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Full Version: New World Maps
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The other staff and I have been talking about the new patch coming out in the near future and the possibility of starting a new PlayWorld map.

We would like your opinions on the matter.

A new map will bring;
  • A chance to start again
  • All the new ores and blocks
  • All the new map structures
  • A better spawn area
  • More room for players to build near spawn
  • Better buildings at spawn
  • Bring more new players to the server
  • Provide room at spawn for a server shop

However some of the downsides will be;
  • Losing all but the top builds
  • Having to start again

Click reply and get your rant on!
Just want everyone to know that I'm open to ideas but this seems to extreme for me to support. If you know me you know my extremely large build. Dark you have good intentions but I don't see this working. We will only lose players and you can't guarantee that more will come. Nicests rant I have ever written...
Is it impossible to patch the current Play world to 1.3?

I assume that is the heart of this issue here. To get more people on the server we need to be at 1.3 but patching the current play world to 1.3 won't work. The currently created chunks won't have the new ores or blocks.

Creative isn't an issue, I assume you could just update the world to 1.3 and keep existing structures. Finding new ores isn't an issue there, they can just be spawned.

However, I don't want to have to recreate everything I've worked on in Play on another world. Voting against this.
I'd consider restarting Play world as a last-resort nuclear option, when no other options are available. There's a lot of nice structures that would be a shame to lose. Hopefully there'll be some other less-destructive means available. If the world does need to be reset, hopefully there'll be some kind of way to compensate the folks who are losing the most stuff, so as to not entirely negate all their past hard work.
I would think it would be more fair to the players who are always in the play world to choose if they want to keep their buildings. An admin will copy and paste their building into the new play world (If the building was next to spawn then it will not be put next to spawn in the new world). I think this would be most fair bacause some people (Like me) Have pust tones of efort into the play world. I was also about to buy a run down building next to spawn to fix up and to make it look nice. I have put TONES of efort (Maybe 84 hours of work or more) into play. Or, enouther choice would to keep the 1st play world and also open up a second and the 1st and 2nd portal in to two different play worlds will be in the same room, In main spawn.

I think play is one of the world that are still is holding up. The world that I think are a terancial mess is the Skyzone. I think the skyzone whould be completely reset (again if the players wants to keep his/her building them a admin will copy it to the new skyzone) or you could make a whole new skyzone. I hope you listen to my ideas and have a nice day Big Grin
If the reset is about the server lagging or overloading from play then I understand, but please if a player want to keep their structure then the main play world should stay open for just a couple of days while admins copy and paste structures
Well could you just update the play world with all the new stuff then move the spawn? I mean its just a matter of changing where the portal throws you out and the /spawn command. This would let you update with all the new stuff and give people access to the old stuff.

Just put it at like X: -13,000. There are no buildings out there it would be easy to create a new spawn.
I forgot this thread was still open, yes that is now that plan, sort of.

We still have a lot of unused chunks on this server, we will be cleaning the edges of them them moving the spawn area to it.

We have already designed it Smile
i wanna make hardcore spawn, and we should incorperate factions into it. that would be very fun Big Grin