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Full Version: skeight, may you please read?
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Today I teleported to the house that i was building, (at; /home) and it did that glitch where it spawned me underground. I suffocated and died, and it said that there was no room for a chest for my inventory so it despawned. I was carrying several stacks of sandstone, 1 valuable enchanted diamond pick, 1 valuable enchanted diamond sword, and full diamond armor. Because of this glitch my only valuables that took me a long time to obtain, are gone forever, and 2 admins said they couldn't do anything. This glitch was something that i had no control over and because of this glitch everything that i have worked for is gone forever. I think it would be fair to get these things back.
i thinks problems like this are pretty unfair but can often be avoided if the person /sethome or /res tpset a block above where they want to be teleported.
I know, I was getting around to that, but that is not the discussion here. I think I should get my stuff back, because it all disappeared for a reason that I had no control over.
You had control, you could have not teleported.
Sorry, but glitches in Minecraft are out of my control too so there isn't anything I can do to help you.

We have mods like the death chest to help with this problem however if you were playing the game single player you wouldn't even have this capability and you would lose your stuff more often.

Unfortunately, losing stuff is part of this game and we don't spawn items in to replace stuff that was lost.
But in this situation, I did not lose my stuff, the server did. This was not a natural cause of death. I died because of a glitch, and the mod that is supposed to help me get my stuff back, didnt work.
Your mod, skeight, did not work. So I think I should get a refund (get my stuff back)
It was a glitch that cause me to die. Then a glitch that lost all my stuff. Then you tell me it's my fault, and that is not nice
or true
Skeight, let me give you a scenario. Imagine that you bought a toy from the Toy Store with your own allowance. But once you tried to play with it, it was broken, or didn't work, or something. Then you brought the toy back and asked for a refund, but the manager told you that you broke it, and they are going to keep your money. Do you think this is fair?
nobody said it's fair. minecraft is a game with flaws and errors, bukkit and plugins have bugs, too. everybody has to live with its up- and downsides.
afguy and me tried maybe half an hour each to find your stuff (i even mined into the stronghold area below that area Big Grin), so we did want to help you. but spawning items is nothing we will do.
everyone is sorry for this to happen, but everybody has to live with it...
When that happens to me, I just break the block infront of my face and I tunnel out. Confused
If you press 't' - up arrow - enter you will resend the res tp command.

Usually these errors are caused by server lag. By instantly loading and un-loading the chunks where the player was and where the player is going the server gets overloaded. This overload of processes combined with errors in the residence teleport system cause you to be underground. Sending the command a second (or maybe even third) time will not have the same effect because you are only moving 3 or 4 blocks up -- out of the ground. No chunks are being changed so there is less lag and more accuracy when teleporting.

The minecraft program is made to load and unload chunks gradually, as a player moves through the world. There is no built in teleport so minecraft does weird things when forced to load that much data that quickly.

So, pressing 't' - up arrow - enter should place you at the correct teleport location.
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