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Full Version: Diverse Minecraft Channel!
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Hi! My Name is TheGizmotron3000Guy, or Gizmo, and I have recently started a youtube channel: 
Although it was created 1.5 years ago, I just started uploading in the past few months. I do lots of minecraft things, such as a vanilla let's play, cubecraft minigames, and I recently started a modded series that is still, well, kind of in maintenance. The let's play is no mods, no cheats, so hope you like it. 
In terms of non-minecraft, I upload garageband/logic songs and some sporadically placed other games, and am doing more of that soon. My upload schedule is kind of hectic, because my life is often very busy at one point and nothing do do at another.
My Let's play ep fifteen: https://youtu.be/VGC4jjdxAYw has a world download which is posted here on MCWorldMap, so check it out! https://www.minecraftworldmap.com/users/...639/-3/0/2
I currently have 13 subs, and am doing a face reveal at 1,000 (and more specials along the way!), so come by, and like, comment and sub!
-Gizmo on the day before 2017! Shy