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Full Version: looking for a youtuber
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im looking for a youtuber to do a vido of my kamelotcity map post link to the vido in the chat for the map so i can add it to the dis

type of vido im looking for is a climatic / flyover
Hi there,

Maybe I can help

I am looking for new maps to showcase with my virtual reality editing ability in the YouTube channel minecraft360degrees

An example is as shown below, named The Medieval Castle

Get back to me by email or via Twitter @jaces888 and we can work something out. 

only thing i need done is a flyover climatic of the city for pople to vew to show what it relly loocks like ingame
I see. Yup, that can work. Let me know when I can get started.
will if u have the map downloded u can start the vidoe any time if u want to be on the live sever that will have to wait tell later 2 night do to iv got work to do in the day