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Full Version: Upload either not working or extremely slow?
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Im trying to upload a rather large minecraft world ( 800 MB compressed ). But I am having trouble with the upload. It either just isnt uploading or its just going a few KBPS? I have a 6 MB upload so that shouldn't be the issue, and I dont think anything else on my end is interfering.

I compressed the world to a rar, then select it to upload, it then shows itself uploading, but the progress of the upload bar never moves, I let it sit for a few hours and still no progress. Any help?

Sorry if this has been a thread before, took a quick browse but didn't see any problems similar.
Hello asetletters,
compress your world to a .zip file an try it again. In the past i tried it with a .rar archive and i had problems with the upload. In the help section on this site, there is an instruction video. I have seen it to late, in this video the say, compress it to a zip file Smile

At moment i use the freeware 7-Zip and compress my worlds to a .zip archive with no upload problems anymore.