
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It goes by the working title of DOOMcraft...as mentioned in the title it is still very wip and most textures are still default...im just looking for feedback...Smile

Unlike most texture packs it requires you to unzip it for it to work.

(Please ignore the horrible looking title..thats just a placeholder)


V1.0 Added texturepack!

Improve Title
Stone brick/stone brick slab
Stone slab
Fire charge
Touch-up bloodrain
Water re-colour
Glowstone dust
Chest edit
Furnace edit
Golden helmet edit
Leather armour edit

Warlord out.

You should post some screenshots. Let's people have a look at the texture pack before they download it.
Funny you should say that as I just for the same reply over on another forum Big Grin

I will post some shots as soon as I get back to my computer on Wednsday...
well here is the screenshot:

looks good
If you gave a negative ( or even positive) vote on the poll can you please post why.

Warlord out.