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Full Version: Swearing, Caps, and Sharing Problem
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I have also been thinking about something that admins really stress out about and hate when people do. It is swearing, caps, sharing server links, and sharing web addresses... I was thinking that if someone uses caps completely, not for example "I HATE this so much!" that shouldn't count. That that person who uses caps would get a message like "Caps not allowed, message will not be shown" and the message will not appear in chat. It would be the same for swearing if you swear the server will recognize it and say "Swearing not allowed message will not be shown". And finally with server sharing and links players will get a message saying "Links and server sharing not allowed, message will not be shown” The only exceptions with caps, swearing, and sharing links would be via private chat or by chat rooms. All this would be run by a plugin, not by admins, and all that stuff will be done from the server! Thanks for look at this post and responding! Under this post will be a poll and I would appreciate if you answered it. Shy
Yes, I have heard of and seen plugins that do this. Although the links is a hard subject, because sometimes you need to share links. But yeah, a plugin like that would probably help.
Ya that what I thought... can you vote plz larper?
I think it's a neat idea, if such a mod exists and it doesn't bog the server down. That'd be one less thing folks would have to worry about.
Im in now i dont have to be told off for caps and warned and kicked just it says message will not be shown Big help and nice idea! Big Grin
Thats not happening for me. Maybe because I'm an admin?
I think it would be a most helpful mod, less banning!
Hopefully skeight will read this soon!
Hopefully skeight will read this soon and see what he can do! Big Grin
Also with the sharing thing, it would not exactly accurate, but things like www.mcworldmap.com will not be blocked, since some are helpful like to install a mod or find the server forums site for players who don't know how to find to. There will still be people sharing website links but it will fix the biggest problem, sharing servers, the server will detect this kind of sharing. For example: will be blocked.
I think this is a good idea and will help to take the strain of admins and help out players who are on when the admins aren't available.

I've found a few that I really like and I'm going through the process of reviewing them to see which one will work the best for what we need.

Thanks for the suggestion, I think this will be a subtle but impactful improvement to the multiplayer experience.
Ok, thanks skeight! Big Grin