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Full Version: Invisible light sources
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Hello Community,
i have a problem with my worldmap. Some builds have invisble light sources. I think it happens, when i build things in minecraft an speed up the build with mcedit. I used different version of mcedit, alsothe newest an the function "Chunk Control -> Relight".
With the newest version, i have selected all chunks for the relight function. It have taken 2 days to recalculate the light, but nothing changed.


Take a look at the military base near the spawnpoint. Around the lonely helipad, you can see it very good.

If anyone has another idea what i can do, just out with it Big Grin
This has happened to me a few times if the light is on the inside of the build then fill all areas of walls with andother layer or pin point the light source and replace blocks in a 10x10 radius around it that may also work i hope this helps as it as done with me in the past Smile
Thank you for your answer. I will test it today in the evening.
i hope this helps
Yeah, this helps. But it is more work. Because i additionally have to swap all blocks in the area with the original block which is already placed. But with your trick some unvisible light sources have disappeared. Thank you for your fast help.

best regards
Glad I can help let me know if you need any more help am more than happy to help people out i also am good at solving redstone problems too Smile
I found a lit up area in my survival world that I can't explain.