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Full Version: The Minecraft Hosting ||| 1GB for only 2.50 USD ||| 3GB for only 6.50 USD |||
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The Minecraft Hosting is a customer orientated hosting company offering Minecraft server hosting at the best prices on the minecraft hosting market!!! We offer 24/7/365 live Support, SSD Storage, Control panel, Dedicated RAM, very good conection, Full access FTP and of course the best gaming experiense.

We have the best services in perfomance and the best prices starting 1GB for only 2.50$, 8GB for only 16.00$

Here is our website: https://theminecrafthosting.com
And here are our amazing prices: https://theminecrafthosting.com/pricing.html

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Network: 1 Gbit/s to 10Gbit/s (it depends on the plan)
Instant Server Setup
Unlimited Server Slots
Unlimited SSD Storage
Dedicated IP (One-time, Monthly)
Mods Support and Install
Free Sub-Domain
Ridiculously Low Latency
DDoS Protection
Full FTP Access
Support 24/7.
And most importantly: 100% Uptime!