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Full Version: Can see compass but no map!
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Heyo! Im new to this site, and i recently uploaded my map "Hearthrold".
Ive been looking at the "problems and solutions" thread but it doesnt seem to help.

So, my problem seems to be that what i see, is the minecraft compass on a greyish screen, not really white, not really grey.
Im not sure if its simply not loaded yet, but i dont see it under queue section either.

1) Does worldpainter mess something up with the worldfiles so it cant be used?
2) If its simply waiting i have to do, how long does it usually take?

Thanks in advance!

I realize that the compass is the spawnpoint now.
(08-16-2015, 08:01 PM)Nathangorr Wrote: [ -> ]Please read through http://www.minecraftworldmap.com/forum/s...p?tid=5912

Thats what i did with no luck the first time..
I found a folder i added myself in the world folder, where i had a backup level.dat..
Jokes on me, and thanks for the help!